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Talksplode #34 with Rick Remender, writer of ‘Bulletstorm’, ‘Uncanny X-Force’, and ‘Venom’

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After a little bit of controversy around the video game Bulletstorm that he wrote, we figured it would be a good time to check in with writer Rick Remender and hear his thoughts about the attention Fox News gave his video game, as well talk about the upcoming Venom series he’ll be writing with art by Tony Moore, as well as check in on his latest hit with Uncanny X-Force and the future plans for that book. We also sneak some Fear Agent talk into the mix as well, cause well, we love it so.

Running Time: 01:13:44

“Bullet Train to Vegas”
Drive Like Jehu


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  1. i don’t play video games at all. what was the controversy regarding bulletstorm?

  2. re: the hand tattoo story. I have a tattoo on my hand and have the same philosophy. People asked me it affecting my job prospects and I said, “If they frown on that kind of thing, I personally wouldn’t be comfortable there anyway.” 

  3. Nice. Always enjoy listening to Remender. Dude is a good chat.

    @Paul – That’s an interesting way to look at it. I would personally love to be able to have those kind of personal standards. But there is also something about being able to get a job when you need one. Would you have the same sort of philosophy if you were someone who enjoyed face tattoos? Or is that more of a justifiable thing for an employer to take offense to? Curious how deep your standards run.

  4. Drive Like Jehu?  I love you Ron.

  5. I can’t wait to get Bulletstorm.

  6. I want a Fear Agent Omnibus more than I want my next breath.

    Awesome job Ron!

  7. to put things into perspective, Kyle and Yost’s X-Force actually was the number one book for its first issue, just . it is hard to use sales rankings to compare titles, but yes, Remender’s book has been excellent. and I really like the idea of shorter arcs on a consistent basis.

    great interview with Rick as always. probably the best guest for Talksplodes on a recurring basis.

  8. No one sells books through interview like Remender.

  9. Very cool. Going to finally begin reading Fear Agent.

  10. Oh man, he had to cancel on Seattle. Man, what a way to end the interview. 

    Nice job, Ron! 

  11. this pod has me completely psyched for venom from just hearing ricks enthusiasm about the project and where he plans to go with it

  12. Just finished the Bulletstorm campaign, was a lot of fun, great story, slightly annoying ending, but pretty much made up for it with the audio at the end of the credits, can’t wait to see what he cooks up for Bulletstorm 2

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