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Talksplode #33 with Tony Moore of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear Agent’, and ‘Franken-Castle’

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan spoke with Tony Moore, the artist known to many as Robert Kirkman’s co-creator on the first six issues of The Walking Dead. But Tony’s done so much more, including the co-creation of Fear Agent and The Exterminators, as well as art stints on Franken-Castle and Ghost Rider. Tony talks about the start of his career and the collaboration with Robert Kirkman on Battle Pope and Brit, as well as the stuff he’s done with Marvel more recently, the end of Fear Agent, and an upcoming issue on Jonah Hex.

Running Time: 00:51:09

Check out Tony’s website and follow him on Twitter.

“Better Off Dead”
Bad Religion


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  1. Very cool, can’t wait to listen to this one

  2. Good timing, I’m talking to Remender on the next WB show.

  3. Awesome! So glad I checked the site before leaving work, now I got something to look forward to while I work on getting rid of my winter coat at the gym.  Yes, I put my winter coat on about a month or two to early.

  4. I got to meet Tony this past weekend at [iFanboy sponsor] Mid-Ohio Con and was also fortunate enough to get on his sketch card commission list. He and his wife Kara are great, great people.

    Once I get my sketch scanned (currently having difficulties with Staples and its messed up interpretation of copyright law) I’ll forward a copy to the iFanboys for the weekly sketch up. It’s just about the best $40 I’ve ever spent.

  5. Remender and Moore’s Darkhawk: CONFIRMED

  6. Great interview, especially the awkward Kirkman fallout moment.

  7. I love Adlard on Walking Dead. This interview got me thinking: if Tony could’ve stayed on Walking Dead, man, that would’ve been something!

    Good interview.

  8. Great interview Josh.  I never realized he and Kirkman had conflicts

  9. Excellent interview, Josh! 

  10. An excellent interview Josh. Well done.

  11. Looking forward to the Remender show John. The WB interviews have been on a roll recently.

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