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Talksplode #23 with Joe Kubert

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(Photo by Luigi Novi)

Joe Kubert, creator of our Book of the Month for May, Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965, has been working in comics since before his voice changed. He’s seen the industry in all its various forms, writing and drawing comics like Tor and Our Army at War, with Sgt. Rock. More recently, he found acclaim with his graphic novels Fax from Sarajevo and Yossel: April, 19, 1943. He also started the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art to train young comics artists for work in the world comics. Today, at 83 years old, he’s still working, still drawing, and knows how lucky he is for it. Josh Flanagan had a conversation with Joe about his career and his new graphic novel. If this doesn’t make you love comics, then nothing will.

Running Time: 00:26:36

“Down the Line”
Jose Gonzalez


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  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, wow! Awesome! 


  2. Very much appreciated this.  What a legend, and he sounds like such a great guy too!

  3. This is going to make my otherwise miserable seventy mile commute awesome.  Big thanks to Josh and Joe.

  4. My fiance’s family is Bosnian and Joe Kubert’s Fax from Sarajevo was something i was of the first things i was able to share with her and family. I’ll always be thankful to Joe Kubert for that

  5. sorry that should read:Joe Kubert’s Fax from Sarajevo was one of the first things i was able to share with her and family.

  6. This was Awesome…. Nice work Josh!  I have to say in my many years of radio and interviewing people, Joe Kubert did the one thing that always made me feel good as an interviewer… he kept referring to Josh by name.  That may seem silly but so many times when you do interview over the phone you could tell the Interviewee has forgotten who you are halfway though the conversation and Joe made a point of not doing that.  I always liked that when they would remember my name… means you did a good job.  and Josh Certainly did.

  7. man. he has a great voice, doesn’t he? very cool interview. good work

  8. Listened to this while at the gym, great interview. I had the pleasure of meeting him at WonderCon last month, he’s a cool dude.

  9. Great interview, is this going to be a regular feature where you guys interview the book of month writer/artist? 

  10. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Finally listened to this yesterday. It really was a great interview, Josh. On the POtW podcast, I think you claimed that you were nervous for this interview but it really didn’t come through during the conversation. Great work. What an interesting guy.

  11. Also Jose Gonzales is awesome. Great choice for a song Josh

  12. Just listened to this after the news of Joe Kubert’s passing. Great interview Josh. It was awesome to hear Joe reflect on his work and his school for up and coming artists. He was truly one of the greats!

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