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Talksplode #14 with Rick Remender of ‘Fear Agent’, ‘The Punisher’, and ‘Doctor Voodoo’

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Ron Richards checks in with an iFanboy favorite, writer Rick Remender to hear about his upcoming series Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural. In addition to Doctor Voodoo, there’s some lengthy discussion about The Punisher, Fear Agent, Rick’s upcoming crime comic from Radical Comics, The Last Days of American Crime and a quick update on all the movies that are development based on Rick’s creator owned work like Fear Agent, Night Mary and XXXombies. Rick is always a blast to chat with and you can tell he loves what he’s writing these days and it’s interesting to hear what his opinions are around his move to Marvel and making comics in general. Plus, he’s funny — so it’s worth a listen purely for the laughs.

Running time: 00:57:17

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  1. I’m checking out that Doctor Voodoo book. I think that will be my first Remender book . . . unless–I’m thinking he wrote like the last arc or two of The All New Atom. It will be my second if I’m right about that.

    Surprised they are making that an ongoing and not a miniseries: Doctor Voodoo.

    Love the Marvel supernatural stuff.

  2. @ScorpionMasada: Yep. Remender wrote the end of ALL NEW ATOM.

  3. And he did a couple issues of Booster Gold that I forgot about until now.

    Still, it will be pretty much the first book I read from him that he isn’t just guesting on or taking an arc on.

  4. I like his Fear Agent.

    His XXXombies was crazy fun.

    His Brother Voodoo comic does sound interesting.

    I just wish he could write a good Punisher comic. Great episode as always guys!

  5. I’m actually finding his Punisher loads of fun, honestly. I was intigued by the premise and I have to admit that Jerome Opena was a big draw initially, but… I love the way he’s resurrected all the ridiculous 80’s villains.

    It could also help that I really don’t care much for the premise of the Punisher to begin with. Even the announcement of a serious "Max" book with Jason Aaron doesn’t do that much for me because I think the concept is tough to sustain. 

    So maybe that’s why Remender’s version is clicking with me. It’s just contains so much vitality and fun, despite being about a psychopath.

    Really looking forward to Doctor Voodoo. I like that Remender’s doing his homework. I researched a bit of voodoo as part of the last season of (my audio show) Wormwood, and it’s a really intriguing religion and culture. Definitely intrigued.



  6. @daccampo: If there could only be one Punisher comic at all times. Who would you rather see as the creative team?

    Remender/Opena or Aaron/Dillion?

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Sure, Dave, it was for Wormwood. 😉 I’ve heard about that attic.

    Always thrilled when Rick stops by for a chat. Looking forward to taking a listen. 

  8. I’m gonna try out the first trade of Fear Agent.  I’ve heard great things and planned on waiting for that announced omnibus (I know, I know…don’t wait for it!  Just read it now!!)  And something tells me I would thoroughly enjoy Punisher.  I think I’ll get that first trade as well.  I’ll make sure to pick up the first issue of Doctor Voodoo, see if that tickles my fancy.

    That Remender…he a good salesman.


  9. Remender never got a good chance with the Atom because it got canceled. Here’s hoping he has a good run to world build with the new Doctor.

  10. Any idea where Voodoo got his Doctorid to become Dr. Voodoo? was it appointed buy some 2bit university or did he take night classes? 

  11. @drakedangerz Im a huge fear agent fan, but jumping in check out the 3rd trade: My War its an origin story and my favorite.

  12. Ok ok it is Vol 3 but it’s not titled my war it’s “the last goodbye” check it out. Now

  13. Nobody else commented on it so I will.  I always thought Ray Cappo was trying very hard to sound like Dave Smalley on the Disengage 7".  I like it, it just weirded me out.

  14. @TNC – That’s just it — I’m sure an Aaron/Dillon Punisher could be a great quintessential Punisher for anyone interested in the concept. But… that concept doesn’t really interest me beyond a few stories. So, for me…I can’t really answer that. I can agree that Aaron/Dillon are a great team for a Max Punisher book. Maybe the ideal team. But… I’d rather read Remender’s because it’s… just so loony.

  15. Wow.  I can’t believe I was just convinced to check out a Dr. Voodoo book.  Does anybody know if this is  $3.99 book? 

  16. @fleaman: Number one is listed at $3.99, but number two is solicited at $2.99.

  17. HELL YEAH Youth Of Today are rad!


    Nick Remender is also great

  18. Mr. Remender seems like he would be a very interesting person to just shoot the breeze with.

    @Ron – I notice a chewing/clicking sound during much of the first half of the interview.  Am I imagining things or were you eating a hoagy/playing Bejeweled during the interview?  Or was it just my equipment?

  19. Conor wrote: "Number one is listed at $3.99, but number two is solicited at $2.99."

    So to recap …

    1. Marvel believed in Rick Remender enough to sign him to an exclusive contract. Presumably, they want him to bring his creator-owned audience over to Marvel, but also build up a following with the existing Marvel fanbase.

    2. Doctor Voodoo is (I think) the first time Rick Remender has had the opportunity to write a Marvel ongoing from issue #1. The book is spinning out of "New Avengers," which is one of Marvel’s most popular books, and is written by one of their most popular and acclaimed writers. In short, this has the potential to bring a lot of new fans to Remender.

    3. To help accomplish this, Marvel has decided to … give Doctor Voodoo #1 a higher price point than subsequent issues, thus making the book less accessible, especially to non-Remember fans who have heard good things about him and might have been willing to give it a try at $2.99 (or — horror of horrors — even less).

    Marvel Comics: Marketing Geniuses

  20. Obviously in point #3, that should say "non-Remender fans," not "non-Remember fans." That’s what I get for typin’ all fast-like.

  21. You know the best thing about Dr. Voodoo? When you read his dialogue balloons it’s extremely easy to hear how he sounds in your head mon.

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