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The brightest light in the DC Universe Cinematic Universe finally has her own film and Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards are here to talk about it! It’s finally time… the world is ready for Wonder Woman!

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“Wonder Woman”
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  1. So happy with how this movie turned out. Gal Gadot is simply the perfect Wonder Woman – really has to go down as one of the top superhero casting decisions ever.

  2. Here’s one fan service: The revolving door was homage to Linda Carter’s twirling Wonder Woman in the 70’s. I also loved it when just before she went through she was reassuring herself “I can do this.” possibly a meta commentary on Gal Gadot’s negative casting reactions from fans. Well she proved them all wrong. This movie is awesome. Also Ron, Ares had his armor in the last fight so he did transform.

  3. Question: is it possible for Ron to slow down? Is it possible for him to not try to push 10,000 words a minute out of his mouth? Can he not try to mash four sentences into one every time he speaks? STOP IT, RON! STOP!

  4. I went Thursday night to add my movie-voting dollars to her pre-opening weekend tally. I think I spend the first fifteen minutes in near-disbelief saying over and over to myself “The didn’t screw it up! OMG they didn’t screw it up!” Then I relaxed into pure enjoyment.

    Is is uneven? Sure. But it’s still a great fun movie and more than transcended all the extra pressures, benchmarks and expectations it inevitably had.

    Thanks for getting this one out early, guys.

  5. The film was great, and it’s a testament to what can happen when you let multiple directors add their vision to specific characters (a la Marvel). But this owed a lot to other movies. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s as if we’re getting to the point where there are enough of these films that, like say Westerns or mob movies, there are certain tropes or scenes that are just part of the language of these films, and directors and writers can’t help but allude, consciously or unconsciously, to these other films. Some were already mentioned (the four guys are her Howling Commandos, the alley scene straight out of Superman I, the Asgard aesthetic of Themyscira), there were many more. Examples:

    Themyscira fight scene – boatload of LotR (with 300 slow-mo for added effect, because Snyder), especially Antiope. Still absolutely bad-ass on Robin Wright’s part.

    Taking of Veld – Gulmira scene from Iron Man

    Trevor’s little German impression on the bridge – Last Crusade

    The sacred objects and the final confrontation with Ares – I got a little Harry Potter vibe off of this, with Ares in the role of Voldemort and the Godkiller (last horcrux) not a thing but a person.

  6. I thought as a singular film it was terrific. I didn’t think it dragged at all and never found myself looking at my watch. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine really shined on screen and played off each other and the rest of the cast so well. From a plot standpoint I thought they made a smart choice setting it at the very end of WW1 and that even the final battle with Ares was earned as they emphasized Diana’s singular focus on him throughout the movie.

    But as a “sequel” to BvS it raised some questions and created some missed opportunities.

    1. Where was Diana throughout the rest of the 20th century? Giving up on humanity and living a life of seclusion flies in the face of the character we saw here.

    2. Why have Ares kill off the rest of the Gods? Athena, Hermes, Apollo and the rest have been key players in the comics for 75 years. By killing them off I feel like they lost a lot of storyline opportunities.

  7. Re: where was WW jumping to in the end? I think she’s hearing the doomsday battle and her jumping in her he air us her going the fight in Bateman V Superman. It lines up timing wise with when she got the photo back from Bruc.

    Also, regarding the Supernan homage in the alley, notice the close up of her crushing the disguise glasses, which Etta made fun of earlier. That seemed like a loaded little nod towards did Supetmsn as well.

  8. had to quit, actually unsubscribed too. sick of you guys just bitching and complaining about movies and everything else, even on a positive review like this one. I’m just over the nitpicking.

    and this is going to sound silly SJW craziness, but Gal Gadot is a supermodel, despite her accent, she is as white-Americanized as every other character in comics/fashion and that’s as far as I got with this review. She’s tall, skinny but with big boobs and “simmering sensuality” blah blah blah…

    But this movie is very good, but it’s overstated, all of it’s themes are repeated again and again and again throughout the movie.

    anyway, I”m gone, gonna go enjoy things just for what they are, not what I want them to be, not for what they should have been, and if I’m disappointed in something, it’s okay, I’m going to let that be a reminder of how lucky I am to have such an abundance of entertainment that even disappointments are able to exist, disappointments in entertainment should not rise to the level of being offensive, that’s what you bring, not what the entertainment is.

    I don’t know why I’m reacting this way to your silly review, it’s a good movie, but what do I know, I think a lot of the movies you guys hate were okay movies, sure they weren’t great, but I think this movie showed me that being so negative just doesn’t help. I’m just done with the over-reactions and nit-picking and the blah blah.

    it’s a good life, enjoy it.


    • This is a bizarre reaction considering that this review was pretty much a gush-fest and we all gave it a 4.5/5.

      Whattya gonna do.

    • Wow… I guess you really ARE lost.

      Bye, Felicia.

    • I’ll start off by saying I really liked this movie a lot. Was I happy with literally every single piece of it? No. Which is fine. Few things in this world are perfect. However, did I think there were many instances of a poorly made movie here? Absolutely not. Sorry DC movie bashers, Patty Jenkins nailed this one. It was funny, it was sad, it was uplifting…on and on…

      While I don’t share the same reaction to the above original post, I get a little of where they are coming from. For a movie that you all seemed to enjoy, my goodness there was quite a bit of negativity to go around. I get that it’s a review, and therefor you must point out the good with the bad to paint a complete picture for your audience. At the same time, EVERY positive comment that is made does not need to be immediately followed by a complaint. I feel like if you all went back and listened to yourselves during this, you may score the movie differently. I know I personally wanted to quit listening halfway through, as I felt there was some cheap nitpicking going on here. Something else that a “complete” review doesn’t need.

      I will continue to listen to you all though, because I think the three of you do a wonderful job, even if there are some hiccups along the way. God knows I have my own at work as well.

    • Every positive comment was not followed by a negative comment. That statement is patently untrue and plainly ridiculous.

      I’ve listened to this show twice and I’ve seen the movie twice. If anything, I’d consider raising my score on the film.

    • Yea, I went back and listened again Conor, and I was a bit rough in my original post. I do believe in the first 8 minutes or so there was some annoying nitpicking going on (admittedly seeming mostly to be coming from Ron). I think sometimes I get a little sensitive when it comes to the coverage of DC movies, which I think is unfair oftentimes (and I don’t mean by all of you specifically, I mean by media outlets in general). Too many times Marvel movies seem to get a pass in instances of flaws that DC gets crucified for.

      Sorry for the projection.

  9. Anybody up for Wonder Woman and the New Gods as a sequel?

    • When they referenced Ares killing all of the Greek Pantheon, that was where my mind went!

      Part of me would love WW2 to take place in World War 2 with the Blackhawks and Easy Company etc and give a chance for some of the supporting cast to come back, but a 1970s era space opera with the New Gods actually sounds more interesting to me.

  10. Loved it!

    I also love that The Finest Hours came up in the podcast. Could you guys force Ron to watch it and do a review at one of the monthly Patreon hangouts?

  11. So as for WW absorbing the lightening and sending it back she actually does that in BvS when Doomsday sends an energy bolt towards Batman and she jumps in absorbs it and sends it back. We didn’t get the idea that she knew she could do this but my idea is that as she starts to embrace her godhood (goddesshood??) she develops a natural understanding of her abilities

  12. Saw it this pm with my three granddaughters, aged 5-10. Their major exposure to comics so far has been lots of Carl Barks. (The love the Incredibles, and since I consider the FF the “world’s greatest comic mag” that is gratifying.)

    The two older girls were riveted, literally sitting on the edge of their seats for much of it. (The five year old was interested and never scared, and that’s a good thing.) My own reaction was very positive too, but in many ways theirs matters more.

    So, to Ron, Josh and Conor and the rest of the community,
    What Wonder Women trades would you recommend for three young women who really liked the movie?

  13. So I boycotted watching this because a certain cabinet member has producer credits but caved in advance of WW84. Overall I would say Wonder Woman (’17) will stand as a generational superhero movie along the lines of Superman (’78), Batman (’89), and Spider-Man (’02). Good company.

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