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The newly appointed Netflix Braintrust of Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards gather to discuss the latest from Marvel Studios and Netflix, the series comics fans have all been waiting for, it’s all been leading up to this folks, The Defenders! After watching all 8 episodes, we break down what went right and what went wrong with the first street level superhero team-up on Netflix.

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“Come As You Are”
The Vibrators


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  1. Ron- have you watched Shield beyond the first season?

    • yes, I’ve watched every episode

    • Hmm- ok then I thought I remembered you saying you were out after the first season, maybe my mistake.
      I think there have been some rough patches but overall production- story telling is fairly solid.
      If you want to call out something horrible look to DC – Arrow may ‘get better every season’ but it’s still CW garbage fire with bad community theater levels of production.
      And Legends- while entertaining sometimes is like super hero tv for toddlers.

    • Your assessment of Arrow is way off. Way off. And Legends, for toddlers? Mmmmm yeah, not even close.

    • I appreciate your enjoyment for those shows and if they were going for a 60’s Batman camp on purpose I would have more respect. Instead they are achieving it through ‘comically’ over the top dialogue, cut corner production standards and a rampant disregard for any kind of grounding principle. The time travel fuckups alone are mind boggling.
      Every sci fi show has to live by some rules- it’s own rules at least and Legends especially seems to make up new ones every week. Arroow- I can’t say anymore it’s been a while since I watched an episode but the first one s I did see made my mom’s soap opera look like an Oscar parade.
      This is Joel Schmacher all over again.
      If you found a way to enjoy – that’s great.
      This is all subjective but I would be interested in hearing why you think it is remotely objectively ‘Good’

    • Your name should be HyperboleJohn.

  2. Better than SHIELD? I have to disagree with that one. Daredevil season one was phenomenal. Season two was good but the others just haven’t lived up. And only of Daredevil do I think it could be said it was better than SHIELD. SHIELD gets better with every passing season. The same can not be said of the Netflix shows. This of course is just my opinion. The thing that really set Daredevil season one apart from all the rest (which I don’t hear mentioned a lot) was having Steven S. DeKnight as it’s show runner. His absence has been felt on every subsequent show. No question about that.

    Just a note on the handling of Misty’s arm, Coulson has a robotic arm so there is a precedent set in the TV arm (sorry) of the MCU for this for this sort of thing happening. I know they don’t have any ties to SHIELD but with all of Danny’s money I’m sure they cold figure something out. In the end, the arm wouldn’t even have to look robotic. Coulson’s doesn’t.

  3. Just wanted to follow up and say that it’s not that I didn’t like The Defenders. I did but it wasn’t epic enough. I agree with pretty much all the points you guys made. My ranking of the Netflix series so far matches Conor’s list exactly.

    Also wanted to say that it’s so great that you guy are (still) doing these podcasts. I’ve been listening since 2006 and look forward to your special edition podcasts as much as I do the movies/TV shows they are covering. After each Marvel or DC movie or TV show my first stop is here for the Special Editions. Thanks for keeping it up!

  4. I’m also super surprised Ron finds Defenders better than Shield. I like both Shield never fails to impress and entertain me season after season (besides the first half of the first season). Defenders was fun and entertaining but I find it fairly difficult to care about Danny. I’m with Conor thinking that a season of Heroes for Hire would benefit his character. I’d much rather see that than Danny lead his own second season.

    • Shield lost me. The first season started out awful, but by the end was legitimately awesome. Then the beginning of the second season was outstanding. But by the end of the second season and the beginning of the third season, they had completely jumped the shark.

      It felt aimless and rudderless. They never knew what to do. They would stumble across a great idea, and then bizarrely surrender it all for no good reason. Like, for instance, getting rid of Mockingbird and whatshisname.

      I can’t blame them fully, though. The audience is a big part of the problem. The show works best when it’s a spy show. But people who see “Marvel” think it should have superheroes, and so they are under constant pressure to do that in a weekly show with a limited budget. Thus the whole Inhumans arc, which was all just bad. In my opinion, anyways.

      Although I do have to hand it to them, the scene where Lincoln and the villain are in space about to blow up, and they have that poignant moment together was actually extremely good. It was BIZARRE, and somewhat of a joke because of how much people hated Lincoln, but it was a neat bit of writing.

  5. For SHIELD after the first half of season 1 I was ready to quit. It just didn’t feel like it was doing anything new, but I push on since I wanted to give the show a fair shake. At the end of season 2 I was loving the show. Showing the collapse of SHIELD from the point of view of the agents on the ground was really cool. Beginning of season 2 I was excited to see where it was going. End of season 2 I was less enthusiastic since I really dislike Inhumans (SHIELD didn’t do anything to improve on the concept IMO) and they were all of a sudden front and center in the story. Also I didn’t think the team strife during the season was written convincingly. I never bothered to continue on to season 3. I hear it has gotten better, but man I just was not digging the show after season 2. I think the actors were all putting in great performances. I just think they were all written in such a way that they were either falling flat for me or they were making me flat out hate them. Except for Hunter. Hunter was fine.

  6. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just had Iron Fist take Matt’s makeshift mask when he changes into his costume. Just go “Here, gimme that. I should wear a mask too.” and BOOM. Iron Fist has his mask and is a step closer to his actual costume.

    The whole problem with comic book adaptations is that people forget that a huge reason why kids were attracted to comic books in the first place, and why they like one hero over another, is COSTUMES. We like the pageantry of it. And 1/2 of the reason anybody likes Iron Fist is because of his cool costumes.

    • Matt uses his mask to conceal his identity. Danny spent the entirety of his series (and some of Defenders) telling everyone he met that was Danny Rand, The Immortal Iron Fist. Everyone on his side knew who he was and every one they were fighting against also knew who he was. It makes no sense for him to wear a mask.

  7. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Further “Born Again” foreshadowing… A newspaper headline is visible in a shot with Karen Page that reads: NEW YORK AWASH IN CHEAP HEROIN

  8. I can’t believe there was no mention of the gratuitous rebar death. I feel like someone slipped that in just for iFanboy.

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