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Special Edition – Jessica Jones

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Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards are joined by former iFanboy columnist Mike Romo to talk about the second 13-hour original series from the partnership of Netflix and Marvel Studios — Jessica Jones!

Running Time: 00:48:00

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  1. IGH
    Are you fuc*ing serious?
    I wish fox would somehow find a way to produce comic adaptations of the movies so we could have the X-Men and mutants back.
    Inhumans suck- come on we all know it.
    They are fine as a tangent but cramming down our throats as a mutant subsitute- isn’t working.

    • The Inhuman thing doesn’t bother me at all. It only gets to comic purists and I never had much invested in the X-men at all to be honest. I like Claremonts run for just sci fi fantasy but I never saw them as important to the fabric of the Marvel Universe the way some do.

    • It’s good that it’s not bothering you but I think you’re wrong about the X-men not being important to Marvel or the MU.
      Just looking at merchandising- box office- toys- halloween costumes etc would prove that they most certainlly are a big part of it. At least- they were until everything is copied into an inhuman metaphor. Personally Inhumans seem like knock off bodega toys of real characters. But that might just be me.

    • Agree with @IronyJohn. The X-men are absolute pillars of Marvel. Or at least they’ve been so for the past 40 years.

      The fact that the teams been decimated ever since the rights dispute with Fox has never sat well with me. Also I’m a fan of certain Inhuman characters like Blackbolt, but the inhumans themselves can never replace mutants or the X-men for me.

  2. I agree with your assessment of the show. Simpson’s turn was weird and I was unprepared for it. The main arc and the main actors were amazing and they carried the show but every side arc was a labor to get through. I feel like someone should come out with an edit and take out all side stories except for how they directly relate to the main arc. I feel like it would be about 4 hours long. Daredevil’s side stories made me care more, were shorter, and paid off harder.

    I Don’t know if Simpson will come back for DD2 but I think IGH will be the villain for the Defenders and Luke Cage. I’d rather not have a Jones season 2 and just do a Heroes For Hire with Wing, Knight, Jones, Luke, and Danny. This way they wouldn’t have to stretch Jones into another 13 episodes. You could have her side stories and what not. And They could actually have someone steal Killgrave’s blood or brain take his power and turn purple and have Heroes for Hire battle that at some point.

    • I don’t think Simpson is going to have anything to do with DAREDEVIL. It seems to me that they are clearly setting up him and his organization (with its ties to Jessica’s powers) for further seasons of JESSICA JONES.

    • I agree with Conor. And I wonder if Simpson’s turn would’ve been better executed if they would have saved Nuke for next season when they will probably delve more into IGH anyway. You could even have abandoned Simpson’s story in episode 8 or 9 (whenever the bomb blew up his men; I can’t remember which episode it was, specifically) and just presume him dead and then bring him back next season after Jessica’s investigation gives us a better idea about what IGH is. Removing him altogether once the Kilgrave stuff was building to its climax would’ve made for a tighter plot, I think.

      The unevenness and extraneous subplots of the latter half of the season aside, this was a terrific show with terrific tension and emotional drama and compelling leads. Really hope we see more of this soon.

    • I think you could leave in Nuke a little longer – up until the red/white/blue pills, you’d have no reason to know it was him (they changed his first name, so there’s no “Will” Simpson to wiki). Show him through the getting the pills – there’s the trigger clue for anyone who’s read “Born Again” – and have the doctor name drop IGH, then maybe have Trish come back later and he’s gone. And have that be the last we see him in the show (or do a teaser at the very end with him flipping out on the reds or something).

      Also, I got the impression IGH was not a drug but an organization. It would be nice if, at some point, the MCU used the same conceit as the Ultimates, that all of these different things were attempts to recreate the Super-Soldier Formula (Nuke, whatever was done to Jessica, TAHITI, Extremis, etc.). Another way to tie everything together.

  3. I think the show was pretty great. I was initially surprised by Krysten Ritter’s casting but she was excellent.

    My wife and I saw Krysten Ritter in an airport in Mexico and she is very unique looking but stunningly beautiful. The really roughed her up in this.

  4. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Jones’ hair was great. To me it was the key element of her appearance that I could recognize from the comic.

    If I may say so, I liked the episode where she went up against the prejudiced and frightened couple. The show’s crew put the female adversary in this red coat, instead of the color purple that pervaded this series, and then she was revealed to be a false lead or red herring. I thought Jones’ throwing a radiator at the woman was a good bit of action, too. One name drop to another Marvel character I caught during this one was Jones’ suggestion of NYC investigator Angela Del Toro AKA The White Tiger. So, next season, put your paws up and let’s root for a Marvel Team-Up: The White Tiger and Hellcat Vs. Melvin Potter AKA Gladiator. And maybe those dastardly, white supremacists the Sons of The Serpent can get beat up, too.

    I preferred this series to Daredevil because of its weightier themes. Bendis should be proud of designing a strong, yet multi-dimensional female lead. Jones’ victimization, recovery, and fight put her in the pantheon of protagonists alongside Sidney Prescott from “Scream” and Beatrix Kiddo from “Kill Bill.” I hope some female listeners to the podcast post about their impressions, too, because I think her odyssey was distinctly feminine.

    Thank you for the special-edition podcast. You guys could have shoehorned “Jessica Jones” into the oft-awaited Year-End Media Roundup Show, but this was much appreciated because years ago we the iFanbase bought the Alias Omnibus on your recommendation. Did you know David Mack, Alias cover-artist (I can’t believe a teenage girl didn’t design those covers!) did the show’s titles for Netflix?

  5. When I watch a show on Netflix it automatically skips the intro and the next episode just stars at the beginning.
    Does it when I watch Madmen and JJ

    • probably a binge watcher thing.
      pretty sure Netflix skips ahead the intro when you autoplay (let the next episode automatically play after 10 seconds) if you have the previous history of manually jumping the opening credits. those fancy algorithms.

      either way let’s be realistic, its just a simple mouse or finger click away to skip those credits.
      my youth meant standing up from the couch and walking across the room to turn a knob on a wood box appliance and re-adjusting the antenna to switch from watching Smurfs to Tranzor Z.

      not sure if that means technology makes us weaker or just more entitled.

  6. You guys crack me up. I love your podcasts of movie and tv reviews. I’d like you to do more with shows like Gotham and Agents of Shields. They have gotten better. Or at least talk about the pilot episode or something. There are a lot of cartoon book TV shows that are far superior than many of the superhero movies (to the point that superhero movies are no serial films, much like the movies of the early 20th century — in essence, the movies have become TV series). Anyway, what’s funny is how you guys talked about how hard it was to watch all of “Jessica Jones”. It was so full of first world problems — not having time to watch over the holidays, having to sit the 2 minute opening credit sequence and no finding the time to watch all of the episodes before the podcast. Thanks for the laugh, and I do really enjoy the reviews. Perhaps to save you from the hassle, you could have guest contributors to discuss some of these shows, because my first world problem is that I want to hear reviews of ALL comic book movies and TV shows. Peace

  7. Oh, I forgot to add, I agree with many of the input you had on the review. There were some characters that were disjointed (Nuke), and plotlines that didn’t fit within the themes, and the episodes should have been shorter, but what I loved so much of this show is that the show felt real. It didn’t need a superpower element, and could have worked just as well as a noir story. The one thing that really stood out for me is that it felt like the way people who have been in abusive/rape relationships sounds like the kind of issues they had. Where they were scared to leave or would have PTSD, and did turn to pain numbing things like drugs and alcohol and be promiscuous and have anger issues. I wonder how much homework they did on these issues of rape/abuse relationships. Anyway, thanks again for the entertainment and insight you guys offer.

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