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Special Edition – Fantastic Four

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The last superhero movie of 2015 goes out with a whimper, as Ron Richards is joined by long time friend of iFanboy, Jeff Cannata to discuss just what the hell happened with this latest reboot of the first family of comics, the Fantastic Four.

Running Time: 00:29:50


“Lorna Doom”
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  1. Thanks for watching this so I don’t have to.

  2. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet. I’m debating whether I should or actually see this movie.

    Suffice to say it’s getting savaged in the press. I can’t remember the last time a superhero movie received such a brutal reception.

  3. “What is that- Why is that?”
    Best summation of a movie ever.

  4. Ron realllly needs to lay off on his defacto – Does the FF work in the modern day.
    It’s the equivalent of “rollickin ride” critic bark.
    The FF are not going to quit comics.
    This movie is just bad made by a studio that doesn’t get it – routinely.
    Not an accurate report card of what t the FF could be in a movie.
    The FF is about ground breaking science there is nothing about that depends on being a period piece just imagination.

  5. Shit sandwich.

  6. I’d be shocked if Stan Lee made a cameo on this.

  7. crazy but I’m looking forward to seeing how bad this is….when theirs a good torrent of it don’t want to encourage them.

  8. Last Special Edition of the year? No chance you’ll do one for Ep. VII in December? Since you guys usually record the end of year media wrap-up early, I figured it wouldn’t make it in there but I’d love to hear you (hopefully) gush about good Star Wars.

    • That’s a very good point – last special edition about a superhero movie. We’ll definitely do an Episode VII podcast. Absolutely. If anything to capture either our glee or our heads exploding

    • And this is why we’re happy you’ve come home Ron :).

  9. This weekend, I opted to watch the 90’s Marvel Action Hour FF cartoon instead of going to watch this. Nostalgia aside, at least it gets the characters and has fun with them.

  10. Great podcast guys. I had small hopes for this one but I hated the pacing and thought we’d get some proper superheroing in different locations that than clautrophonic base set. There was some great ideas glossed over like the idea of turning Ben into a weapon and I really liked the scenes with Doom just exploding people’s heads, which felt like a scene straight out of chronicle. I had this feeling I’d watched a 2 hour tv pilot though with all the good stuff still yet to come.

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