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Special Edition – Doctor Strange

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It’s the last superhero movie of the year, and one of the most anticipated. Ron Richards is joined by Mike Romo to break down the journey from cocky surgeon to sorcerer supreme in Doctor Strange! Is it all Cumberbatch or is there more to this Inception-esque thriller?

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  1. Thanks for the S.E. Podcast, guys. My two cents:

    Rachel McAdams was wasted, yes, but Dr. S. doesn’t really have a Lois Lane until Clea comes along, and that is well after his origin. Having a love interest that he mistreats and then apologizes to is good arc shorthand for his internal transformation.

    I think any restlessness felt in watching is more about that it is a trope-filed story origin arc – Marvel loves their fallen princes: (Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman et al).. We know he’s going to be a dick, we know he’s going to be broken down, we know he’ll rise to take up the responsibility of being the hero because that’s what these stories all are – no surprises. But to spend any less time on those beats I think would have robbed the payoff of emotional weight, even though you see it all coming from a mile away. There is definitely a low grade hum of “come on! get to the magic!” during the first act (after the opening set piece) but I don’t think they could have spent any less time in that set up.

    Loved the cloak. They made it fresh.

    If we HAD to do yet another “there’s giant black hole in the sky and the world is doomed” element to the finale, at least Strange’s solution was about being clever. With the countless time travel stories around across many, many heroes, I honestly feel like they gave it a fresh twist.

    I give it an A on adaptation and a good solid B+ on being a good movie.

  2. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Did they write in any of Stan Lee’s silly decrees for Strange like “by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth”? I’m not sure if those arcane expressions are a trademark of the character, but I found him a little staid without them. The film wasn’t what I expected. With Derrickson as director, I was sure it’d be a supernatural thriller.

    I saw an appearance of the marvelous “Staff of One” from Brian K. Vaughan’s “Runaways” in one scene where the Ancient One’s students arm themselves against the villains. Maybe Marvel will integrate more from “Runaways” in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

  3. I like the type of hero Strange is because I can relate to him. That is, I’ve met gifted surgeons (or other scientists) who have some level of natural brilliance coupled with a high work ethic. That may not be me, but I’ve met these guys so this type of hero seems somewhat familiar and even more so, possible.

    I think that is partly why Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man also works for me. I’ve met smart driven entrepreneurs before, so again, I can relate to that type of character, or imagine that sort of person in a more superheroic version.

    Enjoyed the review show guys, thanks! But I can’t believe you didn’t watch in 3D! Gods, you probably weren’t stoned either. Your loss. 😀

  4. Anybody considering seeing this film *absolutely* needs to see it in 3D and IMAX if possible. I can’t think of a movie that took better advantage of the format. Stunning!

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