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The unthinkable has happened, the Deadpool movies was not only made and released, but it’s delighting fans around the world with the violence, sex and hijinks. Conor and Ron gather to discuss and breakdown the Merc With a Mouth’s jump to the big screen and what they got oh so right and what they got wrong (spoiler: not much). So strap in and get ready for some insane Deadpool talk!

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  1. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    You can bet your bags and boards, in a movie this violent someone will be run through with a length of rebar.

  2. I’m with Conor in that historically I dislike Deadpool (aside from Remender’s work with him) but I decided to give this movie a chnace. Unlike Conor the movie didn’t change my outlook.

    The action was good and the fights were well choreographed. I did like Colossus and even though the role was minimal I liked Carano’s Angel Dust. I thought they did a good job with the costume but that’s all the positives I walked away with.

    As usual the humour and fourth wall breaking was too over the top for me and I think I was the only one in the theatre not laughing.

    I could go on but I don’t want to be super negative about it. I’ll just leave it at it wasn’t for me but I gave it a shot and I wouldn’t stop anyone from seeing it based on my opinion of it. It’s doing well so I’m clearly in the minority.

  3. What was Conor going to say about Stan Lee in the strip club? You gotta tell us, I have thought about nothing else since!

  4. I posted elsewhere that this is one of those movies where you absolutely CANNOT trust critic or audience scores to decide if you’re going to go see it. It’s almost as if they need a completely separate rating system on how you feel about Deadpool in general before going to see it (i.e. this film has a 87% DP approval rating).

    In a way, it’s almost like you gauge whether or not you’ll see it based on your opinion on Ryan Reynolds. Every once in awhile, certain actors are cast in comic roles that they were just tailor-made for, like Downey Jr. Reynolds was created to play Deadpool.

    It was terrible. And I couldn’t have loved it more. I’ll definitely be seeing it a couple more times in the near future.

    (By the way, the voice actor for Colossus was not German, but Croatian. But I also wish they’d gone with an actual Russian actor, wasn’t the biggest fan of the guy they went with.)

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