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Less of a film review and more of a therapy session, Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick say goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s 17 year run as James Howlett Wolverine Logan!

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  1. Hey guys. I can’t believe I’m the first to leave a comment. Loved the show and your comments. I think everyone is doing a fanboy freakout over this film and for good reason. I hope that the genre of superhero films starts to think a bit smaller as you said. My only real nitpick about this movie is that I keep hearing “Old Man Logan” and Millar’s name surrounding it. I feel like much more of the story was sourced from “Wolverine: The End” and mashed up with elements of “Old Man Logan”. Anyway, let’s hope the next X-men movie doesn’t push Ron to drink while podcasting.

  2. I’m counting Hugh Jackman as being in Deadpool because his face was cut out taped onto Ryan Reynolds’ face at the end of Deadpool

  3. I live in Shanghai and got the chance to see Logan on the big screen here, thankfully. (Deadpool never made the cut!) I really wondered about the R rating, because it didn’t seem so bad to me, but my friends I noticed the running time here was significantly shorter– they cut about 20 minutes from the film for showing here. (Also, you mentioned something about Xavier and the horses. Huh?) So even without some scenes and some extra violence, the movie still holds up. I think a 4.75.
    Kind of interesting to remember fandom’s reactions to X-23 when she first appeared in NYX and how she became so entrenched into the Wolverine mythos since then.

  4. I fucking LOVED this movie. Actually, and I’ve thought it about it now for six and a half hours – this is my favorite Marvel movie, period. It was lean, mean, and high octane from the start, and relied on no gimmicks. No costumes, no codenames, no posing. No obnoxious easter eggs every five minutes dragging me out of the drama. No annoying humor taking the weight out of every single impactful scene. And *real stakes.* Like you guys said, this is comic book storytelling finally freed from the genre’s eternal Act 2. We get bleak but blessed closure. And while I got really emotional at Logan’s death scene, what teared me up even more was Charles’ funeral earlier. Because Jackman was there – acting his heart out. In his eyes I saw the depth of Logan’s grief for this old man who saved him a lifetime ago and tried to the very end to give Logan a better life. Just gutted me. I also loved seeing flickers of so many other great films inspiring beats in this one; I saw some “King Kong,” “Frankenstein,” “Shane,” “Terminator 2,” “Léon: The Professional,” “The Wrestler”… HOWEVER, Eriq La Salle’s son would have *wireless* headphones in 2029, so I must take points off! haha

  5. Shoot, I left the fill thinking it was almost Oscar worthy….LOL. I think one of the biggest existential hit the film made with me was the meaning of the character and Hugh Jackman’s role. I grew up reading the comics and this movie captured the allure of the Logan character more indicative of the graphic novels. Jackman has played the role for almost 20 years and represents the only actor interpretation of the character and has aged with the character. As you watch him limping around and fighting as an older version compared to his faster and more agile on screen action appearances, it seems like you are truly watching the end of an era of this character. And for me, there is the ultimate meta-reflection that I have aged myself greatly. It’s a fine film indeed, not just a superhero film as you all stated.

  6. I loved the movie but there were a couple things that had to be overlooked for the story to move forward that you guys never talked about.

    1. Adimantium is an indestructible metal, but using in destructible metal against it’s self does not cancel it’s indestructability out. That bullet should have bounced off of X-24’s head and ricochet away, not blown his head up.

    (Also, anyone that things Wolverine has a couple hundred pounds of metal grafted to his bones is incorrect. If a metal is indestructible, it could be as thin as tinfoil and have the same properties as something 10x heavier… because it’s indestructible.

    3. The whole Weapon X thing was kind of played out. I was hioping for some new big bad mutant like a Super Shredder and was a pretty bummed when all we got was another wolverine.

    2. If Professor X could round up horse’s, why didn’t he use his powers to get them a boat? Logan was also stealing vehicles the whole movie, why not steal a boat?

    I loved that movie but were my issues with it.

    • “If Professor X could round up horse’s, why didn’t he use his powers to get them a boat? Logan was also stealing vehicles the whole movie, why not steal a boat?”

      It was not something that Professor X did easily or safely. Clearly it was an unusual event, as evidenced by Logan’s reaction to it.

      Logan wasn’t stealing vehicles until he found himself on the run from the Reavers. He was living a quiet, law-abiding life under-the-radar. At the point everything changed, the boat became irrelevant as they were trying to get X-23 to Eden. Boat’s no good for that.

    • Sorry for the shitty spelling a grammar earlier.

      The professor X stuff makes sense.

      How cool would it have been if X-24 would have been a brainwashed Sabertooth instead? Picture a big muscular dude that’s 7 feet tall (Towering over Logan) wearing a long coat with fir around the back of his neck as (a throw back to his 90’s costume). All grizzled and mean looking with fangs and claws. That would have been awesome. X-24 just seems lazy. A great opportunity was missed here.

      And that stupid adimantium bullet just doesn’t work for me. I loved that movie but adimantium can’t damage adimantium. It’s INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!!

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