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It’s time for the first live action TV show set in the world of the X-Men (but which world?)! X-Men fanatic Ron Richards and his faithful companion Conor Kilpatrick examine the pilot episode for Noah Hawley’s Legion. But first… just who is Legion?

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  1. I loved this pilot. It was as exactly as you guys were saying, this was a breath of fresh air in the X-Men universe. And I’m with Conor on the last scene, I thought that last sequence looked better than almost a lot of the X-Men movies I’ve seen.

  2. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Dan Stevens is magnetic in THE GUEST. As David, he charms the family of a fallen service man while harboring dark secrets. Lance Reddick plays a man from David’s past. The film was written and directed by Simon Barret and Adam Wingard. For almost ten years, those two have worked on a lot of horror films that I’ve loved. THE GUEST works as an action film. David is pitted against teenager Anna, and the duel between them escalates to the point that I was reminded of James Cameron pitting Sarah Conner against the Terminator. I also heard Steven’s character compared to Captain America gone bad.

  3. I’m confused by this show. It seems to have no connection to the source material other than the character of David Haller. I should sit down and watch it, but it’s hard for me to get excited because I really don’t like Legion in the comics all that much. He’s mostly just used as a plot device in the comics as Ron pointed out.

    I think the only time I found him interesting was probably at the end of the Muir Island saga. Some really touching stuff at the end when Professor X realized he couldn’t fix the damage they had done to David when they defeated the Shadow King. Though that moment has as much to do with Charles as it does David and their relationship to each other. So when you pull Legion away from everything else and put him on his own I wonder what is there for me to latch onto as an old X-Men fan. Though maybe it’s a good thing to try something entirely new and unencumbered by it’s legacy considering how tired the X-Men movie franchise is getting. Also as I stated before I never really liked David Haller in the comic all that much.

    If anything this train of thought has made me want to read the Muir Island Saga again. It did feel kinda like Claremont’s swansong for the series and for an event it was blessedly small (only 3 issue of Uncanny and 2 issues of X-Factor) though the way Claremont wrote it has ties going back probably 30 issues in both series so if I get too serious about this I could be pulling long boxes out of the attic all weekend.

    • Maybe try watching it before forming an opinion?

    • Well most of that was my opinion about the comic book version of the character which I am very familiar with consider I’ve read 100s of issues of X-Men comics for the past 30 years or so.

      The rest was my thought process on whether I was gonna bother to get invested in this show, which I doesn’t really present a fully formed opinion on the show. It just presents what I know about it prior to going into the show. I mean I got two kids (a 1 year old and a 3 year old) so I’ve gotta be pretty selective with how I spend my leisure time.

    • Well if that’s the case I would recommend a different FX show over this one. Check out Taboo. It’s great, only 8 episodes and I’m pretty sure its only a miniseries.

    • Taboo Does look interesting and it was completely off my radar. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • The only thing that gave me pause about whether I should watch Legion is that I was a long time X-Men fan growing up, but just because I was an X-Men fan that doesn’t mean I need to consume everything about it right 🙂 I think I’ll wait and see how people are feeling after the season is done. Too many comic inspired TV shows and not enough free time in the day to watch TV that isn’t children’s programming. Especially when we’ve got great stuff like Black Sails airing now and the Twin Peaks series starting up in a couple months. Then Stranger Things comes back. I guess this is a good problem to have. I feel very privileged just typing this post.

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