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Reprint: iFanboy #75 – The Best First Issues

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The first issue is the holy grail of comic books. It’s your first chance to find something new and exciting. The first issue represents hope of what might be. There is an art to the first issue. It must grab you and pull you in, and give you just enough that you feel satisfied but want more. Some writers are masters of the first issue. Some first issues stick with you for years after, all others struggling to measure up.

This week, iFanboy talks about what it is that’s so great about first issues, their favorites, and who does the best first issues.

You never forget your first.


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  1. looking back, I had alot of #1s that I loved at the time but aside from nostalgia they really don’t seem that good today. Warlock and the Infinity watch, Thunderstrike, Thor Corps, All the heroes reborn stuff…


  2. It’s fun to reminisce about past #1 issues, and not only does it take you back in time to some of the things you used to like, but what you were doing at the time, music & movies you were enjoying back then and all the other memories. 

    I’d agree about Y: The Last Man being a good number one.  Some of the comics you’ve mentioned I’ve never read.  When I started getting back into comics during the late 80’s, I’d say around 86 or so, I wasn’t so much enthused about the super hero stuff, I was more taken by the independents at the time.  It’s like I had gone into stasis and the independent/direct market had grown up or developed, and there were actual shops out there that handled comics and related items to tie-in with comics and so forth, not just 7-11’s or convience stores to try and find comics. Granted I did pick up a few super hero books that were fun titles that I used to remember as a kid, but they didn’t quite resonant with me like the independents did.

    I remember buying the first Badger (which showed a wizard slitting a kid’s throat, not something you’d see in Marvel/DC) and Nexus, those titles were wild and drew upon my imagination. The firs G I Joe was a fun title that took me by surprise, I never really watched the cartoon show or was too old to be a fan of the action figures–I just picked it up on a lark.  But it drew me in with the fast action, etc. The Last American was the start of a weird post-apocalypse mini series that I enjoyed all the way through that had very dark art work and a story to match.  Oh the flip side of that was Mark Verheiden’s The American (who now produces Heroes for TV), sort of a Cap. America knockoff, but rather than it being about patriotism, glory, and fight scenes, it was about the spin zone and how to craft a super patriot through media, politics, but with an underlying humor.

    Other first comics I enjoyed:

    Miracle Man (Alan Moore again), The Question, Camelot 3000, Watchman, Batman: Dark Knight,  The One, V for Vendetta, The Punisher, Black Dragon (great art), Grim Jack, and Airboy among others.

  3. Can we get an update on the numbers you shared at the beginning of the show?

  4. Yeah, how many more #1 issues have you guys picked?

    I forgot about this episode, yet again. But I love these choices for the #1 books, I need to find a trade or something of West Coast Avengers.

  5. I had just rewatched this episode last night. Wondering if Josh got in trouble for his comment early in the episode.

  6. Givin’ it up to Riverside! Glad to see some love for the hometown.

    Yes, Josh. You did issue a war. Have at thee!


  7. My first "Avengers Assemble" issue was issue 4 of the third series by Busiek and Perez.

    Even though I had been reading the title for a year or two, there wasn’t really a sea change of the line up, since the Heroes Reborn Avengers were known well in advance thanks to all the promotional material and the "Onslaught" crossover. But issue 3 ended with Beast taking Wolverine’s classic line, and I remember arguing with my siblings as to who should be on the team and who shouldn’t. I was pushing for the Beast. Alas, it was not to be. I haven’t gone back and revisited it yet for fear that it won’t hold up to a more mature reading.

    As per "X-Factor" #1, my father own those first few years of comics and I remember reading and rereading that issue till it fell apart. What a great read, even if I didn’t know the continuity behind the entire Grey/Pryor dynamic, or why Cyclops was so standoffish to the rest of the team. That is a book that I reread not too long ago and it’s still a great, dense read.


  8. I cant believe you guys picked my favorite episode !

  9. That West Coast Avengers#1 was a Favorite of mine also just because of the cover! Another fav. was WEb of Spiderman #1(1st series) also a GREAT cover

    oh by the way….Yankeees win THAAAAAA Yankees WIIN!!!

  10. I picked up X-Factor #1 at the Motor City Comic Con this past summer for $1.  Happy to have it regardless of worth.

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