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Reprint: iFanboy #73 – Stan Lee

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Stan Lee literally needs no introduction. He is the well from which many of the great ideas of Marvel Comics sprung, and at 85 years old, he’s got more energy and enthusiasm than anyone.

Joined by Jeff Cannata from the The Totally Rad Show, Stan weathers a barrage of questions posed by iFanboy users. Stan talks about the early days of Marvel, his creation of The Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and even Giant-Man. Find out how Stan worked with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, and if you’re lucky, you catch something about Stan’s new book, Election Daze. He even talks about his Iron Man cut scene!

This is Stan, off-script, candid, and having a whole of of fun with iFanboy.


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  1. You guys did an excellent job with this interview and really played to Mr. Lee’s personally.  Very fun episode.

    You guys should do more video crossovers with the TRS guys.  Jeff really adds some energy (he acts like a kid [which I like]).  I keep waiting for Ron to show up on TRS (like he keeps popping up in the background of Diggnation episodes.)

  2. This might be my favorite video/interview you guys have done. Stan Lee is just entertaining from start to finish and I think it would be great to see another long interview with him.

  3. Cool episode!

  4. Nice episode guys.  I love Stan Lee, but, man, sometimes he just gets stale.  I swear I’ve heard most of those stories a million times.

    Having said that, if he wasn’t so charming, though, I wouldn’t be captivated! 


  5. Also, it seems that Josh wasn’t very enthused by The Man.  He seemed to be put off a bit, but, that may just be me. 

    Secondly, what happed with Conner? I totally thought you would make up a bit where he gets pissed about missing Stan. 

  6. It’s just you. This was one of the greatest days of my career. Are you kidding? I was having so much fun with him.

  7. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’ve only ever seen Josh looking more enthusiastic when he was doing his Pikachu impression. It’s the way he makes the ears with his index fingers. Not a lot of people take it that far. 

  8. You learn something new (and disturbing) every day.

  9. *New goal in life: Seeing Josh do his Pikachu impression before I die*

  10. Paul just became my new favorite.

  11. @ Josh. Well, I must be crazy! LOL. I just maybe read too much into your sideways glances at the camera. 

    I would expect you to hardly be containing yourself, so maybe that’s what I misinterpreted. 

  12. That was an excellent video. Can’t believe I hadn’t watched it before this. There was a smile on my face through most of the interview, which rolled into a laugh when Josh and Ron gave looks of glee when Stan said he didn’t know about the Sentry. Too funny. Really, what a great guy. Nice job by Ron there, being the MC by reading the questions.

    I can see why Josh says he had fun. Man, just watching Stan is fun, but to be in a conversation with him must be great.

  13. There’s a way to 1up Stan Lee’s interview. Get Alan Moore. lol.

  14. That made me smile — just when I needed one.




  16. but, is Stan in on the Sentry joke here? We may never know.

  17. No he’s not. It’s not a joke.

    See, you do know.

  18. I’m sure it’s a good book, even today. But what he keeps pushing here about the funny political book he did….God that can’t be out right now can it? Cause if it was I would buy it. Did anyone even read it?

  19. @conor: That’s the one!

    Seriously, though did anyone read it? Cause I can never find it at the bookstores, I can’t even order it at my own job.

  20. This was great! Really fun to watch again.

  21. @TNC just order it from Amazon. Conor gave you the link. 

  22. @JohnVFerrigno: I’m going to. But I’m asking if anyone else has read it and what their opinions of it.

  23. @TNC Not me! Didn’t Stan Lee do this same type of book in the 60s? 

  24. I just watched this and I have to say, Stan Lee always comes across as the most likable guy imaginable. 

  25. I guess Bob has the last laugh with Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

  26. The guy is full of life. I’ll be happy if I have half the energy he has in his age.

  27. @muddi900 I’d be happy if I had half his energy NOW.

    @brattyben what you saw as Josh being "not very enthused" I saw as Josh being "professional." Just because you are a lover of comics doesn’t mean you have to act like a (pardon the expression) fanboy when interviewing Stan Lee. I thought the guys all showed the right amount of professionalism mixed with genuine enthusiasm. Well done!

  28. Stan is The Man!!

    Wait. What am I saying? I’m all DC, all the way…

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