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Reprint: iFanboy #59 – Cities in the DC Universe & A Marvel Comics Guide to New York City

Show Notes

Gotham City… Metropolis… Star City… the names of these cities are almost as famous as the characters who inhabit them. But what do those cities mean to the stories that take place in them and the characters who live there?

This week, iFanboy takes a look comic book cities both famous and not so famous in the DC Universe.

After that, with the trusty Marvel Comics Guide to New York City in tow, iFanboy takes to the streets to visit the famous Marvel Comics landmarks of New York City. It all wraps up with an impromptu quiz of DC cities in which Ron can be found exclaiming “But I’m the Marvel guy!”


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  1. I loved this episode. I also love that you guys called the reairs  a ‘Reprint’. Gives it a very comic book feel. Have a good break and can’t wait for new POTW podcasts and all the other great stuff you guys do.

    Your greatful member,


  2. I certainly don’t! (that was sarcasm) I got almost all the videos on my zune. I’ll eventually have them all once I open it up and increase the space on it again. But dammit. For like a second I thought they posted a new episode. I almost want to create a video podcast of my own just to fill this ginormous void. Granted it would be a terrible video podcast as it would be riddled with tangents and really bad jokes only I think are funny but it sounds like fun. Crap I digressed again.

  3. I kinda wish DC stuck to created cities for where their characters live. I dunno why.

    I have a group of friends who are almost hard to describe in how fervent they’re connected to several characters, mostly DC (i.e. Dave is Superman, Ralph is Batman, Juan is Captain Marvel… I guess he pulled the short straw), they wear the logo t-shirts (and not just one or two; I never knew how many different ways to emblazen the Superman logo) and so on. Point is, I heard them talking about getting tattoos, Marcello/Green Lantern wasn’t sure what he would want to get, I suggested he and all his pals get their character’s city name tattooed in Olde English on their stomachs like a lot of rappers. They loved the idea, but it leaves Joey/Spider-Man and John/Capt. America out a bit.

    If a pretty lady wore Conor’s shirt I’d ask, "Where’s Hawaii?" while arching my brow and smirking.
    *Okay, okay, I’d imagine this scenario playing out in my head from across the room.

  4. so will these show up in the iTunes feed?

  5. I always like the little trivia game you have at the end. It felt so sudden and no one seems prepaired. lol

  6. It’s so weird, you guys look so different back then. Ah, the memories!


  7. @ABirdseyeView: No.

  8. It looks like Conor’s dropped quite a bit of weight since then.

  9. Thanks for reposting this video. It’s my favorite of the old videos that I’ve seen. And by "old" I mean videos before January of this year, which is when I started watching you guys.

  10. That was fun.  The only thing I remembered from the first time I watched this episode was Josh running.  Isn’t there another video (a mini perhaps?) that shows Ron running?

    This makes me want to visit NY, again. 


  11. We need more of these quizzes.  The look of discombobulation on Ron’s face was priceless.

  12. Great episode. I really liked the quiz at the end of it. You should do those more often!

  13. After rewatching this episode, now I feel silly for thinking that Josh hand-lettered KING PETE. 😉

  14. I can’t even write my own name.

  15. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention Astro City. I know it’s not DC or Marvel but it’s a big deal. 

  16. OH shoot. You brought back my favourite episode. NYC!!! I still haven’t been to Staten Island yet. I did drive through it to go to NJ.

  17. Super-Villains show up to Staten Island, take one whiff, and say "somebody’s already trashed this place!" Mystery solved. GREAT episode!

  18. Looked like a fun episode to make.  Too bad you didn’t point out where you think Avengers Tower or the Baxter Building might be.

    I don’t think Bendis will be using his address in a comic anytime soon. He lives in a boring old neighborhood in Portland, OR and we know Marvel doesn’t do much West Coast action except in Cali.

  19.  This is like when the X-men went into reprints only to be reborn into something really special.I hope thats what happens to the video show. Not that it wasn’t great already.


    @bluedream Boring old Portland neighborhood!!! Thats my hood you talking bout. 🙂 Now whats so boring about the Southeast Portland area. That’s were a lot of action is happen. It’s also got Portland’s best LCS Excalibur comics where I’ve meet Bendis and Jeff Parker. 

  20. "Let’s shoot in the field, it’ll be fun." I sympathize with you. Currently working on my degree in journalism. Video production class can be a bitch!

  21. It actually was a lot of fun. Some of the most fun we’ve had shooting the show.

  22. It did look like you guys were having a blast.

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