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Pick of the Week #565 – The Avengers #2

Show Notes

It’s the last Pick of the Week of 2016! But don’t worry, it’s not the last podcast of 2016, we’ve got more to come. But this week? We’ve got velocity, Freddie Mercury and lots more to discuss. Ron Richards gets excited by Kang on Kang action and Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick can’t believe it. Meanwhile, a purple elephant cracks the meaning of life. Happy Holidays!

Running Time: 01:03:53

Pick of the Week:
00:01:34 – The Avengers #2

00:10:45 – Batman #12
00:16:10 – Moon Knight #9
00:18:52 – The Unworthy Thor #2
00:22:06 – Green Arrow #12
00:27:45 – Nova #1
00:30:48 – The Flintstones #6
00:33:42 – Violent Love #2
00:35:03 – Death of Hawkman #2

Star Wars Corner:
00:36:03 – Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1

Patrons’ Choice:
00:38:47 – Motor Crush #1

Patron Thanks:
00:46:05 – Frank Salay
00:47:08 – Sabrina Laramore Wilson
00:48:04 – Matthew McFadden
00:48:51 – Tyler Rinne

Audience Question:
00:50:45 – Alex Cox wants to know our Top 5 books.
00:54:55 -Miguel from Osaka, Japan wants clarification on Jupiter’s Legacy.

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“Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”
Darlene Love


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  1. We all appreciate Tom King and we all really want to like his Batman.
    But personally I’ve come to the realization that his Batman just doesn’t work me.
    It’s just not the right fit.

  2. I fully expect Gomorrah season 2 and Black Mirror season 3 to be included in the TV segment of the annual all year media wrap up show. If not, you guys are wasting your time not watching the right programmes

  3. I can see a little Freddie or Bruno, but mostly I see straight-up Lando.

    My current 5:

    Wonder Woman
    Black Hammer
    Paper Girls
    Kill or Be Killed

  4. Great show. I wonder if you can give each other dumb powers

  5. I can’t believe how good The Flintstones is. Thanks for turning me on to it. Also picked up and enjoyed Avengers this week after this and the 1.1 issue got picks.

    My top 5 of the year:

    The Flintstones
    The Black Monday Murders

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