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Pick of the Week #562 – Reborn #2

Show Notes

This week dark secrets are revealed, there’s another G.I. Joe deep dive, comics are discussed, and dumb jokes are made…

… you know, just like Elvis.

Running Time: 01:06:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:53 – Reborn #2

00:13:33 – Grand Passion #1
00:17:46 – Lucifer #12
00:20:51 – SLAM! #1
00:25:03 – Briggs Land #4
00:29:38 – Moonshine #2
00:32:38 – Thanos #1
00:34:48 – Jessica Jones #2
00:37:57 – Infamous Iron Man #2
00:39:04 – G.I. Joe: Revolution #1

Patrons’ Choice:
00:44:59 – Ether #1

Patron Thanks:
00:48:09 – Ryan Brown
00:49:46 – Patrick Mohlmann
00:51:00 – Matt
00:51:41 – John O’Neil

Audience Question:
00:54:19 – Fielding F. from Michigan has a unique comic book storage question.
00:57:34 – John V. from Brooklyn, NY is feeling down about the state of the world and needs some comics to fire him up.

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  1. One useless superpower that must be included is the ability to understand, word for word, whatever Frankie Carbone is saying

  2. During the Guess-the-Dead-Joe game (“Grunt? Stalker? Dialtone?”), I was dying, just waiting for someone, anyone to say —-


    And with the riff on Thanos being Space Billy Batts, I thought you were primed. Next time, maybe.

  3. That Elvis running joke needs another six months of out-of-town try-outs. Mind, he was a comics fan, basing his Vegas outfits and hair on Captain Marvel Jr. Well, that’s what I’ve always heard.

    That extended GI sequence probably wasn’t as long as it felt…

    Happy Thanksgiving for next week!

    • Im glad Im not the only one who thought of Captain Marvel Jr. I know it was supposed to have inspired all of Elvis’ capes, but I wasn’t aware it reached the hair.

  4. That GI Joe guessing game was more entertaining than most of TV’s new fall season! Comedy gold.

    Also (and I have been thinking about this for several years now): I find Conor’s and Josh’s pronunciation of “inter-es-ting” to be charmingly interesting.

  5. Guys, can you please reopen the site long enough for me to write 2000 words about how I organize my comics shelves? There’s no other outlet I have where anyone would have even the remote possibility about giving a shit and I have so much to say and so many photos of shelves to diagram.

  6. I declare myself CEO.

  7. GI Joe talk is great. Grand Slam originally came with the laser canon and the later the jet pack. In the new comic he had Flash’s gear. The crossover was with ROM. TheJoes were taken over by the Dire Wraiths from Marvel continuity.

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