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Pick of the Week #559 – Silver Surfer #7

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Josh Flanagan may be on the open road, but that’s not going to stop Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards to talk about all that is good in the world of comics, specifically comics that make them smile, the ones that ended strong, the ones that make sense, and even ones that fall a bit short.

Running Time: 01:08:12

Pick of the Week:
00:01:51 – Silver Surfer #7

00:12:45 – All New, All Different Avengers #15
00:16:27 – Civil War II #6
00:20:26 – The Vision #12
00:27:12 – Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary
00:34:39 – Seven To Eternity #2
00:35:37 – Detective Comics #943
00:37:53 – The Flash #9
00:39:58 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #9

Star Wars Corner:
00:41:47 – Star Wars #24

Patrons’ Choice:
00:45:55 – The Skeptics #1

Patron Thanks:
00:51:22 – Tyler Olson
00:52:06 – Dan
00:53:03 – Joshua S. Hill
00:53:50 – Christopher Albrecht

Audience Question:
00:56:25 – Marcus from Austin, Texas has a question about all the re-numbering of comics and their affect on quality.

In Memoriam:
01:02:00 Remembering Steve Dillon.

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  1. When Connor was saying “no-one does backgrounds anymore” I immediately thought of Klaus Janson’s art on Batman: Gothic. The backgrounds there were incredibly detailed and life-like, even with the limited colour palette.

  2. There are some good individual books at marvel right now but honestly as a whole Marvel kind of sucks now.
    Just does- I could break down while I think that but doesn’t everyone kind of see it?
    The Marvel comic book U has lost it’s soul it really feels like corporate produced books- and we all know its a business yes -yes but it Is their business to not make it feel that way.

    • It’s funny cause DC is obviously corporate-owned as well, but they seem more in tune with giving readers what they want… while also building up new titles that may be part of future events.

      At Marvel it seems like they’re just trying to get in the news cycles every once in a while. Fans of long-running books and fans of characters with rich history aren’t really a concern.

    • The best of Marvel always came out of desperation/Hail Marys/”do what you want, nobody’s looking anyway” kinds of situations. FF. Spider-Man. Neal Adams on X-Men in the 60’s. Steranko’s SHIELD. Miller’s Daredevil. Marvel Knights. X-Statics. The same is true today – the smaller books that no one is reading are the best ones (King’s “Vision” is a great example). If only Marvel could act/feel like that line-wide, they’d be set.

    • @BC1: Very true.

      That being said, part of me is still giving Marvel a chance… only because it seems as though next year they’ll be having their own ‘rebirth’ of sorts (in their case ‘ResurreXion’) with pretty much a massive re-investment into the mutant side of Marvel comics.

      Is this where they get back on track, or does the ‘all new, all different’ universe continue concurrently?

      Suffice to say, maybe, just maybe… 2017 might be a better year for Marvel. It remains to be seen… but I’m crossing my fingers maybe they might’ve finally decided to give some love to some of their fans.

      I suppose time will tell.

  3. Steve Dillon was responsible for one of the comics that truly got me into the medium. Preacher was one of what I liked to call my Holy Trinity of Vertigo, along with Sandman and The Invisibles. These books made me realize that comics were more than just superheroes and really helped shape me into the reader I am today. I always considered Sandman and The Invisibles more of a ‘writer’s comics’ because the art teams weren’t consistent throughout the run, but the way Dillon worked with writer Garth Ennis showed me how truly collaborative the medium is when you have two creators that compliment each other so well. They did so many great projects together, and you could always see that creative spark between them.

    Preacher was such a crazy comic, but his simple yet distinct style helped draw you into the world and love his characters. I still remember that the final issue of Preacher was the first comic to ever make me cry, and that’s a crazy task for a book that featured hard-drinking vampires and a character named Arseface. He was one of the best at drawing the ‘acting’ on a page. You can always pick up a page of his work and know immediately that he drew it.

    I was fortunate enough to get his autograph at last year’s C2E2, and even before his passing it was my most treasured signature of the convention. I think we just exchanged words about how well-worn my copy of Preacher was (which he was glad to see), but it meant a lot just to meet someone who had that much of an influence on my reading habits. Coincidentally, right after returning home from the convention, I got appendicitis. It was a really scary experience, and to hear that he passed away from this because he thought he just had food poisoning hit REALLY close to home.

  4. I think I remember Detective Comics 27 giant size basically being the 75th for Batman issue and I think Superman Unchained may have been what they did for Supes.

  5. Just out of curiosity, when will be able to have all the iFanboy video shows uploaded to the dedicated YouTube channel?

  6. If misty had bad reception but not enough to make a clear call outside why didn’t she just txt her captain?!

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