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Pick of the Week #546 – Jupiter’s Legacy, Vol. 2 #2

Show Notes

Ron Richards is away trying to recapture his youth, which he recently sold. So Two Jamokes, Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan, fight on. You should also prepare yourself for talk of a bridge, and love. Of love and bridges. There’s a lot of that. Other than that, there’s a lot of great comics, and obviously discussion of why that is. It’s kind of what we do. Also ratings. Plus our very first Patron’s Choice comic addition.

Running Time: 01:03:17

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – Jupiter’s Legacy, Vol. 2 #2

00:10:22 – Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1
00:17:46 – The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #12
00:21:32 – Captain Marvel #7 / Civil War II #4
00:28:16 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1
00:34:23 – Nightwing #1
00:37:43 – Batgirl #1
00:39:14 – The Mighty Thor #9
00:41:18 – Black Panther #4
00:43:00 – The Flash #3

Patron’s Choice:
00:46:35 – ROM #1

Audience Questions:
00:53:30 – John would like to know our current favorite comic books, and he almost gets an answer.

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  1. Sinestro had a big head in the Challenge of the Superfirends cartoon. That is what I thought of when Josh mentioned it.

    • I wonder if he was thinking of (Green Lantern villain) Hector Hammond. Sinestro does have an elongated head, but Hammond has that cartoonish giant noggin and kinda looks like Sinestro. I’m particularly thinking of his portrayal in the original GL Rebirth.

  2. hey! great show!
    when are you finally gonna tackle the killing joke?
    really interested in where you guys are on this one

  3. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    On the topic of getting rid of individual issues: My wife and I had a garage sale to raise money for adoption, and I decided to sell almost all of my individual issues for 50 cents each, or three for a dollar. They were mostly all random Marvel and DC books (with a little bit of image thrown in) from 2006-2015. I ended up selling every single one very quickly. It cleared up a ton of space, and now we’re closer to our goal of adopting a child.

    • That’s really touching, webhead! That’d be one of the few reasons I’d sell my floppies. What a lovely idea. Best of luck to you and your wife.

  4. Conor, listen to Josh on this one – read Thor again. Jane is such a superb Thor. Jason Aaron imbues the story with the same weight and grandiosity that his God Butcher story had. If you’re really waiting for the Odinson to return though, at least make a note to return to this run in trade format sometime in the future. It’s going to stand the test of time.

    • #nothisthor

    • The thing is – and I don’t even Jason Aaron gets this – she is Not Thor. Jane Foster is Jane Foster with the ‘Power’ of Thor.
      The inscription doesn’t say …’will become Thor’ it Says…’will posses the Power of Thor’
      Thor is STILL Thor even if he isn’t holding that hammer. IT”S HIS NAME.

    • webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

      I think Jason Aaron gets that. The problem is that if the book were given a different title, and if Jane Foster were given a different name, it would sell a lot less. I definitely understand the issue regarding the name “Thor” and I agree. However, her name doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the book. Aaron and Dauterman are making one of Marvel’s best books right now, regardless of what she calls herself.

  5. I have a little off-topic question: Does anyone of you happen to know where I can find the Pick of the Weeks from 1 to 119? Were they completely removed from the site or am I simply to blind to find them? Thanks a lot,

    • Your vision is still good.
      if my old memory hasn’t failed, I believe these were lost during a server problem/change back lo’ many years ago.

      I’m sure one of the boys has the real story they’ll fill you in on. but you’ll just have to enjoy my misinformation and the 400 plus other ones until one day you find them in a dusty quarter bin at some old con.

    • I believe if you go back through the pages of the website you can listen to some of them that are embedded on the webpage.

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