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Pick of the Week #544 – Daredevil #9

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Summertime means a lot of traveling and lost of hosts missing shows — but not this week. This week, iFanboy is reunited and it feels so good. Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, and Josh Flanagan talk about the week that was in comic books, the weeks to come in comic books, plus — it’s the return of ratings (ratings)!

Running Time: 01:04:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:37 – Daredevil #9

00:10:08 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1
00:16:59 – Nightwing: Rebirth #1
00:23:43 – Civil War II #3
00:28:19 – Power Man and Iron Fist #6
00:31:11 – The Vision #9
00:33:01 – New Super-Man #1
00:37:14 – The Flash #2
00:38:38 – Wonder Woman #2
00:40:12 – Detective Comics #936
00:42:12 – The Wicked + The Divine #21

Marvel Now Now:
00:43:37 – This week Marvel announced their new post-Civil War II direction.

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  1. So back to your question about colors and their significance in China, Red, Yellow and green are considered good luck, red being the luckiest, obviously it’s also the color of the current “dynasty” then we have Yellow which is the Imperial color, only the Emperor was allowed to wear yellow in the forbidden city. I think we’ll find Chinese Wonder Woman is in some way royalty.

  2. I loved the discussion of what’s happening to the Marvel universe. I’m finding the renumberings and the rebootings to be completely obnoxious. At this point I realize most books will maybe get to issue 8 and then, hey whattaya know, a new #1! Ugh. I hate it.

    I collected and read comics as a kid up until college and then stopped for over 10 years. I decided to come back to the medium and you know what I did? I just jumped in and found my way, taking to Google to perhaps fill in some blanks I was struggling with. I wish these companies would give us readers some credit. Realize we don’t need new number ones every nine months. I wish they’d realize that the feeling of a building history that comes with a book being able to reach a 200th issue and beyond is a good thing, and part of the allure. I’m just so tired of all of this. But hey, all in the name of grabbing new readers who like the movies, right?

    On a final note. I loved the analogy of moving into a new neighborhood and having to make all new friends. Absolutely goddamn right.

  3. The constant renumbering and sales ploys are transparent and obvious.
    But more than that- I don’t like the ‘personality’ or Marvel as a publisher right now.
    It’s salesy and kid of gross in it is impacting the characters and stories now in determent of quality. That’s the product, take care of the product you sell. And yes the point is to sell books but an actually good salesman doesn’t make you
    feel like you need a shower after they sell to you. Plus it’s a really a series of diminishing returns with these tactics
    that kind of desperation isn’t a viable long term strategy.

    We talk a lot about what went wrong with the New 52 but we also seem to forget to talk about a few things that went right.
    One of those things being day and date release.
    We get pretty much whatever title we want on our pads That day. It wasn’t too long ago that wasn’t possible.
    I say pair that now with advertising and marketing- Commercials- print- advertise in mediums that aren’t already saturated with the same consumer i.e. podcasts and comics alliance sites.
    Let people who are seeing the movies and consuming other media know there is a way to get comics without having to track down a coffee shop and what’s more actually have to go in one b/c let’s face some shops would deter me as well.

  4. Can someone explain DC’s Rebirth? I read Rebirth #1. It’s still basically the new 52 universe but with some new/old characters? I read Wonder Woman #1 and that seems to tell an origin story but Green Lantern is the same story continued and the new/old Superman is living in the new 52 universe with the new 52 Superman dead. I thought Rebirth was supposed to go back or change something and it basically seems the same. Is there a rebirth #2 coming out?

  5. Great podcast as always.

    Just wanted to add one note with regards to Civil War #3. In the past Hawkeye was written as so moral (especially when it comes to taking an enemy’s life) that it even famously (or perhaps infamously) lead to his divorce from Mockingbird. This involved killing someone who’d assaulted her (so basically that can be construed as self-defense/revenge on her part).

    Fast-forward to Civil War #3 and here we have Hawkeye not only breaking his own moral code against taking someone’s life.. but he does it haphazardly against one of his oldest friends. And Bendis wrote with an established presumption thatHawkeye would be ‘the only one’ capable of taking Banner’s life and living with it… when in fact according to canon he’d be the least likely to ever take Banner’s life… let alone on such a whim (like say the maybe accurate/maybe not so accurate vision of some unknown Inhuman who appeared out of nowhere).

    I understand the point of the book is to turn the heroes into villains, or at least force you to take sides. But for me I feel the biggest sin with the book is writing all the characters completely out of character in order to advance the plot.

    Anyway /end nerd rant.

    I will say the silver lining, as you guys pointed out, is of course Marquez and Ponsor’s art. Pretty phenomenal stuff.

    That said, without some major twist in the end, I fear this story arc might go down as one of Bendis/Marvel’s more infamous events.

    Personally, as a 30 year-old reading comics, what I miss the most from my ‘younger days’ was when heroes were defined by the interesting villains they faced off against. Batman, for instance, was always much more interesting going up against his amazing rogue’s gallery (Joker, Two-face, Freeze, maybe Court of Owls to make it a little more modern) compared to say when he’s fighting Superman or Wonder Woman etc…

    Marvel is hellbent on turning the heroes into villains (and removing villains from the equation… or perhaps turning them into heroes as we’ve seen with some of the solicitations). Maybe that’s the issue I have with the direction Marvel’s currently headed.

    Without a compelling antagonist you just have heroes acting like nutjobs… like we’re seeing in Civil War. And if they really want the Inhumans to top the X-Men (a team with arguably a more legendary rogue’s gallery than even the Avengers) the Inhumans are going to have face off a bigger threat than Tony Stark and Carol Danvers fighting over them.

    Ok, anyway, I’m really ending my rant now. 🙂

    All being said, I really enjoyed this podcast. You guys always bring out great analysis on all these new books being released.

  6. You really do need to the break the lights, lavs, and video cameras out of retirement and do a PSA about the epidemic. I’m sure you still have enough of the ear of the industry to stop this trope before it really gets wore out on it’s own. You could even have interviews with artists and letterers about how the movement saved them from lazy writers. 😉

    It might even make a good patreon intro video.

  7. Honestly, what is with all of the, “I got this”, “we got this”, “you’ve got this”, etc in comics now? It makes zero sense. And it can’t be coincidence that ALL of these writers decided to use this tired phrase, or variation thereof, all at the same time…can it?!

    Now that you all have brought it up, it’s all I can focus on! Blech.

  8. Top show as ever. I think I may have asked this previously… what is the ‘ratings ratings ratings’ gag a reference to?

    And given you, rightly, hate the glowing Spider-Man bits, how do you stand the floating Green Lantern chest symbols, I find them even worse. Oh hang on, DC Rebirth seems to have be need it. Yay!

  9. Woof. Like most things relating to him, the nervous joke about EVS’ sketch book has not aged well.

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