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Pick of the Week #505 – Captain America: White #2

Show Notes

Man down! We’ve got a man down! But much like Captain America, Bucky, and Nick Fury & the Howling Commandos, Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards press on! Because that’s what Conor Kilpatrick would want. Let’s hope his recovery is brief, because man, this show was not made for two people.

Running Time: 01:00:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – Captain America: White #2

00:14:00 – Grayson Annual #2
00:18:38 – Archie #3
00:22:14 – Sex #24
00:24:16 – S.H.I.E.L.D. #10
00:30:01 – Superman #44
00:33:15 – E is for Extinction #4 / Inferno #5
00:25:54 – Rasputin #9

Book of the Month (sorta):
00:37:54 – Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City

Audience Questions:
00:44:56 – Eric Firth (@firthburger) asks why we’re pessimistic about the latest Marvel creator shuffle.
00:51:50 – Craig the Robinson (@Snarkosa) asks if our first LCS is still open?

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“Adderall Highway”
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  1. I am shocked you guys didn’t discuss American Vampire, Second Cycle. I am so pissed at the way DC/Vertigo editorial is handling their one good book. Issues never see to come out and as a consequence, I loose where we are in the story, which is making me loose interest in the book and tarnishing the good will I have towards the title. Editorial needs to wake up and make sure that the book once again comes out on a regular basis.


    • Oh man, there is one blatant panel in the Batman Annual where he has that right hand as well. It probably shouldn’t, but that kind of mistake drives me crazy. Just get a prosthetic already so we can avoid this problem in the future.

  3. I enjoyed Archie, They’re not like us, and rick and morty which was a special ball fondlers issue by Andrew Mclean. I moved to the nice hardcovers on American Vampire personally.

    Pretty sure there is no keeping super hero fans happy for marvel and dc. Death of the family no deaths or anything, people are mad, endgame alfred loses a hand, people are also mad. I want stuff to happen but only exactly how I want it to happen, good lord.

  4. Anyone else ever have trouble logging in to comment on the current post?
    The Grayson Annual is full of Dick picts.

    • Yes, actually. I often get stuck in this endless loop:

      1) The column page prompts me to Log On to leave a comment,
      2) I then Log On,
      3) I then go to the column page only to find it saying that I need to Log On (again) to leave a comment,
      4) I try again with step 2) and the dreaded endless loop commences. haha

      It seems to resolve itself, somehow… as my ability to leave this comment proves.

    • I refresh the page after logging on to get out of the loop BionicDave mentions. After I refresh, I’m good to comment. But yeah, I’ve had this issue for a long while. May or may not be the same issue IronyJohn is experiencing.

    • Yes, I was having a problem with logging in as well. I don’t know what fixed it?

  5. Great conversation on Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City. I’ve had it on my wishlist since it came out and have been meaning to give it a look, will definitely check it out now.

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