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Pick of the Week #498 – Batman #43

Show Notes

This time Ron Richards is away (in lovely and scenic Anaheim, CA) so it’s up to Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan to talk about the week in comics, standing in lines, and sweet beards and even sweeter suits.

Running Time: 01:01:49

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – Batman #43

00:11:35 – Batman / Superman #23
00:16:17 – Action Comics #43
00:19:08 – Velvet #11
00:22:56 – Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1
00:28:16 – Stumptown #7
00:31:32 – The Fade Out #8
00:34:10 – Starve #3
00:36:58 – Letter 44 #19
00:38:53 – Lando #2

Audience Questions:
00:41:37 – Justin L. wants to know about ironic Picks of the Week and general negativity.
00:47:10 – John from Manchester, UK isn’t a fan of serialized storytelling.

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  1. This Week on Aging in Comics.

    This Gordon is younger of course and if he’s in peak shape there isn’t any reason he should look all haggered.
    He’s just not that old Gordon. Get on board.
    That being said does Superman have to look like such a Bro?

  2. Man, am I glad I’ve dropped just about all of my DC and Marvel superhero comics because just hearing you guys talk about these Superman and Batman books is tiring as hell. Superman with no powers and Batman with someone else under the cowl? Yeesh, sing me a new tune, sometime. You guys have been reading things even longer than I have, how are you not even more tired of these overused gimmicks than you clearly are already?

    • Huh, it’s funny that you say there aren’t any mini series anymore when, really, just about everything that comes out these days is a limited series. Whether it’s the fact that most Marvel series never seem to run more than a dozen issues before rebooting, often with all new creative teams, or that the hundred or so Image Comics that come out all have end points in mind means that it’s becoming easier and easier to find stories with begins, middles and ends. Again, not so much from the Big 2 but everywhere else you look, the stories are pretty much self contained.

      What this means for John therefore, is that between the above change in the way comics are structured these days and the extensive library of trades and hardcovers, is that it’s never been easier to read comics free of the “ongoing series” paradigm. Not only are there oodles of great original graphic novels out there, you can often get entire series over just a few trades or even fewer hardcovers. You just have to wait for the series to end, I guess, but there are so many great limited series out there already that are available for purchase over just a few books, there should be more than enough to keep him occupied for years.

    • +1 on your miniseries comments. You couldn’t be more right.

  3. Re: Peter Panzerfaust – I always love the “Wait, Was This The Last Issue?” Segment and its inevitable conclusion.

  4. The problem with mini series is they are perfect for trade waiting. Mark Millar is now on my trade wait list because everything he does is attempting to be a movie and is actually a mini series without telling me. Most the time the fact is no longer on the cover, maybe inside the cover, sometimes in the solicits sometimes not. If something is a mini but not in solicits, I would think this is an attempt to get stores to order more of the book than perhaps they should.

    I still think Marvel is abusing the number one and everything they do is a miniseries.

    Interesting industry stuff to me but it isn’t all bad. I am still enjoying the books. The DC relaunch has been great in my opinion, I even think constantine is good #ismyjohn. Secret Wars has been fun, but I’m more waiting for after at this point.

  5. One of the valid criticisms of the DC 52 version of Superman was that he was lacking a personality or any kind of substance. The current arc of Action and Superman is doing just that. i’ve been a Superman reader and fan just before the Byrne relaunch so I am used to reading so many different incarnations of the character. I think Greg Pak, Aaron Kuder and Gene Luen Yang have done a good job of taking the character and not only doing the character building but also creating a supporting cast that is rich with possibilities for future stories. I feel the same way with Grayson by Tom King and Tim Seeley.

  6. I love the idea of standing on the platform waiting for my train and a stranger walks up and hands me a trade I’ve been meaning to read but never got around to. It could be an app like Tinder for busy comic nerds.

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