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Pick of the Week #497 – Airboy #3

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick is off in Deutschland leaving Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards to fend for themselves with this week’s comics. A startling streak for the meta drama of Airboy and the inevitable happens as Ron compares comics to baseball and then Josh compares them to The Daily Show.

Running Time: 01:01:05

Pick of the Week:
00:02:31 – Airboy #3

00:12:34 – The Wicked + The Divine #13
00:19:43 – Midnighter #3
00:23:50 – Darth Vader #8
00:27:27 – Deadly Class #15
00:30:54 – Ultimate End #4
00:36:46 – This Damned Band #1
00:38:22 – The Omega Men #3
00:40:28 – We Stand on Guard #2
00:41:26 – Creepy #21
00:42:45 – Savage Dragon #205

Audience Questions:
00:43:50 – Clint from Las Vegas has got a question about when explicit comics go too far?

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  1. Airboy 1-2-3
    Welcome to the Airboy podcast.

    • Are you reading this book? The picks are justified.

    • I’m not saying it isn’t.
      But I will say that maybe a simple – please refer to the last two reviews would have sufficed.
      ‘Robinson is being so honest’ “Commentary on his work as the golden age guy’ ‘Huge penis’
      ‘Really, really honest and personal’

      I would be all for the series making the sweep even, just next time a quick ‘Ditto’ will do and we can squeeze in another new book.


    • That’s just the nature of a review show of ongoing stories by the same guys. You’re going to get some repetition and it wouldn’t be a very entertaining podcast if it was a series of “dittos” and referrals to old episodes.

    • 3 consecutive picks of the same book on release is a bit unusual.
      I also understand the POW is whatever moves them the most that week but…
      I’m not advocating an actual ditto, however the guys themselves acknowledge “what can we say that we haven’t said already”
      And yes, every podcast could be someone’s first podcast but let’s face it if you’re listening here chances are you’ve been listening or you’ll check out a few recent episodes at least.
      I’m making a legitimate point, but thanks for explaining how review shows work.

    • Airboy has just done nothing for me, and there is no way I’m shelling out for another issue of it. Thanks but not my cuppa.

    • Part of listening to any podcast involves indulging its hosts every now and then for doing or speaking about something which bugs you. It’s the price you pay (the only price you pay, let me remind you) for getting so many hours of wonderful entertainment via podcast hosts whom you otherwise very much love and admire. For instance, I am a huge fan of rebar – and it infuriates me every seven months or so when Conor, Josh, or Ron Paul denigrates it. For Christ’s sake, those innocent metal bars hold the very fabric of our cities together – but still – every seven months or so, like fucking clockwork – iFanboy throws my appreciation for rebar right back in my face. When it happens? I just take deep breaths, and I count to 10, and I remind myself how much I enjoy it when Josh does his impression of Mark Wahlberg.

    • Bionic Dave – BRAVO.

  2. So what’s going on with the colourists on Remender’s Image books? Black Science #16, then Low #7 and now Deadly Class #15? I haven’t read Deadly Class yet but I’m hoping the change isn’t as distracting as it was in the first two titles.

    • Think Low was just colored by the artist originally and they brought in a colorist to lessen his workload. Personally I thought the colors were fine. This Deadly Class issue felt fine as well. I do fully agree that losing Dean White on Black Science was a fairly large step back in the colors department.

      Not sure why Lee and Dean left the books though, marvel and dc may just pay better and those are both pretty in demand guys atm.

  3. I love Preacher and have dabbled in Ennis’ Hellblazer and PunisherMAX. I had the same exact experience as Clint with Crossed and it’s what initially turned me off of Preacher. Sometimes Preacher is almost too much for me. I’m honestly surprised how revered it is considering the content but i guess the fine line is what makes it such a satisfying read. Crossed however was way too graphic for me. Perhaps I’m just not mature enough for the content at 26.

    I had a similar experience recently with The Walking Dead. Issue 100 was pretty gross and I was just done after I read it. I haven’t had a desire to read it since. This is coming from a guy who owns almost the complete works of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Read The Invisibles. Twice! So it takes a lot to offend me.

  4. I was just listening to sole old podcasts I found online. Ron did do a 2 man show before. It was with Conor and Josh phoned in from a vacation in the desert to talk about a book (don’t remember which one right now)

    • I seem to recall 2-3 years back, a Thanksgiving(?) show where Josh & Ron did an episode together. I remember because they were joking they were doing the show surreptitiously without Conor knowing about it. My memory is pretty poor these days–so I could be wrong.

  5. Worriers this week? Did you ever listen to The Measure (SA)?
    Spraynard last week? So happy that Jade Tree is reactivated.

    Whoever is picking these tunes (and I think its probably Ron) has a lot in common with me musically.

  6. Ron, I love the old video pods and I love you for manually uploading them to YouTube now that Revision 3 is shutting down. Big props to you!

  7. I am catching up on ifanboy for the summer after finishing several audio books. (I only am able to listen on my commute.) i just binged about seven podcasts straight. I was excited to hear about the return of Ron. I am one of those listeners who just discovered the podcast in the last two years so I only know of Ron from mentions and old videos…

    The chemistry, comradie, and (basically) joy between the three of you is clear. It really is spectacular to hear. I have enjoyed the podcast greatly since I discovered it but this really makes it something more.

    (By the way, i feel compelled to say I enjoyed Paul on the show and listen to his Oh Comics podcast as well.)
    (And you still should be reading ODY-C.)

  8. I picked up the first couple of issues of Crossed out of pure morbid curiosity (morbid being the operative word). Suffice to say, not my thing and I didn’t continue. I don’t want to sound like a prude, but I didn’t get the point of a narrative driven by ‘zombie like characters’ that murder, rape, torture, engage in cannibalism, “all in the most cruel and inventive kind imaginable” according to wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossed_%28comics%29). To me, Crossed was trying to be provocative just to garner attention, not trying to drive any kind of meaningful narrative. There was a point in the story where the crossed are described in engaging in a ‘circle jerk’… which led me to conclude the basis of the series is just to shock readers (which as you guys pointed out is seen in other types of media as well).

    Again, not my thing and nothing against those who like it… but wow – I wasn’t expecting Crossed was able to be sustained as an on-going series (even Ennis said he wasn’t going to write anything beyond the initial 10 issue first volume). But then again, look how many sequels were spawned to SAW, Hostel and other “torture porn” series.

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