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Pick of the Week #492 – Airboy #2

Show Notes

Despite our best efforts Ron Richards is still here and let’s just all start coming to terms with that. So with Conor Kilpatrick dialing in from a secret location full of birds and Josh Flanagan slipping in one more question for Ron about working at Image Comics, it’s time for three jamokes to talk about some comic books. (Warning: there are a few instances of audio interference.)

Running Time: 01:01:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:35 – Airboy #2

00:13:38 – We Stand on Guard #1
00:18:49 – Satellite Sam #15
00:22:13 – Darth Vader #7
00:26:13 – Action Comics #42
00:31:53 – Secret Wars #4
00:33:30 – X-Tinction Agenda #2
00:34:51 – Days of Future Past #2
00:37:00 – Ultimate End #3
00:39:22 – Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions #3
00:40:46 – War Stories #10

Audience Questions:
00:42:21 – Corinne J. from Jacksonville, FL bought original art and then the artist’s personal life got in the way.
00:47:57 – Greg M. from Medford, NJ wants to deep dive into Brian K. Vaughan(‘s work).
00:51:23 – Devyn R. has an old iFanboy memory and needs some help with the details.

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  1. This new 3 jamoke format for the show is a real crowd pleaser.

  2. The episode about goofy judgment until director of shield Steve Rogers is episode 252 from 919 2010. The unwritten #17 was the pick of the week

  3. I’m not through the episode yes, but I punched the air when Josh said he hates the new Comixology app. It really is trying too hard.

  4. The last minute of this week’s podcast reminded me of another classic iFanboy fixture, the BBQ email videos, specifically Episode 219. About six and a half minutes in, during a discussion about sidekicks, Conor noted that as a kid, he would always buy comics with Robin on the cover, to which Ron replied, “Yeah, you’re a big Dick guy.”.

  5. The Arsenal/cat/drugs/rough sex comic was written by JT Krul and not James Robinson. It holds up – still really, really bad.

  6. How is it the guy who left the comic industry is the LEAST cynical of the group?

    Also that Heroic Age :Superheros bit is pure gold. Glad someone dug up the episode, gonna have to re-listen. I remember buying it the following week just to better enjoy the podcast jokes.

  7. Right Arsenal wasn’t Robinson’s fault. No his sin is – CRY FOR JUSTICE!
    Cry for it- out loud- frequently and with a shrill.
    Man that series was poop.

  8. Good stuff as always. Thanks!

  9. Isn’t the title that Devyn is talking about the one that had the word “man” in it like seven times. “X-Men: Men of X: Man or X-Man?”

    • X-Men: The End – Book 3: Men & X-Men #1?

      That seems unlikely–it was like our 10th episode and we didn’t really go off on crazy long tangents or rants at that point.

  10. I was actually going to start this post off by asking Josh what he doesn’t like about the comixology app…

    But I guess first I have to ask Ron, is your perfect size 5 OR 5.5″…? I literally had to rewind this part of the show a couple of times to verify I heard it right…LOL

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