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Pick of the Week #489 – Starve #1

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick have gone full idiot, and they intend to prove it. Josh can’t get through the lineup of a superhero team without convulsing with laughter, and Conor won’t face facts about what a last issue is, and can’t say Starfire. Also: #notmyjohn begins now!

Running Time: 00:57:39

Pick of the Week:
00:01:25 – Starve #1

00:07:54 – All-Star Section 8 #1
00:15:22 – Batman #41
00:20:31 – Constantine: The Hellblazer
00:26:24 – Starfire #1
00:32:02 – Chrononauts #4
00:34:30 – Silver Surfer #12
00:37:13 – Ultimate End #2
00:39:19 – Injection #2
00:40:38 – Saga #29

Audience Questions:
00:43:58 – Sam from London wants to know what stuff that’s okay for Thor is not okay for Han Solo? You’ll see.
00:48:59 – Paul (not Pal) from England wants to know what’s up the Eisner and continuing series and new series.

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  1. I liked the issue of Constantine especially for the art the jacket according to the creators was an attempt to modernize the character as he is supposed to be a cool con man and not have a uniform and he shouldn’t need to be attached to the no longer in style trench coat, he also wasn’t bi in the tv series not even implied, the tv series one comes off as being a better person that this version but so far I only have 1 issue and an 8 page preview to go off.

    I also have not read the old book as I started reading around 4 years ago and it hasn’t been something that I have tried to dive into yet, not really sure if it is worth starting at the beginning or what.

    You guys should have read Weird World, Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo Conan/Prophet basically and man is it fun to look at.

  2. So Secret War, how can can Battleworld/616 characters be confronted with alternate(ultimate) versions of themselves if this is now the Only universe.
    They talk about how there is a rift to another universe and that the ultimate tony is responsible for this.
    I know that Bendis doesn’t always have the strongest grasp of marvel time travel/ other universe rules but I mean
    this seems like a pretty big break with the rules here.
    There have to be some rules to this don’t there? Or is just “oh.. comics”

    • The rift to the “other universe” may simply have been to another Battleworld realm (remember, many people don’t know what’s going on outside their realm because inter-realm travel is restricted). Also, this is based on what they all remember, which makes Cap’s comment to Fury in issue 1 (“Is this what you’re telling us or what Doom wants you to tell us”) even more important. So, as far as they all know, the 616 and the Ultimate Manhattan were separate places, with both recognizing Doom’s godhood, but then they somehow got merged and Fury is seemingly the baron of this combined realm.

    • Yes some characters here have suspicions that things may not be what they seem- even question Doom to an extent.
      But if we believe in what HIckman setup- There just isn’t another universe period. Nothing to open a portal to and they specifically refer to it as that not as inter-realm.
      And Bendis clearly states this portal was opened here on battleworld after all other universes disappeared during the incursions.
      So then Doom created this- bc he created everything in existence. But he’s displeased with this happening and sends the Thors to correct this.
      These characters shouldn’t be discovering another universe there just isn’t one they are all gone – this is it. Seems like an editorial issue or again- they just don’t care.
      Messy in the least.

  3. Starve was a challenging and innovative book, I was cool you picked it as it was one of those books you wanted to hear what other people thought.

    That artist Z was pretty damn amazing. The contrast between his gritty, rasputin-like protagonist and the gorgeous daughter was incredible. His story really flowed and I always knew who everyone was and what was going on.

    But at the end, I was kind of like, omg, am I going to really become invested in a apocalyptic cooking celebrity story?!? I`m definitely going to read issue 2, but likely will switch to trade if I still like things as I think this book eventually look best on my shelf that way.

    But again, an apocalyptic cooking celebrity story? Maybe he meets the Prince of Tennis…

  4. So does #notmyjohn only apply to John Constantine, or can it apply to any John? For example:

    -Plastic Ono Band John Lennon – #notmyjohn

    -John Travolta between “Saturday Night Fever” and “Pulp Fiction” – #notmyjohn

    -1980’s Elton John before “I’m Still Standing” – #notmy(Elton)john

    This could go on forever…

  5. Re: Han Solo.
    I’m not following why this is such an issue for anyone. It is a fairly common, *light hearted* trope that quickly resolves:


    Short story arc/caper with a happy ending, the forgotten or accidental marriage finally officially annulled, the spouse goes on his/her way, etc. I feel like I probably saw this on like every 80’s tv show: Magnum PI, Miami Vice, A-Team, maybe even a Star Trek here or there? It is nothing new or drastic.

    I don’t understand why it must somehow fundamentally change the movie’s Han Solo characterization.

    Is everyone assuming that Aaron is turning “lovable rogue”-Han into “player-wife-abandoner”-Han? Why? Maybe he won her in a poker game or something, etc……

    Seems like everyone should just calm down and give Jason Aaron a little longer leash!

    • Well I agree that Aaron could very well have something more interesting in store for us with this device than face value.
      Lets hope so- let’s hope it’s more than the “fairly common trope” examples you cited.
      Bc- that would suck coming from a writer of his caliber in a time that isn’t 1980’s tv.

    • I don’t think people are complaining about the (possible) use of a familiar trope. I think they are complaining that they don’t see/want Han as a guy who cheats on his wife. In other words they would prefer the trope.

      Or maybe I don’t understand what the furor is about.

  6. I want to see Ant Man……………………

  7. Did you guys see Jurassic World? Any chance of you guys doing a podcast? I just saw it and loved it. Not really a comic book i guess, but would be cool to hear your thoughts. Love the podcasts. Thanks.

    • Jurassic World is about respect for women. It’s not what it does but it is what it’s about.

    • We haven’t seen it. Based on the mixed reaction, seems unlikely that we will any time soon.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t rush out. I think I set my expectations appropriately but still wished I had waited for a rental or even better-netflix. I think a lot of the social criticism is slightly unfair it just wasn’t built to be the movie people are taking it to task for.
      No spoilers- I was dissapointed in the female lead for a few reasons too but, I’m not sure what people thought they would get with this film. However with the box office it’s doing everyone who bought a ticket just ensured they will get another one just like it.

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