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Pick of the Week #477 – Invisible Republic #1

Show Notes

Wonder Con plans, Josh Flanagan’s Netflix habits, and Conor Kilpatrick’s fear of robots are all revealed this week!

Running Time: 00:59:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:28 – Invisible Republic #1

Comics:Invisible Republic #1
00:10:04 – The Private Eve #10
00:13:56 – Chrononauts #1
00:19:33 – Batman / Superman #20
00:22:39 – Superman #39
00:24:35 – Outcast #7
00:30:17 – Cyclops #11
00:31:49 – Batgirl: Endgame #1
00:33:31 – Alex & Ada #13
00:35:29 – Red One #1
00:39:00 – Zero #15

Audience Questions:
00:42:55 – Andrew would like to see Robert Kirkman on a Marvel or DC book. But which?
00:46:41 – Troy and Justin have VERY different views on Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event!

00:53:16 – iFanboy Reunion at Wonder Con 2015!

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  1. “What if it’s a Tiger?”

    lots of conceptual talk.
    -Great episode.

  2. If you want to see where the Batman/Superman villain is from, Grant Morrison’s Action Comics #13 is a fantastic stand-alone Halloween story with the guy, fantastic Travel Foreman (Animal Man) art and a beautiful Krypto backup.
    I recommend the hell out of that issue.

  3. Super glad josh started the Americans! Best show on TV! Oh man he’s gonna love it!

  4. Re: Private Eye. So just to clarify, there will be no printed version of the material. Is that correct?

  5. Is anybody reading They’re Not Like Us? I admit the first issue was hard to get into, but the second one sucked me in and the third was great as well. It kind of reminds me of No Heroes mixed with The Boys.

  6. I’m still reading Alex and Ada Josh, good for what it is, ends in june along with zero.

    This was the worst zero issue, I liked the art but sometimes Kot falls off the philosophy deep end while writing a comic.

    I’m reading Not Like US and digging it but I still miss Nowhere Men. 🙁

    Is anyone else reading Silk I think it was one of Marvel’s better new books, solid fun story telling and very expressive art.

    Jim Zub’s Wayward has also been very good and 10 dollar trade is out this week!

  7. bzzztt **glitch

  8. I have to do a you guys are great/that said/keep up the great work triple play, so get ready:

    You guys are great. Even when I disagree I can see where you’re coming from.

    That said…

    WHY would you pick Invisible Republic!?!? It’s only egging on Image’s irritating trend of boring, overly serious story + preachy backmatter. Everyone loves the backwater on Lazarus, me included. But those guys earned it, you know? The creators of IR may have a little cred at this point, but come on! And Lazarus doesn’t do “here’s how comics work, cause obviously we’ve mastered it…” Come on now.

    But seriously guys, keep up the great work…and put an end to self-congratulatory back matter starting at issue one. Only Josh and Conor have the power.

    • “WHY would you pick Invisible Republic!?!?”

      I’m fairly certain Josh spent about 10 minutes explaining why.

      “Everyone loves the backwater on Lazarus, me included. But those guys earned it, you know? The creators of IR may have a little cred at this point, but come on! ”

      That is patently absurd and, quite frankly, laughable.

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