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Pick of the Week #468 – Star Wars #1

Show Notes

The gang is back together… just in time to split up! With the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast set to lose another one if its co-hosts in a few weeks, there is still time for Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Paul Montgomery to talk about comic books together. And talk about Star Wars. Talk so much about Star Wars.

Running Time: 01:00:34

Pick of the Week:
00:02:51 – Star Wars #1

Comics:Star Wars_1
00:18:08 – Batgirl #38
00:22:15 – S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
00:25:54 – Stumptown #5
00:29:07 – Jupiter’s Legacy #5
00:34:46 – Grayson #6
00:37:47 – Batman: Eternal #41
00:39:51 – Lazarus #14
00:41:22 – Deadpool #40
00:43:41 – Daredevil #12

Audience Questions:
00:47:46 – Dave from Washington, DC is confused by the day and night shift in Gotham Central.

00:51:07 – Important iFanboy updates.

“Shut Up and Dance”
Walk the Moon


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  1. I can see why this was well liked but not my thing. I think some work is almost universally liked and respected: Barks, Eisner, Watchmen. But there are other things where the point where you first jump on has a lasting effect. For me Star Trek is more interesting than Star Wars, Fantastic Four than X-Men, etc. But I understand why others would feel the opposite. One interesting example is Kirby’s DC work. If you were around when it first came out and were trying to get folks to take comics seriously as a form, it really didn’t help. Neither did the campy Batman. But now that lots of folks accept the comic form, one can enjoy them for what they are.

  2. The End of The Montgomery Era


    We had a bad file up there for a bit. If you’re one of the 700-odd people who got a show that lasts only 3 and a half minutes, delete it and re-download.

  4. So Tom vs the JLA resurfaces, and now there’s an open spot on the POTW podcast… coincidence?

    But seriously, sad to see you go Paul and good luck with your new ventures.

  5. When the hell is Hawkeye wrapping up?

    Also, I’ve sold all my 320 trade paperbacks back to my comic book store. I have 1TB of digital comics and my girlfriend was bugging me to free up apartment space. Does anyone have any tips on getting rid of my remaining hardcovers/omnibus/hardcovers and Absolute editions as my comic book shop won’t buy any more from me. Ebay seems tricky, as there are so much competition.

    Also, what Plastic Man and Atom stories should be read?

    • I’m always in the market for hardcovers. Honestly not sure how to go about this though. I could email you?

    • @Lovedrop – there are facebook groups just for selling comics. You can post in there. You can also try my comicshop.com
      I can’t sell my stuff to save my life through. Its a lot of work for me shipping. I just donate the ones I don’t value as much.

  6. Also, if you need my to take Paul’s place, I would be honoured. Get a nice Camden, London accent in there!!

  7. I thought this issue of Grayson was it’s least interesting. Check out the Annual from last month. That was superb.

  8. I liked the Star Wars story, but didn’t enjoy the story. I’m really looking forward to Leia by Waid and Darth Vader.

  9. DON’T GO, PAUL!!!
    You are the only thing keeping this podcast from turning into “Weekly War Corner!”
    I promise you an ice cream cake shaped like Hayao Miyazaki, and/or any role in the upcoming “The Fifth Beatle” film (expect for George) if you stay!

  10. Look at that- banner ads come to iFanboy.

  11. Re: Paul

    Paul brought a high level of articulate, mature and succinct literary criticism (with apparent humility) that is going to be missed. (Whatever happened to Fuzzy Typewriter podcast, it was great?!)

    I am fine with a Connor & Josh show, but suspect you will ultimately need a 3rd to restore balance to the Force. A writing or literature teacher would be the kind of person that could fill Paul’s gap. Please be discriminating. Love or knowledge of comics rarely imbues articulate insight (hint: thumbs down on some of last year’s fill-ins).

  12. Who will talk about Stray Bullets now?!

  13. Sad to see you go, Paul. You were a great addition to the show. Good luck with all of your future endeavours!

  14. If another third voice is added- I believe it should be from someone completely outside of the industry.
    I say that meaning- not someone who is friends or friendly with many of the creators of whom said work is discussed.
    A commenter whose exposure to the material is largely solely or completely just from reading it.
    Not that everyone here doesn’t do a great job but it has seemed at times that these kinds of relationships that have built up over the years can color a bit the perception of some of the work for all the iFanboys.
    I think it would spark some debate.
    Over the years Josh and Conor have developed individual tastes sure- but they generally analyze the books from the same craft centric approach.
    Might be nice to have that and some of the raw ‘feels’ that Ron provided.

    *Not that Ron didn’t provide succinct analysis but you keep what I am driving at.

    • I disagree. There are dozens of comics podcasts comprised of “outsiders.” They mostly suck. If you don’t have a comics shop nearby, perhaps those podcasts fill a niche to give the experience of conversations that might take place in one. Point in fact they have had a few outsider-ish guests, and in my opinion….meh.

      Among the reason I like ifanboy is the fact that the analysis is flavored with some personal knowledge of the creators. Another great podcast is Viscardi’s, clearly an insider. Another, Nerdist Writers Comics Panel is o.k. too.

      If you’re suggesting that the friendships with creators lead to bias…I think this episode was a good example that the guys, especially Connor, don’t pull punches. They certainly aren’t brown-nosers like a certain comics “insider” podcast I won’t name…

    • I think you are misunderstanding me.
      I’m not suggesting that the podcast devolve, I am saying that if they chose to have another host they might choose someone a little different than themselves.
      And I not suggesting a completely uninformed voice- but maybe a pure degree of objectivity to add to the discussion.
      And of course someone with interesting intelligent thoughts to add to the show.

    • Paul was/is an outsider compared to Josh, Connor and Ron. They had been in the comics game for decades, Paul was a relative newcomer.

  15. Paul, it’s really sad to see youleave. Always liked to listen to your well-founded analyses. And I enjoyed the show with you exactly the same as I did with Ron.

    Hopefully the podcast is still having a future with only two of the musketeers remaining. We’ll see.

    And Lazarus or Jupiter’s Legacy should have been PotW IMO.

  17. I shall miss Paul like mad, so I shall keep listening to him on Oh, Comics, while continuing to enjoy Conor and Josh here.

    To my mind, it’s a shame you won’t be having a third person, I like the axis of three – plus, it allows more scope for illness and holidays. I’d have voted for guest hosts such as Ali and Jim and the usual gang of, er, geniuses, they always do a good job.

    Still, it’s your show! And I thank you for keeping the sharp entertainment coming.

  18. I went to my local shop to pick up Star Wars #1 to read before this episode. They said it sold out super fast. I have not mad the move to digital so I am going to wait for the trade.

    PAUL! Unfortunate. but understandable.

  19. Paul, thanks for the memories these last couple of years. And all the work you put in on the podcast.

    I have visited Panels.net and the articles there are interesting and I will keep coming back. However, the Oh Comics podcast is not at the same level of POTW IMO. But keep it up and keep delivering good content over there.

    Josh and Connor, I look forward to the future, dont go anywhere!!!!!!!!

  20. Thanks for everything, Paul. Are you guys planning anything for Agent Carter before you depart? Maybe just a few minutes at the end of the POTW? I think it’s probably the best comic book property on TV! Tell me how I’m wrong!

    Re Star Wars art: In almost every panel people are speaking with mouths closed. Really noticeable and weird after a few pages.

  21. I wanted to write something funny about how I wouldn’t miss Paul but… I can’t. I miss him already. He’s the living dead right now. So sad.

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