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Pick of the Week #453 – Wild’s End #1

Show Notes

Oh, it’s one of those episodes.

Running Time: 01:00:48

Pick of the Week:
00:02:34 – Wild’s End #1

00:13:43 – Ms. Marvel #8
00:18:27 – Stumptown #1
00:22:09 – Velvet #7
00:28:27 – Death of Wolverine #2
00:31:29 – MPH #3
00:32:55 – Deadpool #34
00:34:22 – Lazarus #11
00:36:07 – Avengers Undercover #10

00:38:22 – Handsome older man about town, Robert Redford

Audience Questions:
00:39:44 – Blake wants to learn to better appreciate the individual contributions of pencillers, inkers, and colorists.
00:49:04 – Geoff asks about under-appreciated books, past and present.

Comics (Again):
00:51:28 – Astro City #15

“Happy Idiot”
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  1. Are you guys making a point in skipping the Futures End stuff? There are some things worth checking out. Last week had Justice League United from Jeff Lemire which was really fun and continues in Justice League this week, also by him. Grayson was interesting and this week has several Greg Pak and Charles Soule ones coming. Following the main series isn’t necessary from what I’ve read.

  2. I went with copperhead #1 great coloring and character work.

    I’m finding the Futures End books that I have read are good, but don’t blame them for skipping them since the last 2 gimmick months have mostly been not all that great. The Swamp thing, GA and Batgirl books were all fairly good.

  3. I’m with Paul on the matter of Astro City. I really liked the earlier arcs in the previous volumes but I’m pretty bored by the book now. There’s nothing really bad about it and I feel I should be liking it but it’s just been leaving me cold. Funnily enough, the art actually captures this perfectly. I should really love Anderson’s detailed, Neal-Adams-inspired art but it just doesn’t quite work for me. Pity because I really do want to enjoy this.

  4. I feel for you guys when it comes time to pick a top 5 this year. So many great books right now. I’d struggle picking a top 5 of just Image books. Having said that, Lazarus and Velvet are both exceptional and would be on my list.

    Some obligatory ’80s movie recommendations:
    History of the World – Mel Brooks at his finest
    Hollywood Knights – cross between American Graffiti and Porky’s
    Bachelor Party – Tom Hanks before he got all serious and shit
    Night Shift – Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton become pimps working out of a morgue
    Gung Ho – Michael Keaton tries to save an unemployed town by bringing a Japanese Auto Plant in, great piece on cultural differences at the time
    Harlem Nights – just an awesome collection of comedic talent
    Stir Crazy – Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, surely you’ve seen this
    Airport – I am serious, and stop calling me surely
    The Naked Gun franchise – can’t get enough Leslie Nielson slapstick
    Any and all Monty Python films
    That’s all for now or I won’t stop

  5. Lots of good humor this episode, beginning with Conor’s “slightly longer ‘and’ signifying disappointment.” And Paul’s “Not enough tigers eating cheeseburgers?” But the best line was “When it was Tom Katers it was funny, now it’s just threatening.” I think Jeff said that one.

    Nice MATES nod. I was surprised that they finally dropped a new episode a week or so ago. You guys catch that one?

    Glad I pre-ordered Wild’s End, sounds great. Look forward to reading it whenever my month’s stack arrives.

  6. Josh’s Matthew McConaughey sounds an awful lot like Bill Clinton.

  7. Wilds End is a great book. Def see the Samnee there and that aint a bad thing at all.

    Futures end stuff… personally I only buy like two DC books so these September events have been chances to not buy any at all.

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