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Pick of the Week #445 – Life with Archie #36

Show Notes

One week before San Diego Comic-Con and things get spicy on the show! Paul Montgomery might be on drugs, Conor Kilpatrick’s feeling feisty, and Josh Flanagan hates everything this week except for 1980s pony tails.

Running Time: 01:10:58

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – Life with Archie #36

Comics:Life With Archie_36
00:14:33 – Ms. Marvel #6
00:19:45 – Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego #1
00:26:02 – The Wicked + The Divine #2
00:32:49 – Teen Titans #1
00:40:31 – Thunderbolts #28
00:43:07 – Stray Bullets: Killers #5
00:46:13 – Silver Surfer #4
00:47:21 – The Shadow Hero #6

Marvel Comics News:
00:48:41 – Big changes are coming for Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man!

“Stay With Me”
Sam Smith


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  1. Someone is a fan of Dan Carlin.

  2. The new Thor’s name is Beta Bay Jill.

  3. Ms. Marvel was the Pick for me. NO OTHER comic even came close. Easy pick.

    • I read Ms. Marvel based on based on your enthusiasm and hearing it was a good comic. It was fine. It read like an old school comic with the ridiculous Wolverine appearance. I wouldn’t say it was great. I’m not sure who the character appeals to. I would say if the underlying tone was the rule and not the exception the world would be a better place.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      It was my Pick as well. Consistently great.

    • It appeals to me actually. I used to come from the same culture as Kamala and i was surprised how much similar my life used to be with hers. I can relate to the series and it’s constantly written very well.

  4. Ms. Marvel was definitely my pick as well. The series has been absolutely wonderful, and its filled the hole that the loss of earth-bound Capt. Marvel has left. I still am enjoying Capt. Marvel, but I feel like it’s lost some of the magic that it had earlier – particularly in regards to the characters (Capt. Marvel had a great supporting cast on Earth) and the art (wonderfully unexpected art for a big two book). Hopefully it’ll pick some of that charm and heart back up again. But, then again, her popularity may be her undoing. More popular = more mainstreamed.

  5. I’m MOST excited for Thor and maybe Iron man. I think Marvel really missed their shot to have Sam Wilson as Cap when Cap was dead after Civil War. Now? Its lost alot of steam and interest on my part.
    BTW that whole Sam Smith album is great.Some sweet vocals and nice blue-eyed soul tracks!

  6. I really liked Ms. Marvel but I had to drop it. I plan on catching up on the Marvel App. I am glad you guys talked about the changes at Marvel. My opinion is very similar to Connor’s I will still read Cap but it is way too soon to replace him. I wouldn’t have had a pick this week there was nothing that captured my imagination.

  7. And here I thought I was the only one who remembered Sigurd Jarlson! That said, I *think* that was just a name Thor adopted when he gave up the Don Blake identity.

  8. Great discussion this week!

    I very much appreciated Paul’s attempts to reasonably parse the apparently new fine print on Mjolnir (“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he [or she] be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor … Results may vary. Void where prohibited.”); articulate (via the Chex cereal metaphor) that, while some of us can pick-and-choose our realities of corporately owned characters in sequential story-telling, we can still be frustrated by them; and unequivocally state (in T-shirt-friendly fashion) that “‘Mecha’ is not a four-letter word.”

    I also laughed every time someone evoked Tony Danza while mentioning Angela. I’m just hoping that all this Sturm und Drang doesn’t turn into an episode of “Who’s the Thor?”

  9. Paul, the Star Labs folk in Teen Titans were New 52 debutants so far as I can tell, but if you take another look you’ll spot now versions of Manchester Black and Josiah Power of the Power Company.

  10. The Amy Racecar issues are supposed to be stories written by the Virginia Applejack character.

  11. Beep.

  12. Happy Batman Day, and thanks for the heads up about the Blu-ray preorder. I’ve had a standing request with Amazon to be notified “when this item becomes available” but apparently that request I made seven years ago didn’t hold out.

    Josh, I also wore Gotcha! and Catchit! shirts back in the day. I was into surf brands with exclamation points apparently. Plus they looked good with your Jams. I have never surfed.

  13. Paul, every week you mention Stray Bullets I get really happy. All of my friends are not into it in the slightest and if you drop it some day I’m going to feel so alone. Every time I read an issue and horrible things are happening to people I feel a little better knowing that somewhere out there you’re reading the same thing.

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