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Pick of the Week #438 – Deadly Class #5

Show Notes

Comics! Drugs! Vegas! Josh Flanagan, Paul Montgomery, and Conor Kilpatrick are back once again to discuss the week that was in comics! Plus, a startling admission by Paul leads to one of the longer digressions in recent memory!

Running Time: 01:03:00

Deadly Class_5Comics:
00:02:46 – Deadly Class #5
00:12:07 – All-Star Western #31
00:15:41 – Trees #1
00:19:38 – Thunderbolts #26
00:22:17 – Southern Bastards #2
00:26:44 – C.O.W.L. #1
00:30:52 – Aquaman #31
00:32:33 – Superman #31
00:33:43 – Ms. Marvel #4
00:35:48 – Revival and Chew #1
00:37:48 – Inhuman #2

Audience Question:
00:38:54 – The X-Men: Days of Future Past Special Edition Podcast inspires Matt to wonder how iFanboy judges a film to be “good” or “bad.”

iFanboy at the Movies:
00:51:11 – Josh weighs in on X-Men: Days of Future Past!

“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”
The Black Crowes


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  1. An interesting series in part because it’s hard to tell how it will evolve. The humor, poignancy and violence mix reminds me of early Breaking Bad. But my POW would be Fantastic Four 5 where Robinson’s skills are finally showing in how he reviews the long history of the FF. If rumors are true it’s very sad that this seems to be the lead up to Marvel’s cancelling the book that created modern superheros and at 50 years the fourth or fifth longest running superhero book. I suspect I’ll lose interest in Marvel books when that happens.

    • Sadly the Fantastic Four just is not selling in the current market. It probably needs to be set aside for a while. I think putting the F4 characters into other teams will only make the character stronger when they eventually come back together.

  2. I can’t wait for the next issue of Southern Bastards where Earl names his new bat “Wonderboy” and starts playing baseball.

  3. Deadly Class is such a phenomenal series. Every issue so far has been fantastic. My favorite comic this year so far. Deadly so far has been pick of the week 4 times for me and there are only 5 issues out!!! Unbelievable!

  4. Ok, I just need to ask. Conor, what was the casino story? You got kicked out?

  5. ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

    Doesn’t it go without saying that everyone bring stuff from outside into movie going experiences? Of course it matters if you know about characters from other places, you have a feel of a character’s motivations because you know the character inside and out.
    I seem to recall Paul saying about MoS that he was heartbroken about it, surely that wasn’t only based on the fact that he thought the movie was bad but also that he had preconceived notion of how the character of Superman should be.

    Maybe I misunderstood you, but it sounded to me like you were saying that you could distance yourself completely from your earlier experiences and go into each movie with a clean slate. Of course there is different levels to everything and you only meant that you didn’t let it ruin your movie time (most of the time).

    • “Maybe I misunderstood you, but it sounded to me like you were saying that you could distance yourself completely from your earlier experiences and go into each movie with a clean slate.”

      That is what we were saying, most especially vis a vis the source material stories.

    • ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      Ah, I see, I can understand distancing yourself from source material stories, which I also (at least try to) do, but distancing yourself completely from the characters and your idea of how the character should behave I think is more difficult. Character motivation is more basic than story.
      Or do you think that you can leave that behind as well?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      My love of Superman goes with me everywhere, so my the heartbreak of an objectively miserable movie-going experience was compounded by my subjective opinions about that mythology. I wouldn’t consider it baggage though, because I’ve enjoyed interpretations of Superman that diverge from my own ideal. I just had higher emotional stakes in the success of that movie, but I would’ve been disappointed even if it were a character I didn’t care about as much. Like, say, Hal Jordan.

    • @ochsavidare: Well, like we said on this show, considering the basic essence of the character is different than worrying about how close the story is to the source material.

    • ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      Then I think we agree, more or less, I was doing other stuff while listening to the podcast so I was only half listening 🙂

  6. I’ve always considered Broken Arrow to be the unofficial sequel to Pump Up the Volume.

  7. Please please please close out every podcast talking about 80’s movies from now on. Please.

    Still to discuss (and encourage Paul to catch up on) – Midnight Run; A Fish Called Wanda; Top Secret!

    Then you can move on to “ignored or forgotten” dramas that are actually still really really good – Moonstruck; Broadcast News; Out of Africa.

    I’m not kidding.

  8. I am a cg artist / professor at a media college, and I think my deciding factor on movie quality is if nothing pulls me out of the movie. Things like characters acting out of character to push the plot along, bad CG, huge plot points being based on coincidence, too many dream sequences, or boring sections that don’t keep my attention add up to lessen my enjoyment of a movie.

    As for closely following source material, I love changes but also like Easter eggs for fans of the source material. I always think back to many years ago when I used to read TMNT comics (the kid versions) and I could sit in front of the cartoon and see exactly the same story word for word on the screen. It was like having subtitles appearing well before the characters say the things on screen and it ruining the flow of the film. Even at 11 years old, I was like why do I need to spend money on the same thing twice.

  9. Hey Paul, some of us work on those “scary quadrupeds”. Rest easy, we do not use any rebar when building the robot.

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