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Pick of the Week #435 – The Wake #8

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Josh Flanagan are dancing monkeys for you amusement. But can a monkey read comics and then tell you the best one? Well?? Can they???

Running Time: 01:01:24

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – The Wake #8

The Wake_8Comics:
00:10:45 – Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1
00:16:22 – The New 52: Future’s End #1
00:20:33 – Original Sin #1
00:23:52 – Swamp Thing #31
00:31:11 – Moon Knight #3
00:34:25 – Batman: Eternal #5
00:36:18 – Batman / Superman #10
00:38:20 – Alex & Ada #6
00:40:13 – Cyclops #1

Book of the Month:
00:43:33 – Maximum Minimum Wage by Bob Fingerman

Audience Question:
00:51:49 – Wes has a game for iFanboy to play!

“Wake Up”
Arcade Fire


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  1. Really glad you guys touched on, and really enjoyed, Miles Morales and Cyclops. Both of those books were great and it’s really nice to see these books focusing on teen characters.

    As for the game –
    Daredevil, Saga, Batman, Mind MGMT, The Bunker and an easy pass to everything else (though I’m sure Little Nemo will be added once it comes out).

  2. I really loved the cyclops book. My book of the month would have been Andre the Giant Life and Legend by Box Brown. He did a real good job of depicting his life through the ups and downs of his career even his film career.

  3. I dropped off of The Wake. It really didn’t grab me to begin with. My pick of the Week was Green Arrow #31. Lemire has been been killing it since he took over. Can’t believe you guys didn’t mention it this week. ALso no talk about the awesome debut issue of Nailbiter? Sad.

    • I’ve loved Lemire’s GREEN ARROW… until this arc. It has me contemplating dropping the book.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Nailbiter didn’t really work for me, but I’ve also reached saturation point with serial killers of late. Not to say I can’t get invested in those stories, but it’s becoming more of an uphill battle.

    • I dropped Green Arrow. And horror ain’t my bag. Josh Williamson is good though, and if you like that, get it.

  4. Batman, All New Xmen, Chew, The Bunker, Mind Mgmt. Agree that both Image and Marvel are rough.

    Glad you guys talked about Swamp Thing, great book since Soule took over. I think it takes pick of the week for me, as I’m still trade waiting the wake.

  5. My game picks

    Marvel: Ms. Marvel
    DC: Batman
    Image: Rat Queens
    Dark Horse: Empowered
    IDW: Little Nemo
    Boom: Lumberjanes
    Valient: Quantum and Woody
    Dynamite: Red Sonja
    Oni Press: The Bunker
    Archie: Afterlife with Archie

  6. My Game picks:

    DC: Green Arrow
    MARVEL: Daredevil
    Image: Difficult one but I vote Deadly CLASS.
    Valiant: Quantum & Woody easily.
    ONI Press: Bunker
    Archie: After Life With Archie
    Dark Horse: X
    Monkey Brain: D4VE

  7. Does Maximum Minimum Wage also contain the 10 issues from volume 2? The Amazon description doesn’t mention it. It’s sort of ridiculous, but the fact that you said it has a bookmark ribbon makes me really want it.

    My answers are exactly the same as Conor’s, passes and all, except I’d go with Daredevil.

    • I’m not sure. I don’t have the book with me, but I think it’s the complete story, given where it leaves off, and the new issues begin.

  8. I love Minimum Wage. The Maximum collection has been sitting in my Amazon basket since I read the first issue of the new series.

    Marvel: Captain America
    DC: Superman Wonder Woman
    Image: Minimum Wage
    Dark Horse: Star Wars Legacy
    IDW: G.I. Joe (The regular one Van Lente was writing)
    Boom: NA
    Valiant: XO Manowar
    Dynamite: Red Team
    Oni Press: NA
    Archie: Afterlife

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