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Pick of the Week #434 – Southern Bastards #1

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Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Josh Flanagan buck format and decide to talk comics, though technically that’s what they do every week. It’s not all fun and games though. Just as Josh and Conor’s staged intervention over Paul’s pro wrestling fandom crumbles, Josh confronts a lifelong donut fixation.

Running Time: 01:03:42

Pick of the Week:
00:01:59 – Southern Bastards #1

00:12:20 – The Amazing Spider-Man #1
00:12:30 – Zubaz Pants Alert
00:12:37 – The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Again)
00:18:11 – Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK
00:25:00 – Black Science #6
00:29:42 – Deadly Class #4
00:32:20 – Batman: Eternal #4
00:35:21 – Chew #41
00:37:40 – All-New X-Men #26
00:40:35 – Avengers A.I. #12
00:42:18 – Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1

Audience Question:
00:45:30 – Matt from London is concerned that Image Comics might be competing against itself.

“Devil Town”
Tony Lucca


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  1. It’s funny that you mention issues of legitimacy and identity issues when talking about who is an authority to write about a place time in a culture in SOUTHERN BASTARDS, Josh. I’ve encountered criticism to sSCAPLED from Native American authors coming from that a similar context .context. It’s not that a skilled author can’t read a nuanced take on places locations cultures races genders orientations and whatever that are different from his or her or their own experience,, but there’s always a specter of appropriation, or integrity to be considered, I think

    • Gosh Thiat should read:. It’s not that a skilled author can’t *write* a nuanced take on places locations cultures races genders orientations and whatever that are different from his or her or their own experience,, but there’s always a specter of appropriation, or integrity to be considered, I think

      .Always proofread, kids

  2. When they played “Devil Tow”n during the parade after winning state was probably my favorite moment of Friday Night Lights, it really threw me for a loop.

    • When I’d heard the EOC crew talking to Jason Aaron about this book and some of its elements, it immediately got me thinking about Friday Night Lights. Glad to see you all making the same connection.

  3. *”Devil Town”

  4. After reading Southern Bastards I was almost positive it would be the pick. I’d have to go with it as well, although Deadly Class 4 was a close runner up for me. I’m loving that book for the reasons you guys pointed out. Loving Black Science as well but not quite as much.

    Spider-man 2099 is back in modern day, they brought him in for 3 issues around 19 and he got stuck there. He is getting his own book soon with Peter David writing.

    Great week for comics.

  5. Superior Spider-Man was great. Can’t believe none of you guys followed it.

  6. On Batman E #4. I loved the art of Dustin Nguyen in this, and was glad to see Falcone no longer wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt. But other then that this issue felt…I don’t know. I’m wanting to love this series, but I feel like we’re seeing the problem of doing a weekly series that constraints on one character instead of a bunch. Something like Fifty-Two was able to have issues that jump from Booster to Question, here or there, kind of like Game of Thrones, a bunch of characters to jump around to so it keeps momentum going. But with one character, it feels a little like going circles, like “Hey Batman, find any clues yet?” “Nope!” “Okay, well keep looking, see ya next week.” Also I get Barbra is POed. But her taking it out on Bruce, the world’s GREATEST DETECTIVE seems…a little out of character, like this is the point she’d reach after he’s failed a number of times, her breaking point, not right away… but I do hope we see Gordon have a “You’re locked in here with me!” moment…that’d be great.

    I’m going to keep reading, I trust these writers, and I don’t hate it, but it hasn’t quite gelled yet.

  7. Happy Star Wars Day everyone.

    I’m enjoying the weekly segment where you update us on your iTunes ratings status. But you should start it out with the MATES “ratings, Ratings, RATINGS!” soundbite.

    I appreciate that Josh exhibited an awareness about Southern stereotypes. I was born in NC and spent most of my life in the South, though I’m currently in IN. I do sometimes get irked at those stereotypes, like how anytime someone is affecting a dumb-guy voice it’s almost always with a southern “hick” accent. I remember Jennifer Cheng on her CBR review of Deadly Class #2 saying that Remender’s portrayal of the “clique” of southerners was offensively stereotypical. I didn’t read past the first issue, so maybe someone can “confirm or disconfirm” if that is still the case.

    So thanks Josh for being sensitive on that particular issue. But here I submit a clip from the old iFanboy video shows, where Josh clearly admits to once bullying a “fat” kid. Man, you guys sure look different after all these years. Exact same voices though.


  8. I grew up (and still live in) Georgia, and I’d say Southern Bastards is very much the South. The essays from Aaron and Letour perfectly encapsulate the way I feel about the South as well. It’s a love/hate relationship all the way. Southern Bastards was definitely my pick of the week as well. Amazing Spider-Man was my runner-up.

    Also, having FNL feels now. “…living in a Devil town”

  9. Southern Bastards was great but my potw was Deadly Class #4. Wow I’m loving every issue of this series! This comic has been my pick 3 times already and there is only 4 issues out.

  10. Southern Bastards was so good. The setting and the connection the creators have with it is so strong. The South is to this book what Canada is to Essex County and Jeff Lemire.

  11. I’m surprised no one has commented on this yet. Yes, Anna Maria Marconi is a dwarf. I love that little people are getting some representation in comics! Go diversity!

  12. Anna Maria Marconi was Doc Ock’s girlfriend during the Superior Spider-Man run. She is a brilliant scientist and someone Otto fell deeply in love with. She is a little person.

    Spider-Man 2099 came to the present day due to investigate time anomalies that were occurring in 2099 (i.e. the mess that Wolverine and Sue Storm caused with all their time jumping and paradox creating in Age of Ultron). Miguel is stranded in the present and now works for his grandfather – Tiberius Stone (i.e. the guy who merged his holdings with Liz Allan (mother of Norman Osborn’s son) to create Alchemax (i.e. the big bad mega corp from 2099)).

    Dan Slott tapered down his writing responsibilities for the new run of Amazing Spider-Man (i.e. going from 2 issues a month to 1), so Spider-Man 2099 will fill the void (written by Peter David).

  13. I love that “Racist in the Year 3000” continues to be a long running iFlanagan meme. I’ve been listening to a lot of back issues of the podcast lately and ‘the man whats made of gas’ comes up alot. For those who are confused, Glip-glop is one the good ones. Now how about some more space beers?


  14. Can too many good Image books cannibalize sales? Yes, but that’s only if you assume you’re selling to the same customer over and over and over. The question should be, “can so many good Image books expand the market?” And, the answer again is, “yes.” Let’s grow a bigger pie. Maybe Image continues to get less than 10% market share. That’s fine when the market itself expands. A rising tide raises all boats, and what not. Too often comic book fans and publishers see the community as one that is already established and closed. I’m happy to see publishers like Image attempt to expand the market by offering so many quality titles with various subject matters.

  15. Does anyone else feel a “Justified” vibe from Southern Bastards? Paul?

  16. On Southern Bastards-

    This is a pretty good piece on growing up Southern and the new South.


    Overall this is a great site that attempts to put the South’s best foot forward. It’s a hot, beautiful/ugly, complicated place down here.

  17. Josh, that would be One Crazy Summer! Highly underrated.

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