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Pick of the Week #431 – All-New X-Men #25

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Josh Flanagan is still back, just in time for a major schism! After nearly a year of congenial discussion, the iFanboys amiably disagree on a book they never thought would be a point of contention. There are also laughs in abundance, as Paul Montgomery and Conor Kilpatrick walk Josh through a vaguely cheery postpartum fugue state. Comics!

Running Time: 01:01:58

Pick of the Week:
00:01:40 – All-New X-Men #25

00:13:06 – Shutter #1
00:16:47 – Batman: Eternal #1
00:23:44 – Flash Gordon #1
00:27:57 – Daredevil #1.50
00:34:25 – All-New Ultimates #1
00:35:20 – Invincible #110
00:39:12 – Star Wars #16
00:42:04 – Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1
00:45:00 – Astro City #11

Audience Question:
00:48:30 – James from Delaware wants to know if Jack Kirby and a list of other comics icons would fare as well if they’d started in today’s industry.

“Trouble Man”
Marvin Gaye


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  1. All New X men 25 felt like a waste of an issue to me. Most of the jokes in the short story fell kind of flat. Shutter #1 was a great first issue it was an interesting introduction with a cliffhanger that has me onbooard for the next issue.

  2. I had a feeling this would be PotW when I saw the Wolverine and Cyclops piece and the Kitty/Colossus story. That the end featured the great reveal and it makes PERFECT sense considering the nature of the story just sealed the deal. Good choice.

  3. Pertaining to Flash Gordon, I guess no one read “Kings Watch” which had the back story and leads directly to Flash Gordon #1. Kings Watch was sort of a Defenders of the Earth reboot as it had the Phantom and Mandrake. It was a 5 issue series that finished this week as well. Great art. Usually I think of Dynamite books as licensed characters with ehhh to okay art but this was really good.

  4. How about Jack Kirby drawing Black Science? I’ve actually dropped the book because the story-telling side of the art hasn’t done it for me, but it’s not hard to imagine the King blowing this book out of the water.

    Here are two books I’m enjoying mentioned less often on the podcast: Manifest Destiny (really liked the wrap up to the opening arc this week), Peter Panzerfaust (reading in trade, btw they should title each trade with the name of the character being interviewed for that arc).

    You guys are a far cry from overcritical, don’t worry.

    My problem with Flash Gordon is just that I don’t see how a writer can ever really do anything with the property besides rehash the basic story, guy travels to amazing world with girl he loves and saves everybody after surviving countless deathtraps. Somehow, I feel like a book like Millar’s Starlight is a better idea where you blatantly borrow the tropes but tell a different story (or at least have the freedom to do so, letting readers at least experience a little true suspense).

  5. Huh… this seems to be a week of “mileage may vary” for me. I loved Batman Eternal for example, and it seemed you guys were fairly confused about when, why, and what was happening there. It’s not happening in the future, but rather in the aftermath of Forever Evil. And dickish Major Forbes –the only evident corrupt example from the issue among four other police featured (Gordon, Bullock, Sawyer, Bard) — has been a part of the New 52 since the beginning (albeit from the awful TDK series), and it’s been shown in both The Dark Knight and Detective Comics that the GCPD has not quite purged itself of corrupt officials under Gordon’s reign. In a matter of opinion, I’ve quite enjoyed Fabok, and indeed prefer him to Finch, who struggles much more with facial expressions, I feel. Some of this was just confusion, the rest is of course merely a matter of opinion.

    I also think, given that it’s a weekly comic, putting Scott Snyder at the helm, the guy with the single-most best-selling comic on the stands right now, was an attempt to legitimize DC’s new weekly comic strategy. While I agree that the whole “Gotham’s being destroyed” thing was a bit repetitive to the concluding Zero Year storyline, I trust that the story can earn that moment after 50+ issues. They’ve also said the comic is a “celebration of the character’s mythos” and will include all sorts of stories, so I hope you all keep checking in and do find something you like (the swashbuckling mentioned, for example) further down the line.

    As for All-New X-men… I felt it was rather odd. While I loved the webcomic-like shorts in the middle, I felt the issue as a whole was… well… weird. It didn’t really hold together for me, though it did seem to set up Beast as a primary suspect for the next big Marvel Event.

    Surprised not to see you guys talk about Nightcrawler #1 and the return of Chris Claremont (and one of his creations — Amanda — who I had to look up to understand). But I enjoyed the talk of what was covered, and always appreciate the work-time background conversation you guys treat me to on Monday afternoons.

  6. I was disappointed that King’s Watch was only a prelude to the Flash Gordon series. I wanted more of a complete story. $3.99 is too much for a standard on-going. It was a fun book, just not extraordinary, and when I’m reading some great stuff, this doesn’t hold my attention long enough to stay with it. Still a huge Jeff Parker fan. I’ll be looking forward to his next stuff.

  7. YES Finally! After 431 episodes, ifanboy and I have the same PotW!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Did any of you read All-new Doop#1? I enjoyed the x-statix/x-force series of the past, so this was the only reason I picked it up. I don’t even like Doop, thought the issue was bad to mediocre until the last page where Doop revealed(spoiler) that he could now speak human/english to Kitty Pryde. Now I’m thinking about picking up issue#2. I feel like I should seek help. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Also, I’m thinking Batman Eternal gets better with the next issue.

  9. Remember when Ron mispronounced Symbiote.
    I believe it came out as Simbotay and it was funny as hell.

  10. I too was bummed by Eternal. I finally came around to Zero Year and am really enjoying it, and then this thing comes out of nowhere. It had some ok content, But overall wasn’t grounded enough for me and had way too much CRASH. I keep reminding myself it’s a year long, $150 investment, and so far I’m not sold. Was East of West last week? Issue 11 was great and finally brought the Endless Nation to the story, which was something I’d been waiting for. Great ‘cast as usual, sorry it took a sucks comic to get me into the discussion.

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