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Pick of the Week #430 – Starlight #2

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It’s no dream. Josh Flanagan is back, and it’s his Pick of the Week. Will he let Paul Montgomery finish a sentence? Yes, but not all of them. It was a tough week to have to make the call, but it was not without highlights. Finally, Josh has some parting words for his partners.

Running Time: 01:05:26

Pick of the Week:
00:03:35 – Starlight #2

00:12:07 – Moon Knight #2
00:16:59 – Ultimate Spider-Man #200
00:22:30 – Caliban #1
00:25:01 – Magneto #2
00:28:15 – Aquaman and the Others #1
00:33:34 – Detective Comics #30
00:34:58 – Black Science #5
00:37:08 – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1
00:39:38 – Rogue Trooper #2
00:41:18 – Veil #2

Audience Question:
00:44:30 – Bjorn from Brooklyn, NY wants to know about the life cycle of a series.

Talkin’ TV:
00:54:14 – Community did an animated G.I. Joe episode.

“Rocket Man”
Elton John


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  1. I have to agree with Josh, if I start to get a whiff of aimlessness from a book I get horrible flash backs to things like “Nikki and Paulo”. Not that the creators need to know exactly where things are going to lead from the beginning, but I should at least be able to recognizable where we are on the curve of “falling vs. rising” action.

    On Community: I thought the episode was fine, though the fact that [SPOILERS] Jeff took some weird de-aging pills was a bit of a cop out. I”m not saying that they needed to have him attempt suicide (that would be WAY too dark). To have him simply react badly to medication is a little too saccharine when you front load an episode with so much nostalgia. ON the other hand, if there is one thing Jeff has been irrational about over the years, it is facing his own mortality [END SPOILERS].

  2. The Community show was crazy.And I caught that the sound effect for the “Submachopter” or whatever the heck you call it was the sound effect for Airwolf.

  3. I had no idea about the Community episode but as soon as I saw it I thought wait … How? Then Conor and Josh will love this!

  4. Welcome back to the show Jeff Flanagan–we missed you, and you were not forgotten!

    Regarding Bjorn’s question, one way to gauge it is to chart the trajectory of monthly sales. Comichron is a good resource:


    I’ve heard that 5,000 is the magic number for Image books, in terms of sustainability. Looking at Drumheller, it’s not looking good. The others look fairly healthy at the moment, although Bedlam is suffering pretty heavy attrition from issue to issue. Of Bjorn’s list, Lazarus is the strongest at the moment (yay!) By the way, her name is Forever Carlyle. Or Eve, if you’re in a hurry.

    You also have to figure these guys have collections in mind when they’re planning out the runs, be it a deluxe hardcover of some sort all the way up to an omnibus edition. That can also give you some clue as to the long term plans. For example, I would wager that Layman is not planning on stopping at 50 issues with Chew, just based on the fact that the Smorgasbord Edition collects 20 issues. I would expect volume 2 to be announced soonish, since they just hit issue 40, and then maybe count on at least up to issue 60 to get to the next oversize collection.

    My guess would be 6 issues for Drumheller, 60 for Manhattan Projects, 20 issues for Bedlam, 20 issues for Sex, and 500 issues for Lazarus. Okay, maybe that last one is wishful thinking–but it deserves it.

    • Layman has stated 60 issues, he has also said for every character he likes in Walking Dead that Kirkman kills he will unkill someone in Chew. I think Sex will go further than 20, at least I hope it will, there is a lot of story potential setup.
      Black Science was my potw, Starlight was great but I think I liked issue one a bit more, still loving it and eager for more.

  5. “Bjorn From Brooklyn” should be the name of a show. Like a time-traveling Viking in Brooklyn in a fish-out-of-water story. I’m sure it could be pitched to the CW.

  6. Nick Spencer clearly stated at the beginning Morning Glories is 100 issues. About a year into the series he changed it to 125 issues. He has stated from the beginning he has a clear ending in mind. I asked him if it is going to be like the Lost ending. He said it is not.

    Layman has clearly stated 60 issues since I think the first year, Dave Sim-like. It seems fairly well laid out given the flash forwards have been very specific (both issue 27 and the recent flash forward panel).

  7. When did reading new characters in a book become rocket science? I thought Detective #1 was a good start to a new arc of Batman. They did a great job of setting a different tone then what Snyder is doing on the main title.

  8. Hey Conor! Good save on the JOE – HASBRO connection.

    Realized just a moment ago that I didn’t pick my books up last week. No wonder this week felt light!

  9. Thanks for mentioning USM #200. I hadn’t realised that was coming out at all and was just waiting on miles’ new book. It’s the only book I read regularly so it’s great to have some more time with him and that world.

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