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Pick of the Week #429 – The Private Eye #6

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With Josh Flanagan still nowhere to be found, Let’s Talk Comics host James Viscardi returns to the show to join Paul Montgomery and Conor Kilpatrick to discuss the week that was in comics, plus anonymous browser searches, unusual homework assignments in high school, and the difficulties of reading comics in the shower!

Total Running Time: 00:55:57

Pick of the Week:
00:01:56 – The Private Eye #6

The Private Eye_6

00:11:09 – Silver Surfer #1
00:16:57 – The Superior Spider-Man #30
00:21:12 – Adventures of Superman #48
00:24:51 – Ghost Rider #1
00:28:35 – Real Heroes #1
00:32:30 – Amazing X-Men #5
00:35:08 – Star Slammers: Remastered #1
00:35:57 – Deadpool #26
00:37:42 – Deadly Class #3
00:40:32 – Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW

Audience Question:
00:43:15 – Marco from Toronto, Canada says that digital comics have changed his reading habits.

“Private Eyes”
Hall & Oates


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  1. What a perfect music intro for the pick of the week!

  2. I have gotta catch up on The Private Eye. Deadly Class takes my pick this week. Agree fully on Ghost Rider, art was great, not quite enough happened, but I will be back for more. Anyone else read Red Lanterns?, still digging that since Soule took over.

    • Red Lanterns is a book I can’t believe I’m reading.It’s a fun book to read and since Soule took over I actually care about the characters in the team.I don’t know yet about Supergirl being on the team since I find her very annoying to begin with so I hope her term as a Red Lantern is very brief.

  3. Congolese Songye mask…sort of? Some have that concentric line thing going on anyway.

    Conor, I get what you’re saying with the Beatles-Bryan Hitch example, but usually I’d use them to make the exact opposite point. Their music, more than pretty much any other, is something later generations (including my Gen X) can appreciate regardless of having not been there when it came out.

    The discussion about reading habits was really interesting. Private Eye is the only title I read digitally, and I really don’t like the experience as much (though I love the story). I read it on a large computer screen, so it’s not a size issue. I just get the sensation that I’m looking at something that’s not “real” behind a layer of glass. Visually it doesn’t give me the same pleasure as looking at something real. It just feels like a different medium–or I guess, technically, it is. One of my favorite recent reading experiences has been the new Sandman omnibi. I love the weight of it in my hands. It’s certainly not an effortless, dainty reading experience, but I like that about it. I do think digital is great, in that so many fans seem to enjoy it and find it more convenient, but it’s not for everybody.

    • Yeah, I couldn’t have said it better myself re: reading digitally. I too think that digital comics are fundamentally a good thing, but I hate reading that way. As you say, it just doesn’t feel “real” until I’m holding the comic in my own hands.

  4. That’s another fine podcast, though the Hall & Oates distracted me, and I spent half an hour listening to my favourites from the hairy pair.

    Nice job Jim, though so far as a permanent guest host goes, I’m all for the rotating guest hosts … it was especially good to hear Ali t’other week.

    I didn’t enjoy the new Ghost Rider, Tradd Moore’s lead character scares me, and that’s even before he goes ghost. Plus, Felipe Smith’s dialogue wasn’t for me, still, best of British to it, (I loved Smith’s character designs in the back.)

    I really don’t think inker Paul Neary gets enough credit for Bryan Hitch’s success.

  5. Somehow, Jeff Parker has made me a fan of an Aquaman book, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I couldn’t get in to the Johns stuff at all because it felt too self-serious and defensive. But Parker’s knocking it out of the park.

    In addition to the solid character stuff going on, issue 29 felt like an homage to the Brave and the Bold cartoon version of the character. The cartoon version always came across as underwater Hercules to me, so having those two fight seems deliberate. There’s also that great opening line…

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