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Pick of the Week #421 – Thor: God of Thunder #18

Show Notes

Here there be dragon! Scottish braves Paul Montgomery, Conor Kilpatrick, and Josh Flanagan mix up their Gruber family tree while divulging a dubious understanding of their own shared heritage, all while yammering about the week’s finest comics.

Total Running Time: 01:16:42

00:01:14 – Thor: God of Thunder #18
00:11:46 – Saga #18
00:15:51 – Black Science #3
00:19:28 – Uncanny Avengers #16
00:22:34 – The Saviors #2
00:24:24 – Earth 2 Annual #1
00:29:10 – Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand #4
00:32:32 – All-Star Western #27
00:35:14 – Sledgehammer 44: Lightning War #3
00:37:28 – Invincible #108
00:40:02 – East of West #9
00:43:02 – Batman and Robin Annual #2

Comic Book Movie Casting Corner:
00:47:49 – Recent casting announcements for Superman vs. Batman and Ant-Man.

Audience Questions:
01:07:00 – A call from Scotland

“You Made Me Believe in Magic”
The Bay City Rollers


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  1. I’m so disappointed that you all thought Saga was great, this issue was terrible. The last four issues have been building up the tension nicely, resulting in that great cliffhanger at the end of 17 and then nothing happens. It’s just like everyone back to their corners without any real advancement of plot, just that we see the baby become a toddler at the end. This was at the top of my stack and felt really cheated by this issue.
    Black Widow #2 my Pick of the Week. Art and panel layouts where superb and writing was concise and compelling for what was basically a one-shot. Set up a future villain nicely, really fun issue.
    What’s going on with Hawkeye? That book has really just torpedoed, started off as one thing and now is completely something else. Really disappointed, one more issue before it’s dropped.

  2. Nothing realy stood put to me this week that much. Saga, Thunderbolts, All-Star Western, Guardians of the Galaxy, Earth 2 Annaul, and CLone were great. I’m just going with TMNT #30 as my pick of the week.

  3. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    The mystery on why The Will named Slave Girl Sophie is revealed. Very touching. There’s so much familial love inside Brian K. Vaughan’s self-described “perverted space comic.” Thank you for highlighting it this month, Ifanboy.

  4. Nice show, and how interesting to hear my home of Edinburgh mentioned.


    One odd moment in the Batman and Robin Annual saw the exceedingly grumpy Batman telling Dick he couldn’t go out in a blue costume, because he had to blend into the shadows. He orders Dick to put on the far more garish red and orange number. Man needs an eye test.

  5. Quick change was great.I remember thinking” Why don’t MORE people rob banks dressed as clowns?”
    No one can tell your real physical features,skin color,eye color, facial hair even height(you could wear clown shoe lifts)
    Just change in the bathroom and viola! You’re Joe Shmoe hostage being release from the bank!!
    Effing genious!!!!

  6. Y’know, Jonah ran into his own stuffed corpse before in the pages of the 1980s Hex. I talked about the series during his DC Histories, though I didn’t mention that moment specifically. https://ifanboy.com/articles/dc-histories-jonah-hex/

  7. Josh’s Liberace Ant-Man is my new favorite bit to do that just utterly baffles and kind of angers my girlfriend.

  8. Lying Cat is a “she”. Also, Saga continues to be great. I just wish each issue was longer. It’s good that there is obviously a lot more to the story that remains to be revealed, but want it all NOW.

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