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Pick of the Week #418 – Afterlife with Archie #3

Show Notes

Now that was a proper week of comics. We talk about the books of the week, only a bit of World War II, and Conor Kilpatrick’s older friend. Also: Elephant stuff. Additionally, we run down some of the new series announced at ImageEXPO 2014, and have a Book of the Month that actually falls within the first half of said month. It is truly a New Year’s miracle!

Total Running Time: 01:09:02

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – Afterlife with Archie #3

00:10:59 – Young Avengers #15
00:15:17 – Detective Comics #27
00:22:57 – Minimum Wage #1
00:28:10 – Black Widow #1
00:34:12 – Shaolin Cowboy #4
00:35:40 – The Walking Dead #119
00:37:27 – Avengers World #1
00:39:45 – Star Wars #13
00:42:16 – Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand #3

Book of the Month:
00:45:34 – Green Arrow, Vol. 1: Hunter’s Moon

00:56:01 – Image Comics announced 13 new series at ImageEXPO 2014.

“Strangers in the Night”


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  1. Grell’s run went until 1993. Still pretty impressive. Chuck Dixon finished out the run.

    It would be cool to see Grell’s run in an omnibus format, but I’d be thrilled if they’d just print Longbow Hunters as a hardcover.

    I hadn’t heard the premise for Robinson’s Airboy, but it sounds really interesting. I’ll look forward to that one. I’m also a fan of Chabon; I had heard rumors about him working on Casanova, but it was officially announced at the Expo I guess? I never read the original run (runs?), but I’ll certainly check out the new stuff. Thanks for the updates.

  2. No review of Black Widow or All-New X-Factor, kinda surprised.

  3. Does Archie Comics just own Bewitched? How are Sabrina and her aunts in this comic?

    I am super sad that Marvel released the teasers for the new Ultimates comic. I thought the best part of Cataclysm was the fact that it was completely unknown if Marvel was going to kill the Ultimate U or not. On a side note, I think we should call the 616 universe the Ranch Universe because it really isn’t the best universe out there but it is packed with so much MSG that we just keep coming back to it.

  4. I haven’t read Afterlife with Archie yet, but chomping at the bits. I’ll listen to the show afterwards.

  5. What was the a World War 2 book?!?! You had me at SS!

  6. Intrigued by the BOTM pick … if forced to choose, would you recommend Longbow Hunters or Hunters’ Moon?

    • I wouldn’t choose between them. They’re different–one’s a complete story and one’s an on-going story. The second one is an outgrowth of the first but either can be read individually without the other. The only distinction that I would make is that LONGBOW HUNTERS has better art.

    • Thank you for the reply… (I went with Longbow Hunters (that art does look great!))

    • The great thing about that choice is that if you like it, you can get the HUNTER’S MOON trade because that’s where the story continues! (Sort of.)

  7. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    … mayhem.

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