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Pick of the Week #417 – The Flash #26

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While the first week of the New Year didn’t boast heaps of new comics, Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Paul Montgomery missed each other too much to delay their reunion any further. Listen as they ring in 2014 with a few extra audience questions and a joyous dirge for a dearly departed series that took a bow over the break.

Total Running Time: 01:14:41

Pick of the Week:
00:02:37 – The Flash #26

00:09:30 – Aquaman #26
00:14:58 – Guardians of the Galaxy #10
00:19:55 – Superman: Unchained #5
00:25:36 – Baltimore: Chapel of Bones #1
00:31:49 – G.I. Joe #12
00:35:40 – All-Star Western #26
00:37:27 – Rocket Girl #3

The End of Locke & Key:
00:39:04 – Paul bids farewell to one of his favorite ongoing series.

Audience Question:
00:47:55 – JM got a Marvel Unlimited subscription, but still wants to keep up with what iFanboy is reading.
00:51:16 – Paul from Australia is curious about re-reading.
00:56:57 – Benjamin K. asks, “Absolute or Omnibus?”
00:59:50 – Jay from Virginia wants more S.H.I.E.L.D. in his Marvel Studios movies.

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  1. Two pillows behind the head, one on the belly, omnibus on the pillow. That’s how I roll.

    Each Sandman omnibus is pretty big, as big as the Simonson Thor omnibus. I chose the two Omnibi instead of the four Absolutes. To me, Absolutes are great for artistic tour de forces–something like New Frontier, but Sandman for me is more about the story than the art. Not that it’s bad art by any means, but it wasn’t something that I personally needed to see in a larger, more detailed format. The Omnibus set is also about 25 percent less expensive that the four Absolutes.

  2. I think Gage was only doing this issue and then Brian Boochaletto is doing a three part story arc (without Manupaul) and then there will be a new permanent creative team

  3. I fell on the grenade!

    Here is a spreadsheet with all of the iFanboy Episodes from today all the way back to episode #356 (which was when Marvel NOW started). The spreadsheet is editable by the community and I heartily encourage others to update the list for episodes prior to #356. Books that are on Marvel Unlimited begin with episode #392 (note, Marvel has not uploaded a single issue of Fury MAX to Unlimited (which is a huge bummer)).

    Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak0YmvfUeoIIdHExcThMVWdrSkFJMlNINjhpVGNXYmc#gid=0

    • Wow.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I feel uncomfortable that we have this power. But I also feel…full of power!!!!


    • Thanks for Starting this SB.

      I’m not a Marvel Unlimited user, but I do enjoy looking at the data.

      I copied the episode # down for each comic. That way they can be sorted by the other columns, and still retain that info. I hope nobody minds.

      Would another good column be POTW ?, with a simple yes/no for that as well?

    • I have a personal copy of the data, so we can go crazy with this version! Feel free to edit to your heart’s content! Let’s make this awesome!

  4. I re-read things that really stood out with me, and probably because a lot of the recent creators work just isn’t having the same kind of impact. I re-read Wildcats 3.0, Bendis’ Daredevil run, Miller’s Daredevil run, and Byrne’s Fantastic Four. Those and a lot of other things hold up a lot better than a LOT of the current offerings.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Curious if you’re revisiting those Daredevil runs because you miss those takes on the character vs. the current, or those efforts by the writers vs. their current output. Or both? Either way, very interesting, and a pretty wise way of approaching entertainment.

      I picked up the first omnibus of Byrne’s FF (and Star Trek work, come to think of it) not too long ago. Good stuff.

    • Waid’s take is one that I enjoy because it’s not trying to be Bends or Miller. When Bendis ended his run, Brubaker was ok but the same thing, but then that whole Shadowland thing happened…..that just was not good….I like the Waid run because it’s different and new. I guess as to why, I loved those stories. Both had the Kingpin/Mob element but were done in different ways. And on the other hand the way Hickman is doing Avengers is just such a chore to read, too densely written and he’s trying to shoehorn too many characters and events into a small space so much that there is too much crosstalk. He and Fraction just aren’t getting it done with their Marvel work for me.

  5. Be interested to hear what you think of Batman: Dark Knight #26 ?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I don’t think any of us have been reading that series much at all. Conor?

    • I don’t read it anymore.

    • Never did.

    • Next time you are in the local comic bookshop, have a quick flick through it,

    • I have really liked Batman: The Dark Knight lately. I feel like it really hit its stride recently and was relishing in its unique, grittier tone. I’m bummed the title is going to be canceled.

      SSSPPPOOOIIILLLEEERRRSSS: As for #26 specifically, it was a very well crafted silent comic. I loved the detail that was put into the art as it really showcased the emotions that were gripping and overwhelming the family. The scene with the family crying – heart wrenching. The story really brought something to the fore that I have never really thought of before – people illegally immigrating to Gotham to find a better life. I cannot imagine going from the squalor of your home country and winding up in Gotham – the darkest, seediest, most despicable and hopeless city in the whole of the DCU. So sad.

    • Maleev has been fantastic on Batman: TDK.

  6. Hey I really miss all the interaction that was on this site. Anybody found another site that offers that sort of thing?

  7. Lucifer, Swamp Thing, Conan, and Sixth Gun are my favorite re-reads. Lucifer works especially well, I think for the same reason that Sandman does. They are both long form anthology style story arcs. The side stories in the middle make alot more sense (and you get new things out of them) during the re-read. In some ways I think those types of books almost work better the second time around.

  8. There is no such thing as cannon any more.

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