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Pick of the Week #405 – Jupiter’s Legacy #3

Show Notes

On this alarmingly sexy edition of the Pick of the Week Podcast, Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery get all hot and bothered over a teetering tower of terrific comics books. Conor selects a (quite frankly) brutal bit of superhero deconstruction for the lead discussion. Later, the guys talk two potential television projects from DC Entertainment, then wander down memory lane to reminisce on their college era reading habits.

Running Time: 01:07:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Jupiter’s Legacy #3

Jupiters Legacy_3Comics:
00:11:40 – Sex Criminals #1
00:17:39 – Guardians of the Galaxy #6 / Nova #8
00:21:45 – Sex #7
00:28:00 – Saga #14
00:30:40 – Batman/Superman #3.1: Doomsday #1
00:32:08 – Young Avengers #10
00:33:53 – Wonder Woman #23.2: The First Born #1
00:36:14 – East of West #6
00:36:53 – The Wake #4

TV Talk:
00:38:25 – Gotham on Fox.
00:43:50 – Constantine on NBC.

Audience Questions:
00:48:34 – Parri Laaaaahndon wants to know if time really is on the iFanboys’ side.
00:51:07 – Drogan from New Jersey is curious about favorite minor and supporting characters.
00:54:35 – Micah from Texas wonders how anyone balances comics and higher education.

“Dancing with Myself”
The Donnas


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  1. JML (@twitter.com/JoshMLabelle) says:

    I’m always amazed when there’s a notable gap between my opinion and 2/3rds of your opinions: I loved Sex Criminals #1 a lot and it’s my clear PotW.

    I disagree that this one seems more like Fraction trying to seem cool than Hawkeye, where a lot of the invention seems just in service of fun and hipness. Which is fine and has its place. But with Sex Criminals I felt Fraction really digging deep in his guts, doing a sensitive and realistic portrayal of a girl’s sexual awakening for an audience that might not appreciate it. That felt brave to me, and alongside Satellite Sam it seemed like one of the first things he’s done where he wasn’t hiding behind irony or cleverness or meta-tricks or being funny: The only moment I felt Fraction’s self-defensive cleverness creeping back in was the washroom stall sequence, but that was well done enough to pass with me. Otherwise, the technique and the experimentation finally seemed perfectly in service of the beating heart of the thing, and it was awesome.

    I haven’t read anything that compelling at my comic store in a while. I hope it doesn’t turn into just a sci-fi Bonnie & Clyde comedy after this.

    • Your thoughts on it mirror my own. I was really pleasantly surprised. Caught off guard, actually. Even despite the advance buzz. I almost immediately tucked my copy in an envelope and mailed it to a friend because I’m so eager to share it.

    • Well said, I have nothing to add but I agree completely.

  2. I am surprised by a lack of Parasite # 1 on art alone. I liked Kruder’s take on the character too, a much better disguised version of greedy Rudy Jones from John’s Secret Origins. I re-read it recently and John’s writing of him felt just as ridiculously whiny as a few of his other bad guys, and while so is Kruder’s, he is written much more self-deluded to the point of an anger to defend it.

    Sorry for the mini-review. Loved Sex Criminals but agree that Fraction might have been trying to hard. Zdarsky just sold me on the attitude. And damn I forgot East of West.

  3. The page between Sophie and Lying Cat was one of the most powerful and beautiful comic pages I have ever read.
    I work in child protection and I want to frame that page to hang in my office.

  4. Thanks as always for this guys.

  5. Great episode, guys.

    I had one thought while you guys were discussing the Gotham on FOX. It seems to me that in Batman: Year One, Jim Gordon came to town the same time Bruce Wayne did, and only had to wait a few months or so, before he actually became Batman.

    My thought was, are they just going to write their own continuity as far as referencing Jim having served as a cop in Chicago, which got him transfered to Gotham? I know I’m being a tad nitpicky, and I am an unabashed Gordon fan, but, I find it very strange that the character will be able to hold up an entire show without a little help from the Bat.

    • Oh, it’d totally approach continuity in its own way. No question. Just like Smallville and just like Arrow. It’s a really odd concept. I don’t know if they think bringing viewers to the cusp of Batman and never actually delivering Batman will translate to some kind of auto-erotic asphyxiation pleasure for viewers or what.

    • They will definitely have to go their own way in terms of continuity or go in the direction of the Nolan films where clearly Gordon has been a cop in Gotham for decades before Batman shows up. I hope they blaze their own path, personally.

    • I’m hoping they use Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent at least. Could be fun to see glimpses of a young Bruce. Probably early Selina Kyle as well.

    • Whether his career starts in Chicago or in Gotham doesn’t matter to me. All I care about at this point is the mustache.


    • I can totally see them going the goatee route with Young Gordon. If I had to rank the way that Gordon will most likely look it would be:

      1. Goatee
      2. Clean shaven
      3. Mustache

    • @conor: Oh man, you’re probably right. Personally, I’d rather see clean shaven than goatee.

      And not that TV would necessarily adhere to this, but I think most police departments have military-style grooming standards that prohibit facial hair below the lip (at least for uniformed officers).

      Presumably, Gordon will just be starting out as a Detective when the show begins, so maybe some experimentation with facial hair as a privilege of the rank will be a running element.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I’m thinking stubble.

    • Paul wins for making a comparison involving Batman and kink..

  6. I enjoyed East of West considerably, but I also don’t know what the hell is happening. Those Rangers are cool as shit. I want to see a Rangers vs Judge Dredd spin-off series (that will never happen).

    Given that Micah seems to have selected a major that actually requires him to spend time studying, I would strongly suggest he save his comic reading for the weekends and the summer. I’ve lost fantastic econ students to many “addictions”, including, but not limited to, World of Warcraft and women (not the same guy).

    I want to know if any of you ever considered a different major while you were in college. Josh specifically would have made one hell of an econ major if his work on this site is any indication of his economic intuition.

  7. Don’t be a radio/TV major? Well, fuck, it’s too late, now what am I gonna do?!

  8. I’m another RTF major. No wonder I felt at home here on iFanboy. And I’m one of those listeners who’d like to hear more about getting old and how great it was in college. Pretty sure I’m older than the three of you, so maybe that’s why I’m wallowing even deeper in nostaglia and looking for more.

    On the comics tip, I did not care for Sex Criminals. As a single issue ongoing monthly, it missed the target. I’d be more likely to enjoy that kind of story as an OGN.

  9. 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    It’s Micah, and thanks for answering my question! I’m a History major, so basically all I do is read and written papers.

  10. This is totally why I dig this show. I would support a reoccurring segment where Josh lectures on the folly of youth.

  11. Great show! I moved saga to a trade read as of the last short break BKV and Staples took and Jupiters Legacy got moved to trade as of issue 2. I just prefer reading image stuff in chunks I guess.

  12. The Wake “Spoiler”

    This was one of my favorite books until the end of this issue. It had a good set up with some nice mystery, good characters and great art. Then story in a nutshell is some humans find mermen and then are attacked by them. At the end of this issue a giant Godzilla sized merman appears and attacks the underwater station. It’s just so stupid I don’t even want to read anymore of this series. The series led up with a lot of science and it was a realistic take if there were mermen in the real world. All that went out the window with the giant merman. It’s just a dum premise. My only hope is the merman have a hallucinating power and so maybe it isn’t real.

    • JML (@twitter.com/JoshMLabelle) says:

      Hahaha. The issue was okay, but your description of it is better. Maybe at the end of the next one an even larger mermaid will attack the giant one.

  13. You know, East of West is the only comic that I have EVER bought SOLEY because of the art. It’s just so visually striking.

  14. There’s still a little part of me that forlornly hopes we’ll eventually get a new on-the-couch discussion video.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I think we’d all love to give you that, but time, resources and geography make that implausible.

    • I’m finding the audio quality of the podcasts to be less than it used to be. I’m guessing it’s just the technical nature of having to record three voices from three different sources? It just seems like even if I listen with the volume turned all the way up, I still have trouble hearing some of your voices from time to time. (My first thought was that I was going deaf – but other podcasts come through fine.) Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, I can still hear most of what you guys say, and you continue to be wonderful!

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Noted. We’ll pump up the volume. Hopefully we can resolve the issue.

    • @BionicDave: Other than the 30 or so episodes we recorded in person, we record the show the same way we have since the very first episode. The only problem with that method is that we are at the whim of the strength of our internet connections. This week someone (or someones) had a slow connection and the sound quality suffered as a result. Most of our shows don’t usually sound this bad.

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