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Pick of the Week #729 – JSA: The Golden Age

Show Notes

The pick is a golden gem from the past, and if you’d like to hear Conor and Josh fawn over a comic book, then this show is for you. There are a couple of other comics, and then we travel to Cobra Mountain for a grand finale.

(The last time we talked about this book was on episode #210 of our video show.)

Running Time: 01:20:44

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – JSA: The Golden Age

00:28:19 – Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2
00:31:05 – Swamp Thing: New Roots #1

Patron Thanks:
00:36:29 – SeanWithHats
00:37:53 – Brian Compton

G.I. Joe Corner:
00:44:06 – “A Stake in the Serpent’s Heart” The M.A.S.S. Device, Pt. 5

Audience Questions:
01:01:34 – Ken J. from the Great White North wonders about the best Byrne.
01:04:42 – (Another) Josh wants to know if comics can get people back with big creative lineups.
01:10:30 – Robert has a question about the gender split on the GDAT™ master list.

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“Golden Brown”
Drive Like Jehu


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  1. In regards to the Black Label moniker, DC putting it on a lot of stories isn’t right. I’m glad I have my editions of All-Star Superman and DC: The New Frontier since seeing Black Label on the new editions annoys me greatly. Now in regards to JSA: The Golden Age, I love the story. I actually bought it because it was always listed on best DC stories, but it sat on my shelf for a long time. Then 3 years ago, I watched your video show covering it and it motivated me to read it at the time. Honestly, Ron getting bleeped every time he mentioned the reveal of the villain with it being awesome sold it for me. I’m glad I did read it back then.

    I did the same thing with Starman with buying it since you would push it so much. I spent $200 on the third omnibus since it was out of print and couldn’t have an incomplete collection years ago. I finally read Starman this year in part so I could listen to the two Booksplodes on my walks and watch your video show covering it. It is one of my favorite stories now. I do think part of the reason why James Robinson isn’t looked upon as favorably or even mentioned is because Starman is inaccessible except on DC Universe and a lot of people just think of him as the man who wrote Cry For Justice with the Justice League run. A lot of people aren’t as knowledgeable about his work. JSA: The Liberty Files was the comic Conor was thinking of with Batman as an Elseworlds. James Robinson and Paul Smith weren’t involved, but Tony Harris was which is your Starman connection.

  2. Whoa- Whoa
    Is Ron saying that the Star Wars:New Hope is better than The Empire Strikes Back??

    • Also- Dismantle the direct market and Diamond to help if not save the industry.
      It’s really the only thing that hasn’t been tried to ‘move the needle’ and rise of the Diamond
      s strangle hold coincides with the decline of sales in general outside of the speculation era.
      Comic shops can still sell books but let’s face most of them now are making their money of toys and magic cards now so it’s not even necessary to protect them as once thought.

  3. You wanna keep doing GJJoe then I’m on board. I’m of an age where I watched these eps as they aired after school and I read the old Larry Hama Marvel run. I’m with Ron when he expresses outrage over quitting the discussion before Quick Kick’s introduction. GIJoe had such an eclectic and colorful cast of characters. The rotating focus and large cast to cycle through was a bonus IMO. It kept it from getting boring, and it made sitting down to each episode feel kinda like opening a pack of collectible cards (if that makes any sense). It’s the same sort of feeling I got from watching Justice League Unlimited or Batman The Brave and The Bold.

    As much as I love the franchise I’m notably not interested in any of the newer comics or tv adaptations. There’s a certain sincerity and campiness that the old show had that’s hard to recreate I think. I’d much rather see people take inspiration from the show and pick out what made it memorable than see the same exact premise rehosted. I feel like Warren Ellis tried to do that with Global Frequency but that project never really went anywhere unfortunately.

  4. Does anyone know if the plus size first issue of Kirkman and Samnee’s Fire Power is out. Its pretty big so I wouldnt be surprised if someone else besides diamond is distributing, maybe Random House? Anyway, if it is available I’d be interested to hear Conor and Josh’s take.

  5. Byrne singlehandedly save the FF. Also, we went from X-Men to FF and Alpha Flight (doing both at the same time) to The Incredible Hulk THEN went to DC.

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