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iFanboy #210 – The Vault! JSA: The Golden Age, The Archie Wedding, & Daytripper

Show Notes

Every once in a while iFanboy likes to reach deep into their comic book vaults and pull out gems to share with everyone. Sometimes there’s a theme to the books and sometimes, like this week, there’s not.

JSA: The Golden Age

In this Elseworlds tale, that is only just barely an Elseworlds tale, James Robinson and Paul Smith explore the Golden Age of super heroes. World War II is over but the Justice Society of America have to save the day, one more time.

The Archie Wedding

Betty or Veronica? It’s the classic Archie conundrum. Sadly, the red head boy from Riverdale is destined to never choose – until now. In this “what if?” tale, we see what would happen if Archie chose Veronica… and what would happen if Archie chose Betty. Either way, we win.


The Brazilian brothers Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon craft the wholly unique tale of Brás de Oliva Domingos, a man whose life is explored through his death, which occurs at a different point of his life at the end of every issue.


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  1. Cool episode but Ron and Conor sound like they are in a dungeon.

  2. Josh flanel-again

    Nice summation of daytripper josh.

    Def Veronica- who wouldn’t cram a baby in there?


  3. ‘Pops dies tragically of auto erotic asphyxiation’. Don’t like these vault shows but that made up for it, hilarious. NEXT WEEK THOR!!!

  4. I haven’t watched the episode yet, I’m sure it’s a good one, but isn’t it a little too soon to bring Daytripper out of the vault?  I’ve always thought of Vault episodes as featuring titles a little older than Daytripper is.

  5. Great show! Might pick up Daytripper…

  6. Great show. I love The Golden Age. Despite it being an Elseworld’s tale Robinson does reference a lot of it during his Starman run, and it’s very much the spiritual predecessor to it. 

    On a tangent, has there been a JSA show? I can’t seem to remember one myself. The Robinson/Goyer run up to the end of the last Johns run was consistently one of the best superhero team-books I’ve ever read. 

    Daytripper is amazing. The trade is one of my favourite books so far this year. Books like this is why it is so important Vertigo is kept as it’s own entity. 

  7. I thought for some reason you guys highlighted JSA: The Golden Age in another video show. 

  8. @lifesend  There are no vault rules. The Archie trade just came out too.

  9. Bring the Archie Updates back!!!! haha i don’t read Archie, but those updates from the podcasts back in the day were a highlight that i always enjoyed. BTW, didn’t you guys cover the memory lane issue on one of those?

    Love the idea of JSA Golden Age. Seems in a similar vein to Strange Tales. Just love the old JSA characters roots in pulp and golden age. That looks like a super fun read.

    re:”Cheap Paper” on Vertigo books…A lot of people confuse glossy with quality, but its usually the opposite. The gloss on most comics and trades is a plastic coating, which is basically hamburger helper for the lowest grade ingredients used in commercial papers. Will degrade like the cheapest newsprint..maybe faster. The Vertigo paper is cheap for book paper, but still much higher quality than most standard comic papers. 

    I usually love the look of uncoated papers because of that arty effect it creates with the colors soaking into the fibers.

  10. Veronica.

  11. Nice Ep. I don’t think I have ever picked up an Archie comic, and I find that interesting because I did enjoy the cartoon when I was a kid, and it’s also the ONLY regular comic book sold in Whakatane.

  12. Great ep guys, as usual. I especially agree with Daytripper. It was easily one of the best comics of the last year – if not THE best.

    So much so that I actually wrote a very glowing review for it at my blog (http://bit.ly/jGBOL9). Check it out of you’re interested.

  13. thank you for the spoiler bleeps

  14. I don’t know why you guys always say you can’t tell the different between Ba and Moon’s art. They’re pretty distinguishable. Moon drew like 99% of the book, Ba only drew a few dream sequences/hallucinations.

  15. The spoiler bleeps were totally the right call there, gents. That particular twist is one that’s best if you don’t see it coming.

  16. Daytripper will make you contemplate your life for days after reading the final page.

    A great book that should be read by all, not only comic book readers.

  17. Daytripper is one I’ll have to pick up. I have been thinking that for a while based on what you guys have said about the issues in the POTW podcast.

    Never been an Archie fan but that “walk UP memory lane” device is genius.

    Also … definitely Betty.


  19. Just started watching this episode, and I always enjoy the post production work. With the comic pages scrolling by, corrections, and now the SPOILER bleep. 

    I would say, you could really improve the show technically if you have better mikes and/or a better room to film in. It always sounds like you’re in a fish tank, and the look is always a bit…underwhelming. (Just thought I would comment. Again, love the show, just wanted to voice my opinion a little.)

    Okay, back to the show for me.  

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