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Pick of the Week #717 – The Butcher of Paris #3

Show Notes

We talk and talk and talk and talk, which is good, because it’s kind of the point, and you get this super-sized show, despite the month plus of weird comic weeks. It’s possible Phil Noto stopped by (he didn’t), and Josh’s dog makes a cameo. And then we keep talking. Conor thought it was 5 years ago. Listen for any of that to make sense. My goodness, we talked a lot.

Running Time: 01:27:07

Pick of the Week:
00:03:14 – The Butcher of Paris #3

00:12:55 – Daredevil #17
00:17:26 – Doctor Doom #5
00:22:19 – Lois Lane #8
00:26:19 – The Man Who Fucked Up Time #1
00:33:48 – Usagi Yojimbo #8
00:35:58 – Birthright #41
00:38:33 – Justice League #40

Star Wars Corner:
00:42:10 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #1

Patron Pick:
00:51:06 – X-Men/Fantastic Four #1

Patron Thanks:
01:06:33 – John Morrison
01:07:26 – Christopher K. Lewis
01:08:16 – Thomas Christodoulides
01:09:26 – Tim

Audience Question:
01:11:27 – Randy wants to know why we’re not checking out more books, and we don’t think our response is all that defensive. It isn’t! Really…

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“The Butcher”


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  1. I was shocked that you guys didn’t talk about Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy from the world of Black Hammer! To be fair the first issue came out during the break, but the way you guys have been struggling to find books to talk about I think you might have overlooked it. It’s basically The Punisher meets Batman & Robin and the art by Tonci Zonjic is deceptively simple and the coloring is very cool! I also think Josh would dig this book even though he resists The Black Hammer Universe.

    • I would second that and the third issue comes out next week. The art is very good and I still consider Doctor Star to be the best mini-series for the Black Hammer universe at this point. That comparison is what I was going to say where it works so far.

  2. honoured to get my superpower this week (to be able to tell if someone needs a doctor). ironically was in our hospital emergency department on Saturday night with my 2 year old who had banged his head. of course by the time we saw the doctor hours later, he was laughing and running around as fast as wally west! i really need this superpower!

  3. You know what’s a good indie series? Friendship Paradox by Celsius Comics….Okay, fine I don’t think it’s a comic that the ifanboy would like. I’m just shamelessly plugging my own comic. But I think there are too many books to check out and it’s impossible for two people to check them all out. I like the mix books in this podcast.

    PD I like Birds of Prey and for whatever is worth, I thought of you guys and your thoughts of Harley not being an hero. Because the movie doesn’t make her an hero and *spoilers* at the end she doesn’t join the heroes. So that was cool.

  4. I really enjoyed Justice League #40. Snyder’s run, while popular with most fans, didn’t connect with me – so this first issue by Venditti and Mahnke really felt like a breath of fresh air, the pace and characterizations are just what I want, and Mahnke’s artwork is also great. This Sodam Yat/ Eradicator story is just big enough to warrant a hero team effort, but not nearly as high-concept and multiverse-threatening as Snyder’s long Doom/ Perpetua arc was, for example. Am again reminded of Josh’s hilarious quote from last week: “If I get too many extra bills in one month, I can’t cope. These people? – it’s like a universe ending disaster once a week.” LOL!

    Also, while you guys shouldn’t ever have to defend your tastes, your comic book habits, or the way you produce your own show (which is free to listerners), it is always interesting to hear about it, so this show’s long runtime was worth it. Especially because we got some “theater of the mind” when a monster came to Josh’s door

    • I don’t know many people who like Snyder’s Justice League run honestly. It was frankly way too much with the drawn out story and a lot of people including myself said he was attempting to be Grant Morrison when he is not Grant Morrison. I can’t recommend the run to anyone and telling a simple Justice League story wasn’t enough for Snyder. Robert Venditti has done a really good job with Freedom Fighters and a back to basics story is what is needed especially before Death Metal and 5G start. The editors also clearly aren’t paying attention or don’t care since the Phantom Stranger was one of the beings confronting the Justice League in issue 39. The Phantom Stranger is imprisoned in Hell Arisen which takes place afterwards so there is no consistency.

  5. Yeah not too defensive. I love how long that went on for by the way.

    I was surprised that you didn’t point out that you had an Aftershocks comic, an IDW comic, a Dark Horse comic and an Image comic on your list this week. Two of which have been repeated previous week picks. So you do take a wide survey of publishers even if the majority of the books are from the big two (which are audience draws). Feels like that’s a drop the mic statement.

    Yeah some good comics are going to fall through the cracks but you are only two jamokes. You can’t be expected to read everything that comes out. I’d rather hear about the stuff you liked and were inspired to read rather than a bunch of stuff you felt obligated to read. I think the structure of the show where is it a mostly positive affair is part of the reason it has staying power for me.

  6. Let’s be honest, the only story anyone needs to read that is set between ESB and ROTJ is Shadows of the Empire. I don’t care if it’s not canon now since it is great. I really liked the issue of Vader, but I don’t think that Marvel has done a very good job with the Star Wars brand overall. The fear of branching out and being stuck in the same era for 4 years means it has been stagnant.

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