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Pick of the Week #688 – Superman: Year One #1

Show Notes

The show goes long (what else is new) when a long anticipated prestige book is finally released and Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick just can’t keep their yaps under control. Also, there’s a lot of Back to the Future in this episode where things are… interesting.

Running Time: 01:19:15

Pick of the Week:
00:01:11 – Superman: Year One #1

00:19:54 – Middlewest #8
00:23:35 – The War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #5
00:27:19 – American Carnage #8
00:31:04 – Assassin Nation #4
00:38:13 – Farmhand #9
00:40:37 – Justice League #26
00:42:46 – Guardians of the Galaxy #6
00:44:17 – Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7

Star Wars Corner:
00:47:08 – Star Wars #67

Patron Pick:
00:52:12 – Usagi Yojimbo #1

Patron Thanks:
01:03:16 – Morgan Berry
01:05:03 – Jack Scott
01:06:13 – Cody Shelton
01:07:30 – Gabriel

Audience Question:
01:09:13 – Ryan from the UK wants to know if Josh still hates fun.

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  1. In his prime, there was no better then Frank Miller, we all acknowledge that. He is a legend. But unfortunately his time has passed and reading Superman Year One I had one overwhelming thought throughout…

    Miller is out of touch.

    At one time he tapped into the zeitgeist of the era and his writing and drawing reflected that. It meant something. He had a voice that demanded to be heard whether you liked it or not.

    Now, that voice is a just echo of the past.

    But we still cheer Miller on from the stands. We are still on his side, hoping he hits a home run, but not surprised when he only gets a double.

    Is Superman Year One good? Sure. It’s a fun read. But it’s immediately forgotten.

    This all reminds me of when a huge rock band from back in the days, that sold out arenas and played for millions, are now doing the State Fair or Casino circuit for a crowd of 50 – we’ll pay our 20 bucks and sit in the bleachers and listen because why?


  2. I will grant you that Superman: Year One was thought-provoking, from a craft standpoint, at least. I feel like I went in with an open mind, or at least not with “knives out.”

    * Baby Kal-El mind-controlling Pa Kent kinda skeeved me out and set a sinister tone that I never quite shook.
    * I winced a LOT at the “country folk” talk. It just sounded wrong to me.
    * Spacesuit helmets?
    * Attempted gang rapes in Smallville. Yay.
    * JRJR’s art: I’m as ambivalent as ever. He does has some great layouts, and some lovely dynamic scenes rendered. But I always feel like he really wants to be cartooning, but he never lets himself go there, with the result being that character proportions generally feel wrong, especially when he’s drawing children.
    * Coloring was fantastic.

    All that said, I do agree that it was paced well. And now that Clark is out of school JRJR won’t have to draw as many kids.

  3. Don’t worry, Old Guard will return now that Charlize is starring in the adaptation written by Greg Rucka himself!!!


  4. I honestly thought I had error copy. The dialogue was so stilted I couldn’t believe that’s what was meant to be put on the page. It was laughably corny and bad. Holy hell. Agree with Anville about JrJr as well. He has no idea how to draw kids. Of any age. This was brutal. I won’t be buying the rest of the series. Just. Wow.

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