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Pick of the Week #681 – The War of the Realms #3

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Conor Kilpatrick is back and he’s all in on The War of the Realms but feeling a lot of angst about the future of DC. Josh? He’s just happy to have his co-host back.

Running Time: 01:10:20

Pick of the Week:
00:01:42 – The War of the Realms #3

00:11:00 – The War of the Realms: Strikeforce – The Dark Elf Realm #1
00:14:57 – Young Justice #5
00:19:17 – DC’s Year of the Villain 25-Cent Special #1
00:30:21 – Five Years #1
00:34:36 – Meet the Skrulls #4
00:35:24 – Gogor #1
00:38:50 – The Green Lantern #7

Patron Pick:
00:40:55 – DCeased #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:46 – Taylor
00:49:44 – Ryan Alcock
00:51:16 – Craft and Comedians AKA Daniel Emmons
00:52:40 – Taylor

Audience Questions:
00:54:44 – Miroslav L. from Croatia doesn’t understand where the iFanboys find the time for all of this book reading.
01:01:13 – Josh W. from Massachusetts has a Booksplode suggestion.

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  1. DC’s Year of the Villain is a not so subtle attempt to connect all the “Epic” storylines currently being penned by their top writers:

    1. Scott Snyder’s cosmic odyssey, which began way back in Metal #1, is reaching its crescendo in the pages of Justice League. The history of the DC universe is being re-formatted for a modern audience and new threats abound. If you are into DC this is “must read” shit.

    2. Brian Michael Bendis and Superman are made for each other. Bendis is bringing his slow-burn touch to the world of Clark Kent and ramping up the stakes by making the “bad guy” an elusive secret organization, something Superman just can’t hit with his first to win the fight. Clark is going to have to rely on his extended family to help him out of this jam.

    3. Tom King – love him or hate him, you have to give it up to him for keeping Batman interesting month after month. Since that last panel in issue 50, where we discover Bane is behind it all, we have been waiting on pins and needles for King to deliver the goods. Sure it’s taking awhile to get there, but we this far in and invested, no reason to quit now.

    Year of the Villain’s mastermind, Lex Luthor, will place himself in each of these conflicts and promise success to the evil parties involved.

    Let’s hope this event is a success as well.

    • I would strongly disagree on Snyder’s Justice League run being must read since it is a mess from a writing standpoint. Other than issue 17 and parts of the annual that were great, it’s not very good overall and is overwritten constantly. I don’t know anyone who likes it and Snyder is trying so hard to be Grant Morrison, but he’s not Grant Morrison.

    • Well, I like it. And hey, for 3.99 a pop I’ll take “overwritten” over “underwritten” any day. 😉

      And as far as Snyder trying to be like Morrison, I honestly don’t get that vibe. Snyder’s work is a bit more self-explanatory than Morrison’s. I always know where I’m at in a Snyder Justice League book. There is also a hint more fun in there as well.

      Morrison, along with Alan Moore, are two powerful creative forces that inevitably will seep into any comic book writers work. It’s just gonna happen, but I don’t feel Snyder is “copying” anyone. He has his own voice. – he’s just standing on the shoulders of giants.

  2. I was really excited for War of the Realms, but have been underwhelmed where it’s a lot of fun. However, there is not enough emotional depth so it’s more difficult to connect to where it is just fun for the most part. Scott Snyder has been attempting to be Grant Morrison while not being Grant Morrison since Metal which I didn’t like and I do not like his Justice League run. Issue 17 of the run worked since it was a lot more focused otherwise Snyder is trying way too hard. I agree that I just want a story and stop over explaining everything where this story never ends. It’s overwritten and is not well done from a writing standpoint. I don’t know anyone who likes Justice League right now and Justice League Dark and Justice League Odyssey even with the writer switch are much better. I’ve been very concerned about DC for a while with the Nightwing switch where Benjamin Percy was kicked off the comic along with Joshua Williamson being replaced on Odyssey to no fanfare. It’s been a bad direction for multiple DC comics which is disappointing.

  3. FYI or FWIW: I have been re-reading Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc from the New 52 because I remember Talia being “Leviathan” and I’m trying to figure out what he established with Leviathan and where he left it. At one point the mayor holds a press conference and reads a letter from Leviathan saying they have hundreds of Leviathan agents in key positions in the city’s infrastructure. I haven’t finished yet, but I just wanted to chime in that the Bat-Family should be very aware of Leviathan even though Superman and Lois are just discovering them. Also, Damian was suspicious of Jason Todd being in league with his mother back then!

    Okay, now you know what I know… and knowing is half the battle!

  4. Conor mentioned whether he should read anything into the treatment of Nightwing in DCeased #1. He doesn’t need to because in the Year of the Villain Special, Nightwing along with Wally and the Young Justice team aren’t on that double page spread with Batman saying they need to go to war. It is pretty clear that Dick Grayson as a character isn’t treated with respect and is in a story no one cares about where no one knows what to do with him. It is incredibly disappointing.

    Here is that double page spread:

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