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Pick of the Week #660 – Mister Miracle #12

Show Notes

It’s an extra-long episode this week for Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan because all of the comic books came out. Plus we talk about the life and legacy of Stan Lee!

Running Time: 01:30:05

Pick of the Week:
00:02:44 – Mister Miracle #12

00:18:15 – Thor #7
00:23:01 – Cosmic Ghost Rider #5
00:25:41 – Fantastic Four #3
00:28:12 – The Avengers #10/700
00:35:32 – Hey Kids! Comics! #4
00:40:59 – The Amazing Spider-Man #9
00:42:49 – Uncanny X-Men #1
00:44:01 – Bitter Root #1

Star Wars Corner:
00:47:10 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #23

Patron Pick:
00:50:06 – William Gibson’s Alien 3 #1
00:56:23 – Wonder Woman #58

Patron Thanks:
01:03:57 – Erik Fisher
01:06:02 – Deadzone The Podcast
01:07:39 – Mark Abnett
01:08:37 – Bobby Baker

01:10:23 – Stan Lee

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“Broken Wings”
Mr. Mister


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  1. Nice show guys, even though you only talked about one DC comic book! (Could this be the first show you haven’t discussed a Bendis Superman book? )

    Oh, any thoughts on Bill Maher’s comments on Stan Lee?

    • We talked about two DC books this week. It’s the second time we haven’t discussed a Bendis Superman book.

      I have no thoughts about Bill Maher’s comments as I haven’t read/heard them. But I watch his show every week and I know he disdains our current superhero saturated culture so I’m not surprised he said something negative. I’m secure enough in my own interests that I don’t care.

  2. I’m at the point where you guys talk about Tom King needing to flop on a project and was surprised you didn’t mention Heroes In Crisis. Maybe Conor has scrubbed it from his brain.

  3. Great show, guys! I like Conor’s thoughts on Mister Miracle — because I came away thinking the same thing. There’s also Scott mentioning that he can “always escape” at the end. Lends support to the idea that he offed himself, but given his nature, he can come back whenever he wants…he just doesn’t want to at the moment. I also have thoughts on the Anti-Life Equation being a metaphor for depression.

  4. I haven’t gotten my hands on Mister Miracle yet but I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it – but these negative comments seem mostly to be that this very non-traditional superhero comic didn’t have a conventional superhero ending. I was still really excited to read it as I’ve adored the rest of the series but your discussion has me more excited than ever. I’m almost tempted to download it before going to the comics shop and getting my hands on the physical copy. If this final issue was even half as good as the rest of the series, though, I couldn’t agree more about this being an Important superhero comic – the sort of medium-redefining, standalone stories that DC have proven themselves to be particularly great at (though thanks to the creators they hire and the relative freedom they give them, of course). Which is why, incidentally, I’m still surprised that it hasn’t been folded into their Black Label imprint, which seems to be all about those kinds of comics.

    As for Wonder Woman, I have to correct you guys. Again, I haven’t read this title as of yet but I think you may be misremembering how things were when the film was released. Around the time the movie came out, we had Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One; Jill Thompson’s The True Amazon and Greg Rucka’s Year One. I have lost complete track of time so I’m not sure if it was Rucka on the main book at the time but either way, you had those three WW origin stories plus recent collections of George Perez’ and Rucka’s original runs as well. Maybe not at the exact same time as the movie but all within a few months of it, I think I’m right in saying.

    And, needless to say, that was a really great, balanced (but rightly unreserved) tribute to Stan Lee.

  5. Your analysis of MM, which I hadn’t put together on my own, seems right to me, but your summarizing Oberon’s comments as, you’re a comics character so it doesn’t make any difference, seems unduly dismissive of comics. Scott Free describes looking at his son and realizing that Scott is the latest in a long line of fathers, and his son will be followed by a long line of sons, a scene that immediately echoes Kirby (Scott Free’s real father) as Oberon speaking to Scott Free and also, of course, Tom King: “All those crises and continuities that never really make sense. That world full of superheroes who always end up hunky-dory? You think that’s more real than that wife of yours? That kid?” So, yeah, that work you obsess over isn’t as important as your family. But then Kirby, Tom King’s ancestor, adds (quoting the real Kirby, of course): “Kid, this, all this, it’ll break your heart. Can’t escape that. But if you’re good, if you stay good, you’ll know. . .” So comics do matter, and although Tom King is just one person in the middle of a long line of comics creators, and a long line of parents and children, he’s not irrelevant. He’s here now. This is his time. The dark side is still here, but so are we. And so, for that matter, is Scott Free. “This ‘Mister Miracle’ series will not be continued”—I assume it’s not canon—but it’s in the middle of a long line, too, and there will be successors.

    • “Your analysis of MM, which I hadn’t put together on my own, seems right to me, but your summarizing Oberon’s comments as, you’re a comics character so it doesn’t make any difference, seems unduly dismissive of comics”

      It has nothing to do with comics. It has to do with him being a comic book CHARACTER. No matter what happens Scott Free will end up hunky-dory. Because he’s a comic book character and they always do.

  6. Ahh Star Wars Corner, I was starting to get worried about you!

  7. I’ve been trade waiting Mister Miracle and skipping your convos on this book for months now. I am SUPER excited to 1. read it and 2. be able to read this book in completion soon.

  8. That was Hicks at the end of the Alien 3 issue with being burned. You two are literally the only ones who brought up the eye colors in Mister Miracle #12 which I missed since it was so subtle. That blew my mind with tying it into the first issue and truly was impressive. This was the best analysis of the issue that I have read/heard.

  9. Regarding Stan,

    I met him around 2010 when he spoke to a group of creatives when I worked for Target and he was great. Didn’t seem like someone being paid to be there and really engaging in conversations. It was pretty rad.

    At the time my favorite crossover was Civil War (before crossovers got beat to dust and endlessly repeated). I asked him if there’d been any stories he’d wished he’d come up with and that was his answer. He didn’t know the name of it though. He said “There’s a story where the heroes all disagree on ideology or something and end up fighting each other. I thought that was a really fun idea.”

    Like you guys said, his charm and energy and joy were ever present and infectious.

  10. I haven’t read a lot of comments on the podcasts, but is Conor always so dismissive in his responses here? I love the podcast and the guys seem great, so was surprised at the responses here. Maybe it’s because one can’t read tone?

    • It was “Thanks!” wasn’t it?

      I’m kidding.

      I’m definitely not being dismissive. Concise, direct, and to the point, usually. Corrective, on occasion. But never dismissive.

    • Yes. Who the heck says Thanks? Pretty rude. 🤪😀😁🤪

    • Sometimes being too concise without taking the time to express a more conversational tone does appear dismissive in your responses. I have noticed it coming across as “Well, you’re wrong.” Full stop.
      I have no doubt you’re not trying to be dismissive.
      But I would say it others have mentioned something similar then…

      Bottom line I think most if not all of us Do appreciate the work and commitment you put into this.

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