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Pick of the Week #610 – Mister Miracle #4

Show Notes

The second epoch of The Two Jamokes begins in earnest, and luckily, there is a stellar Pick of the Week to start off with. Maybe Josh Flanagan will start doing voice again? It’s hard to say. We’re picking up on some trends in comics, some good, some bad. We even did some War Corner, but didn’t realize it at the time. So that will be a fun game for the listeners.

Running Time: 01:07:57

Pick of the Week:
00:03:05 – Mister Miracle #4

00:14:38 – Daredevil #595
00:19:19 – Batman: Lost #1
00:24:00 – Slots #2
00:26:51 – Royal City #7
00:32:12 – Action Comics #991
00:34:25 – Detective Comics #968
00:35:07 – Port of Earth #1
00:37:26 – The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #2
00:39:43 – Rock Candy Mountain #5

Star Wars Corner:
00:41:52 – Star Wars #38

Patron Pick:
00:45:00 – Moon Knight #188

Patron Thanks:
00:51:00 – Aaron Cantu
00:52:08 – Blair Westover
00:53:26 – Adam Barteluk
00:54:18 – Quincy Wiley

Audience Question:
00:57:26 – Lots of people asked us about Bendis and DC Comics.
01:02:21 – Andrew from Santa Cruz has a question about Jeff Goldblum’s official status at iFanboy.

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  1. While I’ll miss Ron’s cackle and X-men freak outs I’m glad the two jamokes press on! As for Metal, I’m enjoying it for the most part. I ‘d like a little more understanding of what’s going on and the evil Batmen stuff has been hit or miss. It’s fun but not what I was hoping for

  2. I’m liking metal at the moment.

    But I’m not without my fears that it will all end badly

    I think that what Snyder has been doing with connecting his batman run and other batman stories all together is very clever, but I’m not sure if it’s what batman needed, I don’t hate it but the court of owls and other things, would be cool without it all being connected, but I’m fine that they want to take the plot in that direction.

    Personally my favourite part has been the one shots because I love the elseworlds feel they have.

    Thanks allot

    Enjoyed the podcast as usual

    Ben Jackson

  3. Thanks so much for my patron power guys! I was super surprised and excited to hear my name while walking around my local supermarket. I think it’s actually a very apt power for me as I’m often the guy taking over the music at parties.

  4. I agree about Moon Knight. I like Moon Knight but time to move on from the mental health issue and just be a super hero.

  5. Seriously will Tom King just leave it alone with the suicide thing.
    It is a shortcut. And at this point it’s on repeat.
    Tom King is Absolutely making it weird for weird’s sake the difference in comparison to Lost is that he’s just Better at pulling it out. Doesn’t mean it’s still not formulaic. He just adds some better craft- to be fair.
    Still repetitious.

    Ron leaving is tough but we’ve been through it before add to it for those who listened to the Jim Viscardi interview- his answer to being asked if he would ever return to iFanboy the first time he left- ” I don’t think so that ship has sailed” only to come back and start a Patreon then leave again. While the Jamokes who also have jobs remain to hold down the fort.
    We are clinging to the time codes b/c it’s bedrock and something that few podcasts offer that is actually essential.

    There are some very cool – well written things happening in Metal but I agree with Conor in that DC has a tick about reducing and explaining everything down to a meta gene or Nth metal causing abilities and powers or Heroes of destiny.
    It absolutely reduces the importance of the individual accomplishments of each hero.
    DC in all media is Thristy to establish a cohesion and shared universe. Beyond rushing the time- individual elements that accumulate and combination of themes over time. They are trying to quick bake a cake in 30 easy minutes that takes all day.

    • “While the Jamokes who also have jobs remain to hold down the fort.”

      Ron had a job before, too, if I’m not mistaken. Now that we know who he is going to work for (congrats!), we can safely assume him quitting has something to do with a conflict of interests. How should he be talking about Marvel comics in the future?

    • Not everyone follows the guys on social media if you just go by the podcast Ron specifically said it wasn’t like when he worked at Image so one could imagine from that that it wasn’t a similar conflict of interest.
      I wasn’t implying that Ron didn’t have a job before, just that lots of podcasters do and podcast as well.
      If it is a similar position to working in the industry again- that makes sense but it isn’t what Ron himself said in his announcement here on the podcast.

    • “I wasn’t implying that Ron didn’t have a job before, just that lots of podcasters do and podcast as well.”

      I am not pretending to be particularly wise here if I say that it all depends on the nature of a job. Not knowing about that job’s specifics (the context) it’s difficult to judge about a person’s commitment for this podcast, right? No big deal, though.

    • I agree.

    • Ron’s conflict may be contractual, regarding employees and “media” contact. From the title, it sounds more like a marketing position than the Image one, so there may be an issue there.

  6. YAY RON!! GOOD ON YA! CONGRATS ON NEW POSITION WITH MARVEL (just read on newsarama.com )

  7. While I agree, that It’s a bit annoying that Batman now was selected by the “bat god” and had a predetermined destiny.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the metal event over all. I’m wonderfully confused in all the best ways. While some issues and tie ins are better than others as a whole, so far I’d give the event 4/5.

  8. Wow, amazing sounding job, Ron! Now I understand why you can’t do the weekly shows anymore. Congratulations and best of luck!

  9. A lot of the gas left Metal for me when Scott Snyder said that it has nothing to do with Doomsday Clock and Rebirth. All that said to me is that, when this is over, we’ll be back at the status quo so none of it will really matter. I kind of dug how it brought back Hawkgirl and seemed to be fixing/undoing some New52 stuff at first. I don’t care for the Bat God and tribes at all as I really disliked Batman RIP and the Return of Bruce Wayne stuff. I’m reading the main issues but am not getting any of the tie-ins outside of series that I am already reading.

  10. I hopped off the METAL bus a while ago.

    I thought the first couple of issues were really interesting.

    But with the many downsides of the story as mentioned on the podcast – plus the very commercial and formulaic feel of the tie-ins – plus my growing irritation that DC is too much about Batman while ignoring the fun and importance of the rest of its universe – I said fuck it and that was it.

    I’m no longer reading DCU events which say Batman is the only important character in their universe.

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