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Pick of the Week #587 – Deadpool #31

Show Notes

It’s a fifth week, but there’s plenty to talk about in comics. There is both accord and great rift on the comics of the week, but we come out it of still speaking with one another, but Josh Flanagan might be close to walking. Or Conor Kilpatrick. Could go either way. There’s Funko, and lots of series are ending, but Secret Empire continues, regardless of what you think, so deal with it!

Running Time: 01:03:55

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – Deadpool #31

00:11:22 – Secret Empire #3
00:15:10 – Wonder Woman Annual #1
00:18:47 – Judge Dredd: Funko Universe
00:27:44 – Doctor Strange #21
00:29:08 – The Flash #23
00:32:13 – Black Road #10
00:33:35 – Old Man Logan #24

Star Wars Corner:
00:35:45 – Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7

Patron Pick:
00:38:10 – Cable #1

Patron Thanks:
00:44:58 – José De La Torre
00:45:42 – Eduardo Ramirez
00:46:24 – Johnny Nelson
00:48:16 – Scott Goeke

Audience Question:
00:49:26 – Kevin wants to know if there’s a good series for the youths.
00:52:23 – Andy likes comic book history and needs input.
00:56:28 – Steve tries to rend us apart by comparing us to Cheers characters.

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“Lincoln’s Funeral Train”
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  1. Secret Empire #3 was the throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.
    Too many disparate elements- and have to disagree with the art- murky – hazed and hard to decipher. Every scene seems to have the same mood.
    Batshit crazy doesn’t always equal well written.

    I like Cable as a character quite a bit- but I have to say Conor is right- this book was exactly the definition of a middle of the road. This might be slow burn Robinson but it also seems like it might be the Robinson who isn’t terribly excited about what he’s doing. Thankfully it wasn’t disinterested Robinson where he goes overly verbose to hide make up for that.
    *Technically Cable is the son of Cyclops and the clone of Jean Grey=Madeline Pryor.

    Cliff- Josh
    Norm- Ron
    Conor- Frasier.

    Set loose the flood of Cheers analog opinions::

  2. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Ya’ll are talking about the Funko Universe books so much that I couldn’t help but preorder this trade! https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/JUN170501

  3. I am highly disappointed none of the guys picked Moon Knight #14. It’s the end of Lemier’s run and it was so great. Better than The Vision series. Nobody has written him better.

  4. I share Conor’s feelings on Cable. Pretty much whenever that guy shows up I get less interested. Not a big fan of Bishop either. At the time when they were introduced they felt like someone just pulled a bunch of 90s buzz words out of a bag and used that as the basis for a character. Grizzled, bad ass, gun wielding, hulking, cyborg, time traveling dude who fights a clone of himself and was connected to the weapon X storyline and had telekinesis and telekinetics and reformed the New Mutants to a more extreme version of themselves and had a talking computer, and blah blah blah. Talk about a product of his time 🙂 The only X-Men character that irks me more than Cable is Nate Grey.

    That said I did like that he was revealed to be Scott and Madelyne’s son because I always liked Madeline and she get’s so shafted throughout X-Men history. At least her son get’s to be a big player even if he’s a character I don’t personally enjoy.

    • Preach.

    • Ha- You think Cable is boring but that the clone of Jean Grey got a raw deal.
      Which I happen to agree with but just goes to prove that everyone is someones character.
      You might be in the minority of the Madeline Pryor fan club.

    • I realize that, but I guess I identified with her before she was revealed to be a clone. When she was revealed to be a clone I just felt bad for her. She gets married to Scott and has a kid with him then finds out he married her knowing she looks just like his old girlfriend. That should be enough to question her whole relationship. Then the girlfriend comes back. Then Scott basically leaves her with their son so he can go hang out with his old girlfriend. Then she was revealed to be a clone, and I was just like come on leave this poor woman alone. I was almost rooting for her during Inferno until that part where she was gonna sacrifice Nathan. Then she killed herself and she’s pretty much been a garbage plot device ever since 🙂

    • Recently writers have really done a character assassination on Scott Summers. Mostly it seems out of a lack of ideas and a need for a new old Magneto but I have to say the Madeline Pryor story line is a prime example old school uncharacteristic Scott Summers dickery. I mean he figuratively(not literally Ron) went to the store for milk on his wife and kids.
      You say you don’t like X-Man, but I would tell you to read or re-read the Warren Ellis run on that book. It’s a great alternate Madeline Pryor story ad well a great X-Man book.

    • I will admit I just gave up on X-Man because to me he just seemed like such a tired concept. His introduction into the normal Marvel continuity also coincided with me taking a break from pretty much all the Marvel titles I was collecting. I didn’t even know Warren did a run on his book. That does make me a bit more interested.

      I agree it was the Madelyne Pryor stuff that started the character assassination of Scott. So it’s been a slow decline for decades. It was hard for me to like him after he pretty much abandons Madelyne and Nate. Maybe it wasn’t his intention to be a deadbeat dad, but that was certainly the result.

  5. MARVEL Agents of Shield was really very good this season. It is phenomenal story telling; great pacing, stellar performances (mostly) etc. And once in a while I even have a “I did NOT see that coming” moment, even though I am a jaded old fanboy who maybe hasn’t seen it ALL, but has seen a lot.

    WW Annual 1 made me super nostalgic for the years gone by where almost every title had a “Giant Super Sized Annual!” with three or four stories, sometimes some maps (I would give a significant body part for what I remember as a killer floor plan/map/tour of the old Legion of Super Heroes clubhouse — you know, that one that looked like an upside down yellow rocket smashed nose first into the ground) and in general was full of fun, breezy stories which explored the characters but wasn’t bogged down by a metric ton of continuity and cross-title marketing imperatives.

    Thank you gentlemen for another enjoyable ‘cast.

  6. I don’t know where to go to rally the troops for this week’s Patron Pick, but I saw that the final issue of Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race ships on Wednesday! I think it would be interesting to hear their thoughts on this since they barely talked about the book. Who’s with me?

  7. I have read most of the books that you mentioned about comic book history and yes, they’re mainly about the history of Marvel comics. You lamented the lack of D.C. Comics histories. There’s nothing in print and I hope you don’t mind my pointing iFanboys to the podcast of a former contributor/comrade: Word Balloon. Check out previous Word Balloon episodes when Jon Suntries interviews Marty Pasko. Amazing oral histories and very DC-centric. Mr. Pasko is an detailed storyteller. A worthy listen.

    • If you want DC history, “Men of Tomorrow” is a great book. While there is some Marvel, the main focus is on DC, especially the very early history of the company. They also put out a big 75th anniversary book back in the 90’s that goes more into the comics, but also hits the other media too. It’s where I first learned that the death of Superman was all about syncing up the comics wedding with the one on “The Adventures of Lois and Clark.” They needed to buy time as the show was only a season or two in, so they killed him off for a little while. Oh, and second the Pasko interviews. They are REALLY good.

  8. Conor, regarding the Wonder Woman Annual issue, I’m pretty sure the recent Superman Reborn arc essentially wiped out all New 52 continuity and replaced it with a hybrid continuity. That’s why the Superman shown in the first meeting wasn’t N52 — because they’re saying he was merged with pre-N52 Superman in Reborn, creating a whole new history. In addition, Superman and Wonder Woman also never had a romantic relationship. Basically, New 52 never happened the way we remember it, and the catalyst was the Supermen combining. Comics.

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