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Pick of the Week #582 – The Old Guard #3

Show Notes

Down one Jamoke for hopefully the last time, and it was a fine week for comics all around. Ron Richards even likes an X-Men book again, and we argue about the efficiency of German trains. Stuff is getting weird, right? And spoilers galore. Just like every week.

Running Time:  01:04:32

Pick of the Week:
00:02:46 – The Old Guard #3

00:13:01 – The Mighty Thor #18
00:17:00 – Old Man Logan #22
00:18:45 – Thanos #6
00:19:49 – Unfollow #18
00:21:50 – X-Men: Blue #2
00:30:00 – Loose Ends #4
00:31:54 – The Hellblazer #9
00:33:39 – The Flash #21
00:36:27 – The Black Monday Murders #5

Patron Pick:
00:37:47 – Aliens: Dark Orbit #1

Patron Thanks:
00:44:20 – Jon Mason
00:44:49 – Grant
00:45:49 – Jordan Smith
00:47:28 – Joshua Chesmore

Audience Question:
00:48:49 – Wes from Minnesota wants to know where we stand on Brian K. Vaughan these days.
00:50:57 – Lukas from Austria wants to know what’s the big deal about this Conor guy.
00:56:09 – Sean has questions about the Force, and two non-experts weigh in.

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“When I Get Old”
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  1. Things that make Conor great is a fun thing:

    1) you all deserve tremendous credit for a strong and well moderated Internet and community space, especially during the heyday of the video show when the site was full-time with written content etc, but, Conor is always the guy that I think about when it comes that kind of thing. The rules were always very clear, and strictly enforced so that no flame wars resulted, and any moments of toxic fandom were dealt with immediately. It’s no small thing. It’s one of the reasons I was glad to hang out in comment or threads, or the old forums, and one of the reasons I was never hesitant to recommend the podcast or the website to fangirls or any of the other kind of demographics of fans that are often excluded or subject to some kind of intense hostility or meaningless gate keeping. That’s never been the case here.

    2) when twitter was still kind of a nascent platform, and a more sociable place, Conor was very good at it and very funny “Say what you want about Bill Lumbergh but he was in the office on Saturday” still ranks as one of The Best Twitter Jokes. See also “Is that Blood or chocolate” in the wee hours of the morning. As a writer and “personality”, he’s probably the pithiest of you three, and if there a truly funny or insightful punchline, he’s usually the one that gets there in the funniest most efficient way possible. “On air, he’s not as gregarious or giggly as you two, so when he does break, or crack a joke, it’s special. Episode 55 of the video show “”Kingdom Come” has one of my favorite moments of genuine unintentional slapstick.


  2. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Great episode. Josh & Ron are very knowledgeable about comic book creators.

  3. I admit that I enjoyed X-Men Blue #2 more, but Bunn continues to write Jean Grey with the voice and dialogue of an older British man.
    It’s off putting.

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