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Pick of the Week #580 – Power Man and Iron Fist #15

Show Notes

With Conor Kilpatrick Steve in the witness protection program on vacation, Ron Richards and Josh Flanagan jamoke it up, dual style, and of course, they run long. Listen, we’re tired, and we make no excuses.

Running Time: 01:09:04

Pick of the Week:
00:02:08 – Power Man and Iron Fist #15

00:11:11 – X-Men: Blue #1
00:18:55 – Weapon X #1
00:26:13 – Black Panther and the Crew #1
00:24:48 – Guardians of the Galaxy #19
00:33:10 – New Super-Man #10
00:34:13 – Action Comics #977
00:36:22 – Silver Surfer #10
00:38:38 – Kingpin #3

Patron Pick:
00:40:48 – Godshaper #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:32 – Jeremy Hill
00:48:26 – Graham Cannon
00:49:22 – Marcus Rice
00:50:22 – Matt Lowery

Audience Question:
00:56:01 – Ryan from Madrid wants to know if Nolan could have succeeded with Penguin in live action.
00:58:14 – Tyler from Yonkers wants to know what unexpected comic loves our loved ones have discovered.
01:00:23 – Eric wants to know what comic book movie we could do in a “Minute Podcast” format. There is jamoke-accord.
01:03:09 – Greg from Texas has taken the stupid powers format and run with it.

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  1. I have to disagree with Ron over X-Men Blue
    I think nostalgia is playing heavy hand in Ron’s review.
    I don’t you can call it really really good by any means.
    From Cyclops lamenting Brillcreame and real barber shops to Jean saying “the villian was brought to heel”
    They sound both old tymey and British.
    Just the wrong voices including the continuation of Beast the mystic.

    Juggernaut looked good?
    So those random hoses that are sticking out of this helmet for the first time and no reason at all – they are for what?

    After Bunn’s Aquaman run and now this- I just don’t feel like he can really zero on super hero comics.

    I want to believe in a fresh start for the X-Men too I really do.
    But Prime was a much better shot at it than this issue of Blue.

    I hope it gets better.

    • Those things that you didn’t like about it are all things that I liked. I got a good laugh out of Scott talking about old school barber shops and brylcreem. Juggernaut did look pretty good. Black Tom was a little corny, but I appreciated that. The book was more or less what I wanted X-Men ’92 to be. I was pretty disappointed with that series.

      My only complaint was a few…wonky…shots of Jean.

      To be fair, I love old school barber shops, and if I wasn’t going bald I’d probably use brylcreem.

    • Ha- Well if it worked for you that’s cool.
      To me it was just too tongue in cheek and really messed with he delicate balance of when these original X-men actually are from. Bendis walked a fine line with nods to the original timeline and making it believable that they could be from say the 90’s It worked- this to me did not.
      And your right- the art in this– Jean looked weird and her dialogue was…
      So if you liked the Juggernaut- which is cool that you did, can you explain to me what those hoses are for?
      I mean it’s not like it’s Bane with venom or he’s steam punk powered- I just don’t get it.

  2. Gerry Dugan said he’s reintroducing the Nova Corps in Dead #30.

  3. I’m assuming Conor is in Montanna checking out the real estate market.

  4. Great show as ever, hope you got some sleep afterwards.

    Good luck with the new extra shows… you probably saw on the poll page that I don’t actually want rewards (or ‘rewards’ when we’re talking the privilege of being able to buy something!), I’d rather you set a level that was comfortable, pays the bills with enough for the odd snack/beer and go for that – adjusting for inflation every now and then – and don’t give yourself extra work. I’m really not fussed about non-comic chat, I can get that elsewhere…. does Patreon compel participants to set rewards?

    • I myself am looking forward to an additional show about a non-comics-topic. The quality of the ifanboy-hosts will make such a show a worthwhile endeavor.

      It would be interesting to learn what reward would have to be reached in order to be able to cut those commercials short. I know they are probably necessary at this moment – and probably bring in more money than the type of sponsoring that was used some years ago. But to be perfectly honest they are the one aspect of this great podcast I could perfectly live without.

    • The ad-versation – podcast commercials delivered in a ‘casual conversational’ style is an epidemic across a lot of podcasts right now.
      Paul Scheer – How Did This Get Made is probably the worst offender.
      On one hand it’s nice to not have a break from formal copy and jingles etc but at this point it’s becoming it’s own tired formula and this ‘conversation’ ends up being longer than a traditional commercial. The sincerity is also drained from it when the easy going idea of talking about Harry’s or whatever product sounds like a mini podcast.
      And again this is a trend in podcast advertising, and I have no doubt that the boys use and like Harry’s – Great.
      But that could be more like- “Hey Harry’s is great- I use it- really good stuff- Thanks for sponsoring the podcast”
      It feels more and mpre obvious that podcastsers are compromising the relationship with their listeners to play up to sponsors. At least in a traditional ad we know whats happening, this style can feel like a friend tricking you a bit.

      I am all for sponsorship and podcasters being able to make a living but I think this trend is beginning to wear on people.

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