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Pick of the Week #416 – Thunderbolts #19

Show Notes

We talk through a lot of great comics, run the Picks of the Week by the numbers, and then if you’re not a Band of Brothers fan, you might want to skip the end bit. We don’t recommend this course of action. It’s the last regular show of the year!

Running Time: 01:08:15

Pick of the Week:
00:01:34 – Thunderbolts #19

00:11:55 – Lazarus #5
00:15:39 – Astro City #7
00:17:52 – Justice League 3000 #1
00:23:22 – Marvel Knights: Hulk #1
00:30:40 – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #6
00:33:50 – Superman / Wonder Woman #3
00:37:05 – Uncanny X-Men #15
00:40:06 – Nova #11
00:42:50 – Chew #38

The Picks of the Week by the Numbers:
00:45:20 – The POW percentages revealed.

Audience Question:
00:53:33 – Matt feeds the beast and asks a superhero/Band of Brothers casting question.

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”
Ronnie James Dio


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  1. Paul thanks for the Sunday Convo. CBR is kinda dull on the weekends. And yeah the band of bros talk wasn’t very interesting. To me at least.

    I agree with the DC dip and Marvel and Image improvement throughout the year.

  2. Congrats on the new gig, Paul. I have the interview open right now and it looks great.

    Great show guys and I was waiting for you to realize that you have picked way more DC than you might think. I sort of noticed that as you went along, mainly because I was getting more and more exasperated with that company. Also, you guys tend to pick new series way, way more often than later issues of even beloved series like Daredevil, Saga and Chew.

    • So, yeah, I just finished reading the Rucka interview and it was a seriously great read. In depth off-but-on-topic convos with creators – what a cool idea for a recurring feature.

    • Thank you kindly! I can’t take credit for the Sunday Conversation concept though. They’ve done it off and on for a bit, but when we started talking about what I’d like to with CBR, the feature seemed like a perfect match. It’s what I’d pitch if I had carte blanche. Quite grateful to Mr. Rucka for joining me for this first one.

  3. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    It’d be crazy to begrudge iFanboy for picking premiere issues. Instead, say ‘thank you’ for allowing readers to get on board from the inception.
    My favorite story this year was Snyder’s Death of the Family. What do you think the metaphorical reason was for the Joker’s mechanic costume?
    If you really miss Tim Meadows, he’s on the Earwolf Podcast: Improv4Humans with Matt Besser now & again.

    • Just to be clear, I certainly don’t begrudge them picking “major” issues (big finales, premier issues, notable done-in-ones), both because they tend to stand out more and for the reason you mentioned. I just mentioned it because it at least in part explains why there is such a disparity between their Picks of the Week and their general feelings towards the major publishers.

  4. I love when the show goes off the rails.

  5. You guys should check out Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs (that is the actual title of the record). Its on Spotify and a bunch of other places and is super fun.

  6. I check the website occasionally to see if they’re canceling the podcast because I’m a month behind on my books/podcasts. Glad to see its still going. This podcast is the best comic content on the web. Thanks for doing such a great job.

  7. Another good show, cheers.

    I can’t tell you how interesting I found the Band of Brothers talk.

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